Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 1/16/21

Female Catholics are already being utilized as “lectors” (photo above) and “eucharistic ministers” here in the United States, but Francis standardized the practices worldwide via official modifications to Canon Law. This is a preliminary step to women eventually being ordained as Catholic deacons. Missing in all of this inclusive posturing is the genuine Gospel of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone.

As the EWTN Catholic media conglomerate veers increