Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 1/30/21

This past week, there was a DELUGE of news articles reporting on the growing split within the American Catholic church over member Joe Biden’s unqualified support for abortion and the LGBT agenda.

There’s a growing battle between Catholic progressives, including the pope, and conservative doctrinalists over the status of abortion-on-demand and LGBT defender, Joe Biden.

Seventy-years ago, my divorced mother-in-law was formally excommunicated from the Catholic church for remarrying. Conservatives in the RC church question HOW President Joe Biden can fully support and enable the ongoing abortion genocide and NOT be excommunicated. Keep in mind that Biden is parlaying his Catholic “faith” as a positive quality to religious voters.

This articles states that, “(Nancy) Pelosi told Hillary Clinton in a podcast that Donald Trump became president because of opposition to what she called a ‘woman’s right to choose,’ and said his promise to appoint anti-abortion judges was a ‘dogwhistle’ to Evangelicals and Catholics — something she says ‘gives me great grief as a Catholic.'” Pelosi has appointed herself pope and prelate by pontificating the Catholic position on abortion, just like the other 56% of Catholics who also support abortion. Wait a minute. Progressive pope Francis has also stated he doesn’t want the RCC to to be a single-issue institution consumed with defending the unborn. See here.

I applaud the Detroit archbishop’s exhortation to Catholics in his diocese to read and study the Bible. The RCC didn’t historically encourage the laity to read the Bible. I pray many Catholics will read God’s Word and that the Holy Spirit will draw many out of Roman legalism to salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone.

China is cracking down on the any trace of religious freedom, but it’s a shame that heterodox teacher Chan is exporting his twisted brand of pseudo-Christianity to Asia.

First Works Baptist Church of El Monte, California is part of the New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement led by Steven Anderson that foments hatred and violence against homosexuals. Jesus loves sinners and genuine believers are to love sinners, too. The New IFB shares some similarities with the notorious Westboro Baptist Church cult. Why don’t I read any condemnations of the New IFB in the old IFB’s “Sword of the Lord”?

The seeker-sensitive, church growth model pioneered by Rick Warren and marketing guru, Peter Drucker, is taking over evangelical congregations from coast to coast.

A Baptist potluck and kale chips are absolutely and irreconcilably opposed to each other.

41 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 1/30/21

  1. 56% of Catholics support abortion? Am I correct that, in a recent post, you shared that they don’t believe in using contraceptives? If I read that correctly, then that’s … odd.

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    1. Good question, Yari. The RCC officially teaches ALL forms of unnatural contraception are sinful, even non-abortifacients, although it does condone the “rhythm method,” aka natural family planning. Despite this teaching, surveys reveal 98% of married Catholic women have used some form of the banned contraceptives.

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      1. I see. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Abortion is so horrific (especially compared to taking a non-abortion-inducing contraceptive) that I’m sure you can understand my confusion. Well, thanks again!

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  2. Thank you for this informative post, Tom. I have been well aware for some time of the great divide within the Catholic Church. It is good to keep up with the details though so I’m very appreciative of your work. I recognize the protestant names in this post but lack knowledge about Catholic leaders.
    Last Saturday, the New York Times labeled President Joe Biden “perhaps the most religiously observant commander in chief” in 50 years. He may be an observer of religious ceremonies but what does that have to do his theology?
    I know you are aware that In October 2019 the Rev. Robert Morey of St. Anthony’s parish in Florence, South Carolina, refused to give communion to Biden because of his stance on abortion. I do not understand how any priest would be able to give him communion. The priest that was at his inauguration seemed very supportive of Mr. Biden so I bet certain priests overlook his horrid views on abortion. Please correct me if I am wrong.
    God’s blessings…

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    1. Thanks, Chris. I have heard/read several Catholic spokespersons discuss the American bishops’ quandary re: Biden and excommunication. The hard-conservatives want him hog-tied but the liberals and moderates say great damage would be done to the church’s image in the eyes of the general public by excommunicating Biden. 56% of Catholics approve of abortion according to surveys and they fear a Biden excommunication would also alienate them further.

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      1. Wow. I thought the Catholic numbers on abortion were closer to 50/50. 58% is a sad number.
        With the little I know, I would be very surprised if Biden were excommunicated. I think if it were attempted, Francis would speak against it.
        About a week ago a new abortion law went into effect in Argentina. It gives choice to women to terminate their pregnancy within 14 weeks of pregnancy. I’ve read that 92% of Argentine citizens are Roman Catholics and I know that much of S. America has restrictions on abortion.
        I saw pictures of them dancing in the streets when the law was approved. I can only hope and pray that other South American mostly Catholic countries do not follow suit.

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      2. Thanks, Chris. I erred in my previous comment in that 56% of Catholics approve of abortion, not 58%. I agree that Biden won’t be excommunicated, that would be a PR nightmare for the RCC, but he’s a huge problem for conservative Catholic prelates because he flaunts his Catholic “faith.”
        Yes, it’s very sad to see abortion legalized country by country. I remember here in New York a couple of years ago when full-term abortion was legalized and there were public celebrations.

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      3. I remember when that happened in New York, Tom.

        When a “church” gets to the point where PR problems are more important than human life itself, we are in a dark place. I’ve seen your statements that basically say the same and I appreciate them.

