Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 4/17/21

It’s nauseating to see influential Southern Baptist, Richard Land, weighing in on whether abortion supporter, President Joe Biden, is a “devout” Catholic or not and whether he should be allowed to receive the faux Jesus wafer. Land, one of the three Judas evangelical signatories (along with Chuck Colson and J.I. Packer) of the 1994 Evangelicals and Catholics Together ecumenical accord, views Roman Catholicism as one of many valid Christian “traditions.”

As a young theologian, Hans Kueng, had an inordinately influential role at the Second Vatican Council in moving the Roman Catholic church toward modernism. Kueng would later incur the wrath of popes and prelates by challenging the RCC’s claim of papal infallibility. One of these days I need to read Kueng’s “Infallible?: An inquiry.”

The issue of mandatory Sunday mass attendance for Catholics keeps popping up in the media. Will Catholics return to mass after the COVID-19 virus subsides? After foregoing the allegedly essential Jesus wafer for thirteen months and noticing no change in their “spiritual condition,” will Catholics put two and two together and just stay home?

Yes, another reoccurring headline in the Catholic media is the German Catholic church’s current Synodaler Weg (Synodal Path) effort to steer the national church towards radical reform. This is a boiling pot that conservative Catholic prelates and theologians are viewing with trepidation.

Last weekend, Pope Francis celebrated “Divine Mercy Sunday” with a mass in Rome. A Polish nun, Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938), claimed Jesus visited her several times and instructed her on the rubrics of the increasingly popular “Divine Mercy” devotion. In his homily, Franics urged all Catholics to be missionaries, but they have little incentive to be ambassadors of their religion when their church officially propagates that all religionists and even atheists may also merit Heaven.

Evangelical Protestants followed the lead of Jerry Falwell in the 70s and 80s and became enmeshed in temporal politics. The misguided conflation of faith and nationalism continues. But Falwell’s Moral Majority wasn’t the first time Christians in America got their priorities mixed up. The radical conservatism of the reconstituted Ku Klux Klan appealed to many Christians back in the 1920s. A large field about a half-mile from our home was used as the site for multiple Klan rallies here in Rochester, New York in the 1920s. Some might be surprised that the KKK wasn’t restricted to the South. I placed a library hold on “Gospel According to the Klan: The KKK’s Appeal to Protestant America, 1915-1930″ by Kelly J. Baker that’s mentioned in this article.

There were few things more strikingly cultish in the largely-Protestant American landscape of yesteryear than groups of virginal Catholic women living communally together as nuns in convents and practicing severe forms of asceticism including wearing 12th Century garb. Early American Protestants were appalled by the convents, but eventually became inured to the cultish extremism.

It’s satire, BUT there’s some truth therein.

41 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 4/17/21

    1. Thank you, Beth! I’m having a blessed day and I hope you are too! Working my tail off here at work (ok, taking an itsy bitsy break to check WordPress) but I would rather be busy than looking for something to do.


    1. Thanks, David. Richard Land is one of the worst offenders when it comes to accommodating the RCC’s false Gospel. He runs the “Christian Post” website, which post articles about the pope and the RCC as if it’s just another Gospel-preaching denomination.

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    1. I think I might approach your level of everyday busyness on my weekend shift days, but I then have to chill Monday thru Thursday to recover.

      Thanks for the encouragement, brother! The Lord puts it in my heart to keep an eye on those foxes in the Vatican.

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      1. God bless you! I need a vacation though soon lol. Since May ministry feels to me like a military deployment in terms of people’s problems, questions, prayer requests, worldview questions, etc.

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      1. Thanks! Yup, all fixed. I wasn’t completely trained on one of our processes and it came back to bite me. I was scrambling like a chicken with its head cut off from 6-8AM. No way to start the day.

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  1. 1. Wow Hans Kung died! OH man…before God right now…yikes.
    2. Never heard of Dr. Land before, probably for a reason he’s not biblical…
    3. It will be interesting to see your review of the Klan book!
    4. These days the world seem to take their cues of the next move from the Babylon Bee…

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      Kung – I really want to read his debunking of papal infallibility.

