Truth from Arkansas! Sunday Sermon Series, #94

It’s Two-fer-Tuesday, my friends, which used to mean two new sermons from the brethren down in Arkansas. However, uploads of Sunday sermons from Pastor Cody Andrews of Holly Springs Missionary Baptist Church in Star City have become sporadic and I suspected brother Wally was navigating an irregular work schedule in his new career as a nurse. Wally did send me a comment the other day confirming that he’s working every other weekend.

This week, we do have Pastor Roger Copeland of Northern Hills Baptist Church in Texarkana, preaching from James 1:5-8 on “What Is Wisdom and How Can I Have It?” This sermon was delivered on Sunday, July 11th.

Pastor Roger Copeland – What Is Wisdom and How Can I Have It? (sermon begins at 11:20 mark)

13 thoughts on “Truth from Arkansas! Sunday Sermon Series, #94

  1. Love the beginning which the preacher mention what Wisdom not including the fact that wisdom isn’t just being old. Love how he said we all lack wisdom and how trials reveal the deficiency of our wisdom. That’s so true. So grateful God is a giving gracious God to include wisdom. I still remember being blown away as a nonbeliever first time reading James 1 that God gives wisdom.
    Passionate preaching and encouraging and biblical; thanks for sharing this!


    1. Thanks, brother! I enjoyed this sermon as well.

      Yesterday, I wrote the first rebuttal to Kreeft’s book, “Forty Reasons I Am A Catholic.” I had “forgotten” how difficult/consuming those apologetics posts were to write. Krefft’s first chapter was all about his philosophical reasoning and “wisdom” rather than what God declares in His Word. I quickly scanned through the rest of the book and Scripture references are at a minimum.

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      1. Wow I know what you mean of how difficult it is to write refutation posts! That seems to be the case too for me in some ways with BIble contradictions and philosophical/apologetics refutation posts

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  2. Answering your question: Today is going well! I was extremely fatiqued earlier since the last 4 or 5 days I’ve been staying up till 5 researching to respond to a woke Christian whose been supporting Critical Race Theory; I’m going to write a post on it sometime.
    But glad your sister’s house is making progress! Sounds like you are also busy with a new project with painting!

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    1. Hope you get some rest and I’m looking forward to that post!
      Thanks about the houses! I washed the shingles on our house today. Tomorrow I will fill in a few holes before I start scraping and priming on Monday.

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      1. I’ve learned a lot of good painting tricks over the years. But we’re now planning on moving into a condo after I retire from Harris after 2022. We’ll see.

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