Truth from Arkansas! Sunday Sermon Series, #72

It’s Two-fer-Tuesday, my friends, which means two new sermons from the brethren down in Arkansas.

First, we have Pastor Roger Copeland of Northern Hills Baptist Church in Texarkana, preaching from Luke 4:16-30 on “The Acceptable Year of the Lord.”

Next, we have Pastor Cody Andrews of Holly Springs Missionary Baptist Church in Star City preaching from Nahum 1:1-8 on “A Portrait of God.”

Both of these sermons were delivered on Sunday, February 7th.

Pastor Roger Copeland – The Acceptable Year of the Lord

Pastor Cody Andrews – A Portrait of God

15 thoughts on “Truth from Arkansas! Sunday Sermon Series, #72

    1. 👋🏼
      Thanks! Yesterday was busy so today I’m crashing. I can do some serious couch time when my wife is out shopping like now. Just got done writing and editing my final Ravi Zacharias post, so I wouldn’t exactly call that relaxing. They’re predicting 50F in ROC tomorrow, just like SoCal! It’ll be nice driving to the comic shop to pick up the latest LSH.

      How is your day going?

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  1. I want to study up more sometime on Jubilee. Love his statement that time doesn’t always heal all wounds, but Jesus does. Love that. Good Christ centered sermon including saying we change for Christ, not Christ change for us

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    1. Thank you, sister Crissy! My wife and I are blessed by listening to Pastor Roger on Sunday nights and Pastor Cody on Monday’s (if Wally is able to find the time to upload the video by then).

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  2. I would be sad to see LSH discontinued! My day is going well, answering questions from people online related to Van Til in the apologetics group I’m in, about a paper on doctrines of the Bible and John Frame, homeschooled my daughters both Bible studies and regular school subjects, ordered booklets for youth group which I just finished right now and read a little of the blog here and there and that’s my day so far! What’s next: Going to write a book review then go walk reading another book

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