      Richard Land – Such a deceived ecumenist.

      KKK book – Thanks. Looking forward to reading it. I was surprised to learn a couple of years ago the the KKK was active here in ROC back in the 1920s. There’s a post I need to write about a very indirect family connection to the KKK back in the 1920s.

      Babylon Bee – This LGBT & transgender crusade is transforming society in major ways. My wife and I were talking last night about the radical changes to society compared to when we were growing up.

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      1. Re:King

        I have that book. It was a good introduction for deeper study into church history as he debunks proof texts like John 21 and Luke 22. I can see why he scared the establishment as he was definitely an intellectual with substance, unlike the folks at CtC.

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    1. The National Catholic Reporter takes a very liberal/progressive approach as opposed to the National Catholic Register, which is very conservative. Either way, no Gospel.

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      1. Thanks, Crissy! One positive is I finally have my own niche job to do instead of constantly bouncing around, which is what I did for the first ten weeks. One challenge is the amount of walking.

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  2. Well, when I was in first grade (1988) we had to decorate pumpkins, I made a gi joe painted pumpkin. Adam’s mom said, “honey, no” and she washed my pumpkin and had me paint a princess pumpkin, arg! I have always be more of a tomboy (I am sure you are not shocked by this) and so I am VERY thankful that I am not a youth at this point because I don’t know what they would have done with me. I used to joke “I should have been born a man”; however, it was an absolute joke. I wouldn’t even say that out loud now because who knows who would misinterpret that or think I am being repressed. God doesn’t make mistakes. Sometimes satire is more true life than we realize. Thanks for sharing this roundup! The Church as a whole is in disarray and this does not please God.

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    1. Thanks, Mandy. Corinne and I were briefly discussing last night how society has gone totally bonkers with this transgenderism and this is just the beginning.
      Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

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      1. Thanks, Mandy! It was a very busy weekend, lots of orders. My step count for the 3-days is over 55,000. Too much walking for an old guy.
        Hope you and Nathan had an enjoyable weekend and blessings to you both!

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  3. Speaking of nuns…

    A pastor in a church that we once attended spoke about a nun or nuns that had prayed for him, as if the prayers of the nuns was a good thing!

    And in another church we attended in the past, a visiting preacher started telling the story of a nun coming up to him, at some meeting perhaps, and asking him “do you love Jesus as much as I do?” At that point my friend who was sitting next to me started pulling on my arm wanting to leave. She also was a former Catholic and her alarm bells went off when she heard him say that. But I convinced her to stay because I wanted to hear all the visiting preacher had to say so that I could speak to the pastor about it, which I did, and Billy too. Long story, but the bottom line is we left the church.

    “The KKK’s Appeal to Protestant America” … how ugly is that? 🤦‍♀️

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    1. Thanks, Cathy. Yes, I experienced similar pro-Catholic pronouncements from “evangelical Protestant” pulpits. So wrong and frustrating. I don’t recall if you ever mentioned but did you go to Catholic grammar school with nuns? I grew up observing those women firsthand and oftentimes experienced their wrath. Nuns and convents are as cultish as anything any cult leader dreamed up.


      1. I did go to a Roman Catholic grammar school. I remember a Sister Concetta who wanted to put tape over my mouth because someone said I was talking when she left the room for a few moments. (I wasn’t.) Anyway, I was so traumatized by the event that my mother had to come to the school, and I was out of school for about a week I think after that. I was only in 2nd grade. 😂 🤦‍♀️ It’s really not funny though is it. Billy has some stories too. He went to RC grammar school and high school. I only went to RC grammar school.

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      2. Yes, the nuns could be vicious. Another twist: in 7th and 8th grade we had a nun who was overtly masculine and who indoctrinated the class by having us read a thinly-veiled pro-gay book (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter). She had a “particular friendship” with another nun-teacher that was quite obvious to us students. I imagine convents were both a draw and incubator of lesbianism just as Catholic seminaries drew gay young men and indoctrinated others.

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