Truth from Arkansas! Sunday Sermon Series, #67

It’s Two-fer-Tuesday, my friends, which normally means two new sermons from the brethren down in Arkansas.

We do have Pastor Roger Copeland at Northern Hills Baptist Church in Texarkana preaching from Luke 1:67-80 on “The Benedictus.” This sermon was delivered on Sunday, January 3rd.

However, there isn’t a sermon from Pastor Cody Andrews for that particular Sunday because services at Holly Springs Missionary Baptist Church in Star City were suspended due to an outbreak of COVID-19.

Pastor Roger Copeland – The Benedictus

27 thoughts on “Truth from Arkansas! Sunday Sermon Series, #67

      1. Answering your question my day is going well! Finished 5 K walking while reading for sermon prep tonight. Going to teach the attribute of God and dealing with a difficult one: the simplicity of God! Also trying to celebrate my daughter’s birthday too! Enjoy your ramen which I like and man seafood sounds good too!!

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      2. You’re a busy guy as usual. Lord bless your sermon and I hope your daughter is having a joyous birthday! My wife ended up throwing out all of the seafood. She said it had a funny taste. My wife is very, very particular when it comes to food, me not so much.

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  1. Love how he zooms in on the theme of God’s visitation. Love how he look at the first time the word redeems appears in Exodus and of course as it expands in Scripture.
    As I listened to this sermon it seems Roger and many preachers are aware we are near the End more than ever before. Which I agree. So much more important to preach repent before the coming of the Lord, which he preached!

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    1. Thanks! Yup, we’ve witnessed some very “unusual” events this past year. I sense that both Pastors Roger and Cody regularly restrain themselves regarding the circumstances; they could easily comment on the details of the events but that would be taking the focus off of Christ.

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      1. Great to hear, Crissy! I surely do appreciate Pastor Roger’s fiery ol’ Baptist preaching. The “sermons” we heard at the mega-church we previously attended were more like academic seminars.

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      2. Yup, we should be wary of being caught up by emotion BUT good preaching will stir the soul. Spirit-filled, fiery preaching is definitely looked down upon by the seeker-sensitive, church growth model, which our previous church followed.

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