Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 2/27/21

Many, no, make that MANY Christian churches are offering Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University personal finances classes to their congregants. The main reason for that is because Ramsey insists his “students” adhere to Old Testament tithing. I’m all for helping people manage their personal finances with no ulterior motives, but that’s not the case with churches and Ramsey. They’re in symbiotic cahoots. A “ministry” that results in being able to purchase $16 million dollar mansions (photo above) with cash is a giant red flag. Count me out.

Heated debate continues within the “big tent” of the American Catholic church over U.S. President and church member Joe Biden’s unqualified support of the abortion genocide. Recent polls reveal 56% of American Catholics support abortion on demand.

Pandemic denial wasn’t/isn’t restricted to some evangelical pastors.

Roman Catholicism is ALL ABOUT its sacramental salvation system, whereby the sacraments are alleged to endow recipients with graces so that they are better able to obey the Ten Commandments (impossible!) in order to hopefully merit their way into Heaven. But Catholics haven’t had consistent access to their churches and the sacraments since the pandemic began in March 2020. Will God give them a pass because of this lack of access (I’m being facetious) or will some Roman Catholics begin to question their sacramental salvation system in light of the year-long inaccessibility?

Imagine going to an hour-long religious ceremony every week, fifty-two-weeks per year, for seventy-eight years (average U.S. lifespan), and the content of the accumulated 4000+ ceremonies is nearly-identical. That’s the “spiritual life” of U.S. Catholics. Despite the platitudes of popes, prelates, and priests in regards to the mass, Catholics who are honest with themselves know there’s not an hour of the week that’s more boring.

Since he was elected in 2013, progressive pope Francis has systematically neutralized his most-vocal conservative opponents in the college of cardinals, most notably Gerhard Müller, Raymond Burke, and now, Robert Sarah.

Bible-denying tares are preaching from pulpits.

Ah! I had wondered why Vanilla Coke, my favorite soda, was no longer stocked on our grocer’s shelves (see here) and now we know!

38 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 2/27/21

  1. How is work so far! Praying for you! Progressive Christianity is not Christianity. I do understand what this guy is saying that people can idol the Bible. We worship Jesus who the Bible tells us about but we do not worship the Bible itself. It does make my heart sad to hear the Bible is said to be irrelevant, fallible, uninspired, full of error. I know this is going to become more and more the trend. So sad.

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    1. Going good, thanks! Thanks for your prayers. Still lots of training, now mostly systems/computer stuff for the warehouse.

      Thanks for the comments! The mainline Protestant denominations already went down this Bible-denying rabbit hole one-hundred years ago. Now it’s seeping into “evangelicalism.” Yup, sad.

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    2. I’ve seen the “people can idol the Bible” argument, and I’m not even online much, so I assume it’s becoming popular. I’ve only ever seen it used when someone wants to brush aside Bible teaching, though.

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      1. I can think of Andy Stanley as someone who is well-respected by some “conservative” evangelical churches (like the mega-church I used to attend) who degrades the authenticity of the Old Testament miracles.

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      2. Andy Stanley has little regard for the Old Testament as a whole. There are many, many churches who do not preach from the Old Testament. There are also many churches, especially in the West who when it comes to New Testament preaching focus on the Gospels or Paul’s writings. There is much to learn from the General epistles.

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      3. This also reminds me when I first entered Seminary, there was theological controversy over whether Andy thought the Bible was inerrant because of his message “The Bible Tells Me So.” Andy likes to say he’s a local pastor guy, I would be more inclined to believe that sentiment if he would give up his big platform!

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      4. I know I mentioned previously that one of the reasons we finally left our previous mega-church was because they would positively mention Andy Stanley every so often. So bad. He has quite a following among the seeker-growth set.

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      5. Thanks for all the good comments! Yup, I think many churches purposely avoid major portions of the Bible. I expect many more “Andy Stanleys” in the pulpits going forward.

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    1. I should explain that I do find copious amounts of money in church to be a red flag, as money has the potential to corrupt, but I’ve never been able to figure out how little is “enough” and when it starts becoming “too much.”

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      1. I can’t precisely define a cap on wealth from “ministry” other than to know a $16 million dollar home is taking advantage of contributors. The bigger issue for me is how churches offer Ramsey’s courses for their own financial benefit.

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      2. Yeah, I’m with you on that one.

