Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 6/12/21

U.S. Catholic bishops are meeting June 16-18th and will decide whether to defy pope Francis and formalize sanctions against Catholic politicians who support pro-abortion legislation, including denial of communion and the other “sacraments.” As mentioned in the second article, the ongoing “wafer wars” also bring to light the lack of interest and “knowledge” regarding the Jesus wafer, the alleged “source and summit of Catholic spirituality,” among the general Catholic population. A 2019 Pew Research survey revealed only 30% of U.S. Catholics believe that their priests convert bread wafers and wine into the actual body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ as the RCC teaches.

The LGBT steamroller is making significant inroads into the Roman Catholic church, which is not surprising. Credible researchers, including ex-priest and sociologist, Richard Sipe, suggest homosexuals comprise 30-40 percent of the Catholic priest population.

Abuse was rampant at Catholic-run boarding schools throughout the Western world. The startling revelations of widespread abuse at Catholic-run residential schools in Ireland directly contributed to the rapid secularization of that once solidly-Catholic country.

I’m at the point now that I read the Bible almost exclusively via the ESV app on my iPhone. What about you?

The Rochester Catholic diocese filed for bankruptcy back in September 2019 in order to protect its assets from abuse survivors. Those survivors continue to press their claims for compensation in Rochester bankruptcy court. Twenty-six U.S. Catholic dioceses have filed for bankruptcy to date in response to claims against abusive priests and their bishop enablers.

Conservative and traditionalist Catholics are reacting to the substantiated rumor that pope Francis is moving to restrict their beloved Latin mass. Whether the mass is said in English or Latin, it’s anti-Biblical blasphemy that purports that Catholic priests summon Jesus from Heaven, transform Him into a bread wafer, and re-sacrifice Him for sins as the perpetual host (victim).

Is it improper to say, “Good riddance” in this case? As one of the prime architects of the Warren-Drucker-Hybels seeker-sensitive, church-growth model and as an enthusiastic promoter of ecumenism with Roman Catholicism, Rick Warren has compromised the Gospel like few others.

32 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 6/12/21

    1. Thanks, David! My wife and I use a giant print ESV hardcopy for our daily devotional and we both like it a lot. What I like about the ESV app on my phone is a gentleman with a pleasant voice reads the chapter out loud as I read along.


  1. I’ll be reading this through the week if not all tomorrow!
    Roman Catholicism…dead works!
    The good Lord has been leading me through His Holy Spirit to witness to my mom in law the absolute truth of only praying to God through Jesus!!! 🙌🙏🏻❤️ To God be the glory!! She’s 85!

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    1. Thanks, Beth!

      Yes, Roman Catholicism is a sinking ship but misguided evangelicals sadly embrace it.

      I’m praying for your mom in law. Catholics would rather remain “loyal” to their family religion than see what God in His Word says about it.

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  2. I have to add I cringe when I hear the word “mass”- that’s the next thing I’m praying to witness to her about through God’s Word!

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    1. Yes, they refer to the blasphemous mass as if it’s such a great thing and everyone’s supposed to know what they’re talking about. But few Catholics themselves know what’s going on at their mass as proved by the survey that revealed only 30% of them believe in transubstantiation.

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  3. I mostly read the Bible on my phone and on my tablet via Bible Gateway. I also have several Bible translations on my Amazon Kindle e-reader. But, just in case of power outages, we have several ‘real’ Bibles. My favorite is a big leather Bible containing the KJV and the Amplified side by side, in larger print. It’s heavy, though!

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    1. Thanks, Lind Lee! We have a giant print ESV that my wife and I use for our daily devotional together, but I also like the convenience of the ESV app on my phone for personal reading.