        Here are two quotes from “Not the Bee:”

        “The leading cause of death globally in 2020 was ABORTION … over 42 MILLION people killed.”

        “More people were killed by abortions in 2020 than all deaths from cancer, malaria, HIV/AIDS, smoking, alcohol, and traffic accidents COMBINED.”

        Arkansas is rated as one of the most pro-life states in the nation. Almost every session of the Arkansas General Assembly sees some type of legislature presented that has a goal of protecting life. We keep passing pro-life laws and federal judges keep shooting them down. That hasn’t stopped our legislators from continued efforts:

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      4. Thanks for the article. It’s hard to fathom the hypocrisy of pro-abortionists. People put Black Lives Matter signs on their front lawns yet fully support the ongoing genocide of unborn Black infants. Also, everyone is concerned about the deaths from C-19, but not the deaths from the abortion genocide.

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      5. You’re welcome, Tom.
        It is sad how Blacks have been targeted by the abortionists. Hopefully, by now everyone is aware that BLM is a Marxist organization. For some it seems not to matter but it is an important fact.

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  3. From the moment Chan said he was going to Hong Kong I was skeptical at best. When I saw this article on Chan the other day, I laughed to myself. I do not understand why Chan was surprised by how Westernized Hong Kong was. While Hong Kong was under Japanese occupation from 1941-1945, minus those few years from 1841-1997 Hong Kong was under the Union Jack! It doesn’t get more Western than that. I know you dislike (wrote hate at first) politics; however, I was happy to hear for those born before 1997 the UK will offer residency to 5 million. I would have been more empathetic to Chan if he went Mainland, he would have to much notoriety for that though.

    Get some rest for work tomorrow. Saw on Jim’s post about work. Nathan bemoans almost daily the laziness and inefficiency of youth.

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    1. Hi Mandy! Chan is heterodox on so many levels (and his knowledge of Hong Kong history is obviously atrocious).
      RE: Work
      Thanks! They’re planning on doing training today…I hope so. I had 40,000 steps in two days (whine). Yup, most of the young guys at work stand around and yap all day and give 50% effort.

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  4. Concerning your comment on my blog: I feel one see that in many industry how a younger man works lazily but someone older can put more effort and zeal to it! Funny how that works…will read this shortly

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  5. Good round up!
    1.) It seems more and more RC are tolerating abortion. WIth no morality base upon Scripture this is going to be a slippery slide downhill with the culture…

    2.) ” Pelosi has appointed herself pope and prelate by pontificating the Catholic position on abortion, just like the other 56% of Catholics who also support abortion. ” OUch!

    3.) I hope more Catholics read the Bible and get truly saved!

    4.) Francis Chan…I don’t know what to say about him anymore.

    5.) That IFB church I looked it up and their pastor is a disciple of Steve Anderson, not sure if you have heard of him before…

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    1. Tanks for the comments!
      RE: Abortion
      The RC conservatives know Joe Biden is undermining their anti-abortion stand just by being Joe Biden and going through all of the Catholic rituals like mass, communion, rosary constantly in pocket.
      RE: Pelosi
      These cultural Catholics like Pelosi pick and choose what RC doctrines they want to believe…but the current pope does that too.
      RE: Bible and Catholics
      Yup, just reading the Book of Hebrews will cause many to question their sacrificial mass and need for priests.
      RE: Chan
      I knew I had to get out of our last church when they started offering online lessons from Chan.
      RE: El Monte church and Anderson
      Yup, I mentioned that the church was affiliated with Anderson although I had never heard of the pastor, Bruce Mejia.I see he has many videos on YouTube. I’m going to have to check out a few just to hear the un-Biblical nonsense.

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      1. A pope that is a “pick and choose” Catholic will provide cover for the Biden and Pelosi Catholics…and there are many of those kinds of Catholics today.
        Wow your previous church was into Chan? I think some TMS guys like myself use to promote his stuff before he went on the deep end.
        Bruce Mejia has a lot of mean things to say about Calvinists, among other things etc lol 🤡

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      2. Yup, the conservative Catholics’ squabbles with Biden mirror their squabbles with Francis.
        Chan is front and center on that church’s online courses. So bad.
        I listened to Mejia castigating Calvinists in a YouTube video while driving in to work this AM. Sounded like my old IFB pastor.

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      3. On the way home from work last night, I finished listening to Mejia’s “sermon” on John MacArthur. So much vitriol. He stated that he hated JMac and hoped he would die soon so that he could go to hell where he belongs, etc., etc.

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    1. Thanks, Crissy! Yes, there are occasional news blurbs like this one of Catholic prelates encouraging laity to read the Bible. I second your hope that the Holy Spirit will bring souls to salvation and out of the RCC. In my 12 years of Catholic education, I cannot recall any of the priests, nuns, or brothers encouraging us to read the Bible.

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  6. In a January Pelosi Clinton podcast Hilary said…

    “her abortion advocacy is ‘not just for our grandkids, but really for every child to live up to his or her God-given potential. That’s what it’s all about.’” Huh???


    The reprobate mind has a distorted way of thinking. How can every child live up to its God given potential in life if it’s aborted?

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