Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 6/19/21

When Catholics refer to “Christian unity” what they mean is Protestants’ eventual disavowal of the Reformation and the genuine Gospel and their recognition and acceptance of papal authority and works-righteousness Catholic doctrine.

The U.S. Catholic bishops met this past week and defied pope Francis by voting to formalize guidelines that would deny the Jesus wafer to Catholic politicians who publicly support pro-abortion legislation, like President Joe Biden and House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

Perhaps some of the reluctance of pope Francis to apologize for the sufferings and deaths of hundreds of children at Catholic-run residential schools in Canada is that apologies connote culpability and lead to monetary payouts to victims and/or their families.

Surprise! There actually are a few conservative and traditionalist Catholics in Germany and they decry the direction of the current “Synodal Path” progressive initiative.

Throughout his tenure, pope Francis has regularly chided his conservative and traditionalist opponents with statements critical of “rigid priests” and “clericalism.”

Jesuit James Martin has been fighting for full acceptance of practicing LGBTers within the RCC. He has the unofficial backing of pope Francis.

I have not heard anything about this Lifewise Academy that’s mentioned in this article. I don’t know their theology, but I suspect they avoid doctrinal distinctives in order to circumvent negative reaction and controversy, i.e., Roman Catholic students can attend their courses without being presented with the genuine Gospel (rejection of works-righteousness religion and salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone).

American evangelicals were outraged by the Supreme Court’s ban on compulsory prayer in public schools in 1962 and have been calling for a return to the practice ever since. I’m not a fan of government-sponsored collective compulsory prayer or even shared “moments of silence,” when the unsaved of every religious stripe jointly contemplate an acceptable-to-all, nebulous “supreme being.”

The tug-of-war within the SBC involves two fronts; the fight over political involvement including “cultural relevancy” issues AND the fight over theology. It just so happens that those who espouse fidelity to doctrinal orthodoxy also largely propagate church-government integralism. What a mess. Expect an SBC split in the near future.

21 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 6/19/21

  1. Will read this later, just finished lunch and getting ready for Aftenoon study (had youth group earlier)
    Answering your question/observation you commented on my post: I have the last few months been starting later and later because of so much going on; I need to eventually change my schedule

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  2. 1.) “Pope urges Catholics and Evangelicals to continue working for unity”
    I say no thanks pope. I notice its often encouraged by the Catholic church when it assumes Roman Catholic supremacy…

    2.) Seems the Wafter wars are continuing!

    3.) Interesting that the NYT wrote about this past week’s SBC pick of a new president. I was hoping for a certain president for the SBC but I don’t think its like the NYT titled it, an “ultraright” takeover. The newly elected SBC president has his church website calling the members of the Trinity “parts” which I think is not how its normally define and border on the heretical (this is a gracious interpretation than some of my friends who say its heretical, I think its just the SBC church the guy pastor just have poor theological way of phrasing things).

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    1. Thank for the good comments!

      RE: Pope and “unity”

      Although popes have been working on re-uniting Protestants since Vatican II, they haven’t made a lot of concrete headway other than friendly ecumenical overtures. I believe it will take some type of global catastrophe.

      RE: wafer wars

      Yup, the bishops are defying the pope and going after Biden.

      RE: SBC

      No doubt the NY Times writer would categorize me as a backwoods fundamentalist for what I write about the RCC. As you mentioned previously, the tug of war within the SBC is a microcosm of what’s going on under the “evangelical” umbrella.

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    2. I was really curious about this so I checked the Redemption Church website under their beliefs section. I didn’t see where they referred to the Trinity as “parts.” There was no heading “Trinity” but did refer to God “existing in three persons.” Saldo Jesus is equal to the Father and the Spirit equal to the Father and the Son. Again, I haven’t seen anything about parts.

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      1. I heard second day after he was picked as president they changed it; I don’t think they meant literal parts and think they were trying to say person but not as exacting. So I don’t think they are heretics just need to better word things

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      2. That whole this is fascinating in that why didn’t anyone say anything sooner? Did the SBC ask them to change it as a condition of him being picked? Obviously they knew people would object so hence why they changed it and quickly. Who knows how many people didn’t come to the church because of the word “parts.” I read beliefs and statements of faith for friends and whomever asks and I would have saw that and said stay away. Regardless of intentionality it is irresponsible.

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  3. “When Catholics refer to ‘Christian unity’ what they mean is Protestants’ eventual disavowal of the Reformation and the genuine Gospel” … This may be closer than we think!

    “Released time” … for the public school students to go for religious instruction at their local Catholic school/parish. 🤦‍♀️ That word and routine are a blast from the past!

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    1. RE: This may be closer than we think

      When a global catastrophe hits on the scale of 100X COVID, desperate people will follow the pope.


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