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  4. Looks like the Catholic Church will continue to unravel, lose followers and compromise on core issues like homosexuality. They’ll have to broaden their door wider now to keep the numbers up.
    Btw, I am still a Bible book reader, love it with a pen and highlighter – no electronic can compare!
    Have a good weekend Tom! 😎

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    1. Thanks for the good comments, Lisa Beth! Yes, pope Francis is pragmatically trying to retain members via “reforms.” It’s dead religion whether liberal or traditionalist.

      I get it re: a hard copy Bible. I thought I would never make the switch to an e-Bible.

      Enjoy your Sunday!

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  5. RCC never ceases to amaze me. I am 50/50 print and digital. I have tons of print Bibles, I won’t lie. I have concerns that with the Word being published in China, things will be altered in print and that digital media publishers will change things as well.

    How’s work? Praying for y’all.

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    1. I thought I would never switch to e-Bible, but especially like the ESV app because of the audio feature.

      RE: work
      Ach. We’re short-staffed which means I’m doing physical work that an old guy shouldn’t be doing. I’ll be so glad at 6:30 p.m. Thanks for your prayers!
      Hope you and Nathan have a good Sunday and I’m praying for you.

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      1. Nathan is 90% audio ESV on the app. I have been thinking of using audio Bible more. The Bible has always been intended to be read orally.

        Oh man sorry to hear about work! Nathan and I are still “exploring” N PA and I said, “we could drive 2 hrs more North and say hi to Tom and Corinne!” Thanks for your prayers they are much appreciated and I will pray even more for you today!

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  6. 1.) ” Richard Sipe, suggest homosexuals comprise 30-40 percent of the Catholic priest population.” Wow. That is a lot. But I believe it with all that’s in the news.
    2.) “Pope Francis expresses ‘sorrow’ but offers no apology for Canada residential school deaths” Wow no apologies? That’s sad.
    3.) Not a fan of RIck Warren for many reason!

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    1. Thanks for the comments, brother.

      RE: homosexual priests

      Some priests and prelates are pushing the rainbow and others resist. That “brokeback Vatican” book I read a long time ago posited that homosexual prelates are some of the most ardent “anti-gays” in the church, a case of what the author described as “self-hate.”

      RE: no apology from Francis

      Yeah, it’s weird that the usually-accommodating Francis is offering no apology in this case. Maybe he’s sick of apologizing for the RCC’s abuses.

      RE: Warren

      He’s done quite a bit of damage within “evangelicalism.”

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      1. 1.) “homosexual prelates are some of the most ardent “anti-gays” in the church, a case of what the author described as “self-hate.””
        That’s crazy!

        2.) Francis for all his progressiveness is slow with the front of his own church concerning child abuse.

        3.) Warren is indeed a danger who caused a lot of damage

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      2. Thanks for more good thoughts!

        Re: self-hating gay prelates

        They say people are often most critical of the sins/weaknesses/failings in others that they struggle with themselves.

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      3. I can see that; looking back with fallen pastors I see some of them preach so harshly against a specific sin with no grace turns out to have a double life with it

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      1. Nice, Crissy. Many New Yorkers move southward after retirement for the milder temps in the winter and the much lower taxes. Our oldest son and his family live only five miles from us, otherwise we would also seriously consider moving south.

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    1. RE: whoever replaces (Warren) will be more or less the same type of person

      Absolutely, Joseph. They wouldn’t stand for a doctrinally-sound pastor at Saddleback.

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  7. What came to mind when reading about Rick Warren is that probably someone worse will replace him.

    Those RC leaders celebrating Gay Pride month etc. is sickening. But then again RC is not Christian so anything goes. 🤦‍♀️😢

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    1. Yup, Warren blazed the trail for seeker-sensitive, movie theater, coffee and donut mega-church (c)hristianity and it will all further unravel, doesn’t matter who they hire.

      Nope, absolutely no Gospel in the RCC, but it’s interesting to watch them grapple with the LGBT steamroller. Speaking of Saddleback, I can foresee a time in the not too distant future when “evangelical” churches like Saddleback will start making concessions to the rainbow steamroller.

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