Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 3/27/21

Gay Catholics were overjoyed last October when a documentary was released, which included a statement from pope Francis endorsing same-sex civil unions. However, the LGBT-ers were stunned on March 15th when the Vatican released a statement approved by Francis barring priests, for now, from blessing same-sex unions. What’s the deal? My take is that liberal/progressive priests interpreted Francis’ October remarks as a license to “bless” gay “weddings” and the situation was snowballing into a “too much, too soon” controversy for the embattled pope, who has already been dealing with charges of heresy from conservative prelates for the last five years. As the dust settles over this latest statement, Francis’ point man, Jesuit James Martin, continues to chip away at resistance to full acceptance of practicing LGBT-ers within the RCC.

There are so many charlatans masquerading as “prophets” within the big tent of “evangelicalism.”

Few know that the Jesuits were the largest slaveholders in antebellum Maryland.

Traditionalists cling to the Latin mass as a beloved symbol of pre-conciliar, militant Catholicism. Pope Francis is definitely not a fan.

Roman Catholics are strictly forbidden from eating meat on the six Lenten Fridays prior to Easter under threat of eternal damnation. However, the compulsory abstention was NOT in effect on Friday, March 19th because the day was also the feast day of St. Joseph, a “solemnity.” On the Catholic liturgical calendar, a solemnity trumps Lenten Friday meat abstentions every time. Canon Law 1251 states, “Abstinence from meat, or from some other food as determined by the Episcopal Conference, is to be observed on all Fridays, unless a solemnity should fall on a Friday.” Roman Catholicism is a dizzying calculus of religious legalities. I imagine the VAST majority of Catholics were not aware of the lifting of the meat ban on Friday, March 19th.

German Catholic prelates continue to “push the envelope” in regards to multiple liberal “reforms.” Even progressive Francis must slow the Germans down to forestall schism.

Twenty-one-year-old, Robert Aaron Long, fatally shot eight employees working at three “massage spas” in the Atlanta area on March 17th. Long had professed to have trusted in Jesus Christ as Savior when he became a member of Crabapple First Baptist Church (Southern Baptist). However, Long had been receiving counseling for porn addiction at a Christian counseling center and told arresting authorities that he had carried out the slayings to eliminate the temptation posed by the massage businesses. Not that Long’s church is to blame for the murders, but the evangelical church generally does a poor job of addressing sex and porn addiction issues. It’s commonly known that many/most of these “massage spas” are covers for prostitution.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 3/27/21

  1. I wonder how many Catholics really care and adhere to these meat/no meat mandates? (Although I do smell fish cooking in my bldg on Fridays)
    I just hope that disgruntled Catholics turn their hearts to seek the Lord – may they come across a man of God to lead them.
    Have a good weekend brother.

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    1. I’ve read a surprising number of Catholics still adhere to the Lenten Friday meat abstinence even though they flout most other mandatory obligations. Thanks for the good comments, Lisa Beth, and have a good weekend as well!

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  2. I haven’t read much about the Atlanta shooter. I try not to read about the life of the shooters, because of how mass shootings have become so common now.
    It angers me seeing the false preachers still trying to cash in on Trump and predicting the military will restore him to office and all the other non-sense.
    No comment on the Catholic Church nothing will ever change for the better with it.

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  3. 1. Catholicism with the issue of LGBT is going to split their movement in the near future.
    2. Crazy that the NAR movement prophesied that Trump will win the election…
    3. That is crazy to learn the Jesuits owned the most slaves in Maryland back in the day…
    4. The shooting in Atlanta is so tragic

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      1. Yeah, we can foresee the LGBT splitting the RCC like it did the United Methodists.
      2. The failed Trump prophecies were airtight refutations of the NAR.
      3. Yup, I’m surprised myself that the Jesuits owned the most slaves in Maryland. I wonder where they’re getting the money for reparations with all of the money they’re paying out to victims of sex abuse?
      4. RE: The shooting in Atlanta is so tragic.
      Yeah, these tragic mass shootings have become “routine.”

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  4. Johnson and Jensen – these people never give up do they ? , well Johnson maybe. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I agree with your take on “ gay unions”- too much too soon for now…
    Thank you Tom.

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    1. RE: Johnson

      It occurs to me that another shyster, Kenneth Copeland, continues to spout prophecies equally as fraudulent as what Johnson predicted but for some strange reason his followers remain committed to him. So much of this phony Christianity out there.
      Yup, the pope had to pragmatically slow things down.

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  5. Thanks for all the news Tom! I was thinking that abstaining from meat during lent and on Christmas Eve was meant to be a type of fast and self denial. But instead these practices have turned into days of feasting. For those of us who loved fish eating fish was a treat and had absolutely nothing to do with fasting, self denial or seeking the Lord. More Roman Catholic madness!

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    1. Thanks, Cathy! I once wrote a post about how eating fried fish and fries from the local fish market on Fridays was a real growing up. I much preferred it over my Mom’s cooking. It was no deprivation for me, just the opposite.

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