James R. White dissects “Mere Christianity” ecumenical gobbledygook

In the 24-minute video below, evangelical apologist, James R. White examines the spiritually deadly errors of Roman Catholicism and picks apart the foggy-bottom “Mere Christianity” ecumenical paradigm that permeates evangelicalism and is peddled in this video by Norman Geisler disciple, Frank Turek.

This is excellent, folks. In this era of rampant ecumenical compromise, few apologists are willing to step out and “tell it like it is” regarding Roman Catholicism. God bless James R. White!

17 thoughts on “James R. White dissects “Mere Christianity” ecumenical gobbledygook

    1. Thanks, David! Frank Turek’s “non-answers” to the confused inquirer reflect the sad state of evangelical apologetics when it comes to Roman Catholicism these days.

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      1. Nope. All of the apologists “mentored” by the late Norman Geisler (McDowell, Craig, Zacharias, Strobel) were/are similarly deferential when it comes to the RCC and its false gospel.

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    1. Thanks, Craig. Yes, I’m very appreciative of James R. White’s ministry. The Catholic church is very upfront about its works-righteousness salvation system so it baffles me why evangelical apologists like Frank Turek in this video are so undiscerning.

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    1. I’m grateful for White’s faithful stand. Thanks, the work load is definitely lighter than the June end-of-quarter madness. Hope you’tr enjoying the weekend!

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  1. I’m disappointed with Frank Turek in the video; but I’m glad we have James White who does apologetics but don’t compromise with the Gospel! The lack of biblical wisdom from Turek with matters of the Gospel and the lightheartedness in approach towards the Gospel is rather disheartening

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    1. Thanks for listening! Yeah, Turek really drops the ball. Like all Geislerites, he leapfrogs over the RCC’s unabashed belief in salvation by sacramental grace and merit.

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  2. I’m all for some reformed theology and I don’t agree with everything C.S. Lewis days but if he was still alive today he would demolish Dr.White. Dr.White is no where close to the intellectual mind of C.S.Lewis. Sorry

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    1. You miss the point. Intellectualism saves no one and is probably a prideful obstacle to humbly and genuinely receiving Christ as Savior. Many Catholic intellectuals are going to hell because they cherish their religious institution’s scholasticism rather than accept Jesus Christ as Savior by faith alone. C.S. Lewis was a dangerous ecumenist who propagated several theological heterodoxies.


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