        I used to listen to Joyce Meyer and would rationalize her excesses as “Well, at least she has several charities.” And “She does work a lot.” (I don’t listen to her or read her books anymore, for other reasons.)

        So I struggle with “how much is enough, how much is too much, where is the money going to?” So I thought I’d ask 🤗 I hope you enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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      3. Joyce Meyer and other prosperity gospelers use their enormous wealth as a draw for their followers, i.e, send me your seed faith money and if you have enough faith, you will get rich, too!

        I don’t want to be the “minister salary police,” but if a minister’s home is 60X the value of the homes of the people he “ministers” to, that is a red flag for me personally. If others don’t mind supporting that kind of lifestyle, that’s obviously their choice.

        Thanks, Yari, and you have a nice weekend, too!

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      4. I am in no way defending Dave Ramsey; however, he does rake in a ton of money from non Christian entities as well (he would probably say he’s a business man or Evangelist rather than “Minister” semantics I know!). I do have Christian friends who are young who have paid off their college loans by using his principles. I know Nathan has benefited from Dave Ramsey as well. There have been many reports of the toxic work environment that Ramsey has created and I spend more time “investigating” that. I think the work environment and what one does with their finances/stewardship often times go together. We will all have to give an account before God with how we stewarded the resources that He has given us!!! Accountability is so needed in the Church today!!!!

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      5. Thanks, Mandy. I’m sure many have benefited from Ramsey’s courses and I’m not trying to condemn the man as a complete shyster, but there is a symbiotic relationship between DR and churches in respect to the tithe. It’s a ministry in the sense that church members are encouraged to take the courses by pastors and Biblical principles are referred to therein so it’s not a totally secular enterprise. I don’t feel good about an individual profiting so ostentatiously from trusting church goers. Chances are even if a church member doesn’t take the courses their church is using a part of their offerings to pay Ramsey so that others can take it.

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      6. I don’t disagree with you that it’s a ministry. I don’t think Ramsey sees himself as minister which I think is problematic. I have thought this before but now even more so since Ravi. Christian ministries really shouldn’t be named after people/founders/leaders etc. The ministry becomes about said person/people rather than the Gospel, helping people etc. It is too easy to elevate these people and allow them lack of accountability/transparency.

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      7. RE: I don’t think Ramsey sees himself as minister

        Right, probably not as a formal minister but more as as an aid/resource to ministry. Out of curiosity, I went to his website and searched using “ministry” and the references were a mile long.

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      8. Thanks for pointing that out. Robert Morris of Gateway is huge on tithing and his TBN viewers sending in their seed faith money. Ramsey appeals to a wide spectrum of “evangelicals.”

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      9. Glad you are resting today!!!!

        They are starting work on my patio today. I never wrote about this but my first house I had built and it had HORRIFIC structural damage and drainage issues. My house was literally falling down the hill. Anyway, as you know the ground is SUPER wet right now and while it seems like it won’t rain this week; I am concerned! Drives Nathan BONKERS!!!!!! He’s always like, “let them do their job!” I just want to make sure the drain pipes are laid appropriately etc. Nathan’s always like, “well they give a warranty.” I then proceed to give him the look 🤫🤐

        Have you and Corinne ever had moments like these?! (I ask because you and Corinne are the longest married couple that I know!) Maybe someday if Corinne has time she could give me some marital advice on how to be a patient wife! Love and blessings to you both!!!!

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      10. RE: resting today!

        Thanks, Mandy. I had to chauffeur my sister to a few places this morning, but from here on out it’s couch duty.

        Corinne and I are polar opposites when it comes to temperament and personality, which is probably why I was attracted to her 47 years ago. She is very high strung and emotional and I am very laid back and unemotional. Both of us are at opposite ends of the personality scale. Yours and Nathan’s individual reactions to the circumstances you describe sound very familiar. We’ve both struggled with patience over the years because the reaction of the one seems absolutely insane to the other. We still get into heated arguments every so often because Corinne will not let go of (what I would consider very minor) issues, while she would say I don’t get excited enough when circumstances call for it. The Lord has ultimately helped us though but it has been difficult at times. We can actually complement each other and “cover all the bases” as a team because of our different personalities if we remember to cut each other some slack. I won’t go into details but Corinne’s medical issues have also affected her emotions the last two years.
        All that said, I hope things go well with your patio! And love and blessings to you both, too!

