Catholicism & Protestantism: The Differences, Why They Matter, & What’s At Stake

In this era of widespread ecumenical accommodation and compromise of the Gospel, it’s extremely rare that you’ll hear a sermon/lecture on Roman Catholicism’s false gospel at an evangelical church. That’s why I was very pleased when I recently stumbled across an excellent 53-minute sermon/lecture audio, “Catholicism & Protestantism: The Differences, Why They Matter, & What’s At Stake” (link below), presented by Elder Charles Hedman at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. on February 17, 2019. There are MANY irreconcilable doctrines dividing Roman Catholicism and Gospel Christianity, but Hedman focuses on the two most important; 1) authority and 2) salvation.

16 thoughts on “Catholicism & Protestantism: The Differences, Why They Matter, & What’s At Stake

    1. Thanks, Mandy, for your well wishes and prayers! No rest today, but it was not a surprise. I cut the front lawn for the first time this year and did a bunch of other yard work. The yard was starting to look very shabby. Then had our weekly call with my sisters in Florida about the status of our sister’s move project. A dementia/hoarding expert called in and shared some advice with us. The call was…argh…two hours. Then I hung some drapes for Corinne. I need to get back to work to rest! 😊

      How as your weekend?

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      1. Hope that call was productive!! You could start your own handy man business! It was a good weekend. I wrote a post today that took a lot out of me. Usually I am not this out of it after I post! I am going to enjoy relaxing with Nathan. Hope y’all can relax this evening!!

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      2. Thanks, Mandy, I’ve been R&R-ing since 6PM. Catching up on my blogging and will listen to an Arkansas 30-minute sermon. Lights out in an hour. I enjoyed your good post! Have a relaxing evening!


  1. This teaching audio was enlightening and forthright, clarifying the irreconcilable divide between the faiths.
    How compromised must an ‘evangelical’ be to intertwine with Catholicism? How much truth has unraveled in their heart? Once error is justified, even embraced, godly discernment is gone. They dont even see this tremendous loss.
    Good post Tom, press on.

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    1. Thank you, Lisa Beth! Yes, I thought Charles approached the topic very well. Objective and no ax to grind except for a love for Catholic souls.

      How evangelicals can embrace the RCC when it unabashedly proclaims salvation must ultimately be merited and grants that “good” religionists and atheists may also merit salvation is beyond me.

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      1. So much caving to ecumenism in the Southern Baptist Convention. Glad to see Dever and Capitol Hill Baptist Church are standing firm on the Gospel.

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