Answering another Catholic apologist

The name of this blog is “excatholic4christ.” Yes, I was a Roman Catholic for 27 years, but I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior by faith alone in 1983 and came out of the Catholic church with its false gospel of salvation by sacramental grace and merit. Isn’t it okay to “worship” God as a Catholic or whatever way strikes your fancy as long as you’re “sincere”? Nope. Although pluralism, tolerance, and relativism are the world’s current standards, the Bible is God’s standard and it contradicts most Catholic doctrines, including how a person is saved.

I started this blog in 2015 with the aim of Gospel outreach to Roman Catholics and warning evangelicals of ecumenism with Rome. Over the last six years, I’ve addressed many of Rome’s anti-Biblical doctrines. A couple of times, I selected a particular book by a Catholic apologist and systematically answered their claims from a Biblical perspective via a lengthy series.

The first series addressed “The Catholic Verses: 95 Bible Passages That Confound Protestants” (2004) by Catholic apologist, Dave Armstrong. That series ran from August 2018 to April 2019 with 34 weekly installments (see the complete index here). Bottom line: We weren’t confounded.

The next series addressed “Meeting the Protestant Challenge: How to Answer 50 Biblical Objections to Catholic Beliefs” (2019) by Catholic apologist, Karl Broussard. That series ran from December 2019 to November 2020 with 50 weekly installments (see the complete index here).

These apologetics series require a lot of prayerful work and research and I wasn’t in a hurry to begin another one, especially after returning to work in January and commencing to assist one of my sisters around the same time. Those situations have calmed down a bit, so the Lord has put it in my heart to start another series addressing a Catholic apologist. Catholics need this information and so do evangelicals who are increasingly hearing pro-ecumenical messages from their pastors.

I was strolling through Amazon a few months ago and stumbled across “Forty Reasons I Am A Catholic” (2018) by Peter Kreeft. Kreeft is a Catholic philosopher and apologist. He is particularly notable for me because the ecumenically-minded young pastor of the Southern Baptist Convention church we attended for one year (2014-2015) praised Kreeft from the pulpit as his favorite philosopher. This book looks like a good vehicle for another apologetics series. It’s only 132 pages long and, obviously, from the title, is divided into forty chapters, meaning the chapters average only 3.3 pages in length. At quick glance, the book appears to be addressed to a non-academic, general audience. Kreeft evidently believes he has forty good reasons for why he is a Catholic, while I know I have forty (and many more) very good reasons for why I am no longer a Roman Catholic. Who is right?

Please pull out your Bibles and join me on Friday, July 30th as we begin a forty-week series examining and answering “Forty Reasons I Am A Catholic.”

30 thoughts on “Answering another Catholic apologist

    1. Thanks, Lisa Beth! These series are challenging, but definitely needed in this era of shameless ecumenical compromise. Conservative Catholic apologists have zero reservations proselytizing Protestant readers while many/most evangelical apologists bend over backwards in ecumenical compromise in the cause of “Christian” unity.

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    1. Thanks, Bruce! I appreciate the support and encouragement. These apologetics posts are not easy, as you know, but how can we not warn souls who are attempting to merit their salvation?

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      1. I hear you Tom, sometimes you just have to do what you just have to do. I took the liberty of adding the links to the two previous series you did to my “Christian Resources” page under “Roman Catholicism”. That is exactly the type of resource that is needed. Blessings.

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  1. I can’t wait!

    One thing about the title of the book that annoys me, Peter Kreeft isn’t a catholic, he’s a Romanist. The Athanasian Creed very explicitly calls out the Catholic faith and provides a definition of it. Nowhere is Rome or the Bishop of Rome mentioned. It’s just delusions of grandeur from Kreeft that the Roman Communion is the catholic church.

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    1. Thanks, SB! Yup, I’m definitely looking forward to your participation on this long project.
      I totally agree with you that “Roman Catholic” is a contradiction in terms, like saying I’m a local cosmopolitan.


      1. My sister’s house is not on the market yet because it still has a strong odor even after everything was cleared out and all the surfaces scrubbed. Today a contractor is painting the basement floor and walls and removing all of the kitchen appliances in hopes that will remove some of the odor.

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      2. Thanks for your prayers! I’ve already paid out 8K of my sisters funds for the clear out and clean up. Even after all that the house is strictly for house flippers.

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  2. Greetings, brother. Good to see you are still blogging to share the truth. May many who are deceived by the Roman Catholic institution come to saving faith in Christ alone as they consider what you present.

    I haven’t been blogging in a long time. So much else going on, tis overwhelming. Maybe someday I will get back to it, and write retrospectively about some of the stuff that is overwhelming me now.

    Still praying for you…


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    1. Thanks, Steeny! Good to hear from you. I hope your situation becomes less stressful and you’re able to write a post now and then. Looking forward to that day. Lord bless you!


  3. Kreeft does give me the creeps theologically…I was never impressed with his philosophy nor his apologetics and his theology is really unbiblical. Looking forward to this series1

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    1. Thanks, brother! I appreciate your insights on Kreeft. I personally don’t know anything about him other than he’s written a TON of books that propagate Rome’s merited salvation system and that cast aspersions on the “easy believism” of evangelicalism. One would think that would create a problem for an evangelical pastor, but not my former SBC pastor who was a sucker for Catholic “intellectuals.”

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      1. There’s so many who like your former SBC pastor. Just not too long ago in my apologetics group on FB we had a pastor who was a fanboy of Kreeft and WLC…your series is much needed!

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    2. According to Kreeft, Yahweh = Allah, and he was praised by a Muslim for it.

      It reminds me of this scripture:
      Luke 6:26 ESV
      “Woe to you, when all people speak well of you, for so their fathers did to the false prophets.

      Peter Kreeft: Many Christians, both Protestant and Catholic, do not believe what the Church says about Islam (for example, in Vatican Il and in the new Catechism): that Allah is not another God, that we worship the same God. Once, after debating the existence of God with an atheist and having spent a good deal of time explicating and defending the divine attributes, I was approached by a Muslim from the audience, who said to me, “It does my heart good to hear such good Islamic orthodoxy. You are a Muslim, aren’t you?” He could not believe I was a Christian, because, he said, “You truly know Allah.” Apparently he had thought (contrary to the Qur’an) that Christians worshipped a different God. These misunderstandings had better be cleared up, or great battlefield confusion between friend and foe will result. Ecumenical Jihad, Ecumenism and the Culture War, Ignatius Press, 1996, Pg 30

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      1. Thanks, SB. I’ve been meaning to read and review Ecumenical Jihad for several years but haven’t gotten to it yet. It’s incongruous for Kreeft to recommend Catholicism to the unwitting while also endorsing Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and even atheistic moralism as legitimate pathways to God as his church declares.


      2. Jim,

        Kreeft’s position is the position of modern day post Vatican 2 Rome. This is very visible apostasy.

        Just look at this, how in the world can “Allah” be God? Allah is more likely a demon or Baal.

        Revelation 19:16
        On his robe and on his thigh he has a name written, King of kings and Lord of Lords.

        Sahih al-Bukhari
        Vol. 8, Book 73, Hadith 224
        Narrated Abu Huraira:

        Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “The most awful name in Allah’s sight on the Day of Resurrection, will be (that of) a man calling himself Malik Al-Amlak (the king of kings).

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