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      11. Thank you for talking me off the ledge!!!! You are the best!!! I pray for Corinne with her health issues. This winter is starting to get long. I have something I wanted to send, it would be to both of you but more with Corinne in mind. Anyway, after I hit send I was like, “oh, no! Tom is going to think that I have him in mind when it comes to patience!” Long story short, I can’t ask my mom because her and I are very similar. My dad thought he was funny and got me one of those long wood blocks that says, “sometimes when I open my mouth my mother comes out” it’s ok to laugh, I won’t be offended, everyone who sees it does!

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      12. May the Lord abundantly bless your marriage! I’ve heard people say that they are so simpatico with their spouse that they never argue, and I think, “What planet are they from?” We’ve had to work through many disagreements and arguments and there are many more to come. It’s hard and sometimes painful, but the Lord always helps us to work things out. Thank you for your prayers for Corinne!

        RE: “sometimes when I open my mouth my mother comes out”

        And I’m like my father in many ways. Corinne is an almost exact clone of her mother who died of emphysema a hard-to-believe 37 years ago

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      13. It’s funny you say that! I volunteered at a nursing home before I entered the Physical Therapist Assistant program. There I met a couple who had been married for 72 years. The wife was having some cognitive issues and the husband really loved his wife and was like “in 72 years we have never argued or fought.” My first thought was “I will be a failure of a wife” (I was not dating anyone at that time). My other thought was “maybe he has some cognitive impairment or one of them is hard of hearing.” Their story really stuck with me. So when I worked full time in Skilled Nursing Facilities the first question I asked to build trust was “what is the one piece of advice you would give a young person starting off in the world?” And the other after I heard their response I could usually tell if they were married or ever married and asked, “did you and your spouse ever fight or argue?” I proceeded to tell my story of the 72 yr married couple and all of them had said “that’s impossible!” Most men and women said you don’t have to be nasty but disagreements are a part of life, two becoming one isn’t easy!

        Oh man, did your sons meet Corinne’s mom? I am SO thankful for both of you! Stay warm today! Love and blessings to you both!!!

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      14. Thanks for sharing about that 72-years-married couple! I’m sure there are many couples like that who are so simpatico that they harmonize blissfully. My own parents never argued, but that was because my father almost always deferred to my very domineering mother.

        Yup, my MOL died when our boys were 9 and 6. Thanks, Mandy, and I’m grateful for you all! Sunny and a high of 30F in ROC but a string of 50F days starting on Monday. I see you’re looking at some 60’s next week. Nice! Love and blessings to you both!

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  2. 1. Do you know if Dave Ramsey support in any way the Prosperity Gospel?

    2. Covid definitely put a wrench in RC access to sacremental “grace.”

    3. With the news of that conservative Catholic bishop stepping down I think in the near future we will see a very progressive Romanism. Do you think RC will produce a ecumenical religion that many will get behind in the End Times?

    4. I love Vanilla coke!

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    1. Sorry for responding so late to these. I’m way behind on WordPress.

      RE: Ramsey – I couldn’t find anything that shows he backs the prosperity. His big thing is getting people to eliminate debt and begin to save money.

      RE: RCC, Sacraments, and C-19 – Yeah, the pandemic lockdown really exposed the flaws in a sacramental grace system. Catholic theologians have countered that just yearning for the unavailable sacraments bestows graces, etc., etc., etc.

      RE: RCC and endtimes – Excellent observation. Francis is smoothing over hardcore doctrine to make the RCC more acceptable to other religions.

      RE: Vanilla Coke – Yup, it’s my favorite.

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Crissy!

      RE: progressive churches

      They’re going the way of the old mainline Protestant denominations.

      I’m hanging on to my last 12-pack of Vanilla Coke. Our grocer does sometimes stock the 16 oz. single bottles.

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  3. So many people at my church promote Dave Ramsey when it comes to getting out of debt. My senior pastor listens to Dave Ramsey on the radio everyday. He is very esteemed at my church, and his advice has seemed to work for many people at my church to get out of debt

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    1. I understand that many people live beyond their financial means and accumulate huge debt and Ramsey provides advice on how to get rid of and stay out of debt. My point is that churches’ motivation for introducing Ramsey to their congregations isn’t altogether altruistic because Ramsey is an enthusiastic propagator of Old Testament tithing.

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