Legion of Super-Heroes #2: The Day After Titanfall

It’s the first week of the month so it’s time once again for some 31st Century frivolity! Last month, in our inaugural review of the 2010-2013 Legion of Super-Heroes, we witnessed the…gulp…destruction of Titan and the annihilation of its inhabitants. Let’s pick up the pieces in…

Legion of Super-Heroes #2: The Day After Titanfall
Writer: Paul Levitz, Pencillers: Yildiray Cinar and Francis Portela
DC Comics, August 2010

5 Stars


Brainiac 5 directs a contingent of powerful Legionnaires – Mon-El, Tyroc, Ultra Boy, and Wildfire – as they break up the dangerously large asteroid belt around Saturn, the sad remains of the destroyed moon, Titan. The evil Saturn Queen stealthily enters the scene of her former homeworld and easily subdues Brainy.

Back on Earth, Earth Man secretly contemplates his new Green Lantern ring while Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, and Cosmic Boy, make preparations to assist the thousands of refugees from Titan who face the wrath of the xenophobic Earthers.

Returning to the orbit of Saturn, Saturn Queen switches her attention from the vanquished Brainiac 5 and subdues Ultra Boy with her telepathic powers. Jo quickly turns on his fellow Legionnaires.

As the pages turn, we see Saturn Girl hot on the trail of her two kidnapped twins, while on planet Winith, hubby, Lightning Lad, hears of his family’s predicament for the first time from his sister, Lightning Lass. What was Garth doing all this time? He was trying to track down his brother, Mekt, the evil Lightning Lord. Hmm. Saturn Queen? Lightning Lord? Does anyone else smell a reunion of the Legion of Super-Villains in the near future?

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Invisible Kid, Phantom Girl, and Sun Boy join Colossal Boy as he attempts to defend the Titan refugees from the xenophobe mob at the disembarkation site. Earth Man surprisingly closes ranks with the Legionnaires. Phantom Girl and Shadow Lass are injured in the fracas and as they later commiserate about the day’s events in the Legion infirmary, the renegade Ultra Boy crashes the scene. But girlfriend, Phantom Girl, is able to break Saturn Queen’s telepathic control over Jo. As the book closes, Earth Man sits alone in his Legion dormitory room and ruminates on his next move as the new Green Lantern. Oops, I almost forgot to mention the one-page subplot involving Dream Girl, Dawnstar, and Gates as part of a Legion emissarial team sent by Earthgov to reassure the Outer Worlds after the near-war.


There was an incredible amount of action at the various planetary settings packed into this issue. Writer Levitz does a nice job of interweaving the various sub-plots: 1) the attack of Saturn Queen, 2) Saturn Girl’s search, and 3) Earth Man’s transition to a Green Lantern, all against a backdrop of continuing hostility from the Earther xenophobes. There’s also a nice bit of interpersonal drama (Mon-El moping over his break-up with Shady), without excessive soap opera suds. Good issue! Ranks right up there with any of the 2019-2020 Brian Michael Bendis issues. Maybe better. Looking forward to #3 next month!

13 thoughts on “Legion of Super-Heroes #2: The Day After Titanfall

  1. Looks like a classic LSH story, Tom! There are no major changes yet exept the fate of Titan in issue 1 and Saturn Queen. With the possibility of Lightning Lord appearing with Saturn Queen, Cosmic King won’t be far. These three have fought Batman and Superman in the latter’s joint series before this one (in 2010). Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. Thanks, Kent! I enjoyed this action packed issue with its numerous dangling loose ends. I’ve already read and written the review for #3 and the Saturn Girl sub-plot takes a very ominous turn.

      Interesting about the Legion of Super Villains fighting Batman and Superman. I always enjoyed the stories combining the present and future like the excellent Mordru saga back in 1968.


      Thanks and blessings to you and yours!

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  2. First off nice cover! Secondly that’s so cool there’s a character with a Green Lantern Ring…I want to read about Green Lantern sometime when I have a break lol. That’s amazing there’s so much accomplished in this issue! Its not like most comic issues these days and I noticed its published in 2010! THere’s so much more characters than usual than when I read Batman!

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    1. Yup, that is a well-done cover! I thought about replacing the photo, which I grabbed off of e-bay. The top of the comic is yellowing, but I decided to keep it because it shows some 2010 character.

      I know Green Lantern has a strong fan base, although nothing like Superman or Batman. It’s interesting how Levitz makes a connection to GL in this Legion permutation and Bendis would do the same in the 2019-2020 Legion.

      Nope, no navel gazing in this issue. All action. I feared there was going to be a lot of “sad astronaut” misery in this 2010-2013 run, but so far it’s definitely more in line with the optimistic Legion stories of the Silver Age. There was definitely lots of “sad astronaut” writing in Legion reincarnations prior to 2010-2013. I used to check in periodically and wonder how anyone could endure the navel gazing misery. Yup, I think the huge Legion roster was a hurdle for many readers. LSH writers couldn’t explore individual character personality because there were just too many characters. My quirky brain enjoyed keeping track of the lengthy roster, individual powers, planet origin, etc.

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