Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 7/31/21

Pope Francis’ recent restriction of the Latin mass, aimed toward its eventual elimination, has conservative and traditionalist Catholics in an uproar. Conservative Catholics have endured Francis and his progressive reforms (including lifting the ban on sacraments for remarried divorcees, prohibition of capital punishment in all cases, and approval of same-sex civil unions) with dismay and frustration for eight years, but largely without suggestion of schism because absolute fealty to the pope is one of their cardinal tenets. But could this “attack” upon their beloved Latin mass be the unpardonable tipping point?

The wafer wars went on the back-burner after pope Francis’ assault on the Latin mass, but this controversy is far from being over.

The revelations involving pedophile cardinal Ted McCarrick, followed by the Pennsylvania attorney general’s report on abuse by priests in that state, followed by the subsequent investigations by multiple states’ attorney generals was a scandal of tsunamian proportions for the RCC in 2018. Only the most die-hard credulous Catholics could continue as members after that.

The Catholic diocese of Norwich, Connecticut just became the 27th diocese in the U.S. to file for bankruptcy in order to shield its financial assets from victims of priest sexual abuse and diocesan cover-up.

This book about a group of 800 people living in County Kerry, Ireland in the early 1800s who accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and came out of the Catholic church in an EXTREMELY Catholic country (at the time) sounds fascinating!

It’s time for this “news and views” guy to address the elephant in the middle of the room. I don’t endorse everything in the above article, but anti-vaxxism is sadly rampant within “evangelicalism” to a degree greater than anywhere else. The highest spikes in COVID 19-Delta Variant cases that we’re currently seeing are in the Bible Belt states and that is no coincidence. I enjoy channel surfing right before going to sleep and regularly come upon the Daystar cable channel run by prosperity gospel peddlers, Marcus and Joni Lamb. Seems like most times I stroll by, Joni is inevitably dispensing some hyperbolic, pseudo-science attack on the COVID-19 vaccines. People have their individual reasons for not getting vaccinated, but the tire-meets-the-road truth is that the vaccines won’t work unless enough people get them. The dramatic spike in COVID 19-Delta Variant cases that we’re currently seeing across the entire country is the direct result of a significant percentage of the population choosing not to get vaccinated. Only 66% of American adults and children of age have been vaccinated to date. Even people who have been vaccinated are now being affected in “breakthrough” cases. We’re all going to have to go back to wearing masks. Worst of all, obviously, is that hundreds of thousands of additional people will die as the virus lingers on, and on, and on. 613,000 Americans have died from the COVID-19 virus to date. Have some people gotten sick after receiving the vaccine? Yup, but the number of those cases is exponentially dwarfed by the number who have caught the virus. Are the vaccines immoral because they are connected to abortions? The vaccines aren’t produced using aborted fetal tissue as some mistakenly think, but, yes, the pharmaceutical companies did use cell lines from babies aborted back in the 70s and 80s to develop the C-19 vaccines. Ideal? No, but we live in a society that includes many things of ignominous origin. I drive a Volkswagen, a pet project of Adolf Hitler, and live in a geographical region that was basically taken at musketpoint from the Iroquois Native Americans. Anti-vaxxers decry “mask fascism” and “vaccine fascism” while they continue to spread the virus. Overwhelmed hospital staff are reporting that newly-admitted COVID-19 patients are – too late – expressing regret for not getting vaccinated. It’s incongruous to pray for relief from the pandemic while walking around unvaccinated.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 7/31/21

  1. A lot fascinating reading here! Would love to read that book about “turncoats” in Co. Kerry too. I remember my grandmother saying of someone… “Oh, he’s a turncoat.” It was an expression used by people on both sides of the religious divide to describe anyone who turned from RC to P… or vice versa – although the individuals concerned might not necessarily have came to personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. They may have merely started attending a different church. I also agree with you on the whole anti vax thing. I can understand people’s concern about which one they should get and also I understand that there are people out there who can’t get it for health reasons. However I note that there has been a very high % uptake on the vaccines here in the Rep. of Ireland but N. Ireland (which has many evangelicals) has been lower. This is manifesting itself in lower Covid cases in the R.O.I. per head of population (26 counties) than in N.I. (6 counties). Also we are having fewer deaths. There is a view amongst some evangelicals that they are “divinely protected.” However you can’t hold this view on one health issue… and not have it on every other health issue that affects mankind.

