Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 7/24/21

The headline pictured above is HUGE and disconcerting news for conservative and traditionalist Catholics. Pope Francis’ decision to restrict and eventually eliminate the Latin mass deserves a separate post all by itself. The Second Vatican Council (1961-1965) was an effort by the Roman Catholic church to modernize itself. One of the most significant changes wrought by the council was replacing the incomprehensible Latin mass liturgy with the Novus Ordo (“New Order”) mass in the vernacular. Conservative and traditionalist Catholics strongly resented Vatican II’s modernizations and defiantly clung to the Latin mass as a symbol of pre-conciliar militant Catholicism. Conservative pope Benedict XVI officially accommodated the Latin mass in a 2007 encyclical. However, on Friday, July 16th, pope Francis reversed Benedict’s accommodation and declared that priests could only say the “extraordinary form” Latin mass with the permission of their bishop, with the goal of eventually eliminating the Latin rite altogether. Conservative and traditionalist Catholics were already resentful of Francis because of his progressive reforms, but this “attack” upon their beloved Latin mass has elicited oaths of outrage and defiance. On his part, Francis recognized the Latin rite was a bastion for his conservative and traditionalist opponents that was being used to rally and indoctrinate others.

The mass is a boring, liturgical ceremony when said in English. Imagine compounding the boredom by sitting through an incomprehensible Latin liturgy for one hour. But traditionalist Catholics are thrilled by the “grandeur” and “mystery” of the Latin rite. Whether said in Latin or the vernacular, the mass is an anti-Biblical ceremony purporting to transform Jesus Christ into bread wafers and wine and to re-sacrifice him for the sins of the congregants. The genuine Gospel is nowhere in sight at either Latin or Novus Ordo masses. I will be reporting on the conservative/traditionalist reaction to Francis’ ruling in the weeks ahead. We are living in unusual times when the most “pious,” doctrinaire Catholics view their pope as a scoundrel at best and a heretic at worst.

Interesting phenomenon. Liberal mainline “Protestantism” is seeing a slight resurgence 1) as a reaction to evangelicalism’s almost-wholesale endorsement of Donald Trump and 2) because of its wholesale embracement of the increasingly acceptable LGBT agenda. The genuine Gospel of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone is not preached in mainline “Protestant” churches.

As a former viewer of “19 Kids and Counting,” I’m still interested in the Duggar clan. Anna Duggar has had to deal with incredibly difficult circumstances in her life while I whine about piddly stuff.

I’ve been reporting on the persecution of evangelicals by Catholics in Southern Mexico since I started this blog six years ago. When will it stop?

Catholic sociologist, Richard Sipe, estimated that 30-40 percent of Catholic priests are homosexual. Catholic seminaries were/are both magnets and incubators of deviancy.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 7/24/21

    1. Thank you, Beth! It’s sad to think about misguided Catholics zealously desiring to attend Latin mass every Sunday when they can’t understand a word. People desire pompous religious ritual and ceremony rather than Jesus the Savior.

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    1. I think just about every old mainline denomination church building in town has a rainbow on their sign with the caption, “We Welcome Everyone” or some such.

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  1. 1.) Seems the Latin mass amasses a lot of drama; so much for the RC apologists saying having a pope solves theological confusion; also good point that mass is not biblical. THe re-sacrifice
    2.) Surprised at how mainline is gaining steam, its so extreme liberal…but it won’t last though.
    3.) Never watch the Duggars but I’m praying for that wayward guy.
    4.) Wow religious terrorism against Protestants in Mexico…there’s no news about it!

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      RE: he Latin mass amasses a lot of drama
      Good one! Yeah, this pope gives the conservative RC apologists constant agita

      RE: liberal mainline Protestant

      No reason to attend a service. Messages are just cotton candy.

      RE: Duggars

      I see the cable channel ended the spinoff show. I would catch that occasionally. Society makes final judgments on a guy like that but the Lord forgives.

      RE: Mexico

      The priests and prelates in Southern Mexico could stop it but it must be like the 1950s still in Southern Mexico, militant Catholicism.

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    1. Thanks, Crissy. Yes, amazing that people would desire to sit through an hour-long religious liturgy they can’t understand. I gather that in Southern Mexico it’s still a “tribal” mentality and converts to the Gospel are viewed as despicable and dangerous traitors.

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  2. Chiapas… We don’t hear much about this do we? Pope Francis has visited Chiapas in the past, but he never said a word about the persecutions. Pure evil. Thanks for another good roundup Tom!

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    1. Thanks, Cathy! Yes, I was hoping Francis would rein in the violent traditionalists in Mexico when he visited in 2016 but not a word.


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