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    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! Yup, I definitely understand how these religious divides can be more of a family/social thing than a genuine conversion to Christ. I’ve witnessed to some Catholics who responded that they could never consider becoming an evangelical Christian because that would be betraying their family. One person said that it would be like a New York Yankee fan becoming a Boston Red Sox fan, the ultimate betrayal.

      Thanks for the info on attitudes about the vax in Ireland. Interesting. We evangelicals are giving the Gospel a bad reputation among our unsaved neighbors.

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  2. There’s so much here Tom! From the start, the controversy over Latin in church reminds me of modern Armenian priests who wanted to change the Badarak to English. No one speaks the old Armenian dialect of the service, but it holds great ascetic, cultural, and emotional value.
    An interesting aside to the Kerry conversion. One of our favorite pastors, Nick Cassidy, is a convert from Catholicism. He has a vibrant growing evangelical church in Cork, which is adjacent to Kerry!
    Tom, thank you for the round up on vaccines. Although I got mine in March, the numerous posts with doctors and others describing grave consequences with ultimate diabolical schemes did make my head spin a bit.
    The worst thing from all that will be the branding of evangelical Christians as pointless rebels, off center for the wrong reasons.
    Good Round up, Press on brother!

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    1. Thanks for all of the good comments, Lisa Beth!
      RE: ritual
      Yes, people put great stock in tradition and ceremony mostly to their spiritual detriment.
      RE: Kerry
      Good to hear about that evangelical church in Cork! I’d really like to read that book about Kerry.
      RE: off center rebels
      Yes, the rebellion is bringing disrepute upon the Gospel.

      Thanks, sister!

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  3. The Faith and Fury book sounds fascinating. I have always loved Irish history, poetry etc. Daystar, TBN, CBN all of them are prosperity driven. I have heard all kinds of things from Christians about the vax from fetal tissue (like you said) to nanotechnology and mrna which will change your genetic makeup, technology at this point isn’t that advanced! The vax isn’t the mark of the beast. I appreciate individual choice but each side is hostile of the other. Christians are a joke when it comes to the vax issue. I do know in FL, AL and LA there are some African Americans who will not get the vax because of how the government tested vaccines on them in the past. I am thankful that my hope, trust and future is set in Christ and not in this world. Praying work is smoother today!!

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    1. Thanks, Mandy. It’s regrettable the virus and vaccines became politicized and “religionized.” At least we’re not hearing that C-19 is a “hoax” anymore. Government and businesses will start shifting towards mandatory vaccinations as we’re seeing and it will be a legal mess. It’s my view that this isn’t a choice issue. That hasn’t worked. It’s more like a “mandatory seatbelts” and “can’t drive while intoxicated” situation, but that’s just my opinion. Compulsory vaccinations will start a Civil War in the Bible Belt as hospitals continue to fill up with cases.

      Thanks! Work is MUCH smoother today! Hope your weekend is off to a good start.

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      1. Oh man the guys Nathan works work still think it’s a hoax (none of them are Christians thankfully). There are people where I live where mandatory vaccines will be a line in the sand issue. Sad.

        Glad work was better. It’s a nice weekend.

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  4. 1.) I think often how progressive pope is GOd’s way of showing the problem of not trusting in God and Christ alone….
    2.) The Latin Mass has got to be more and more irrelvant for most Catholics.
    3.) Wafer Wars still around…
    4.) Wow 27 diosce gone bankrupt…

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      RE: progressive pope Francis

      Yes, doctrinaire conservative Catholics are totally frustrated with their own pope.

      RE: Latin mass

      Surprisingly, the Latin mass has become a magnet for young Catholics desiring to go back to militant Catholicism.

      RE: wafer wars

      It will be interesting to see if this escalates or deescalates in the months ahead. If the conservative bishops keep pressing, it will alienate many casual Catholics.

      RE: bankruptcies

      There’s been so many that they don’t make headlines anymore. This latest one almost flew under my radar.

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      1. Yeah, conservative Catholics have put up with a lot from Francis but they won’t tolerate the elimination of their beloved Latin mass. They will defy his edict and consider schism if he and/or his successor crack down hard.

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      2. Yeah, I think the pope is following a very precise plan of minimizing dogma and peddling a social gospel in order to make the papacy more popular worldwide. He’s had great “success” because the world is enthralled with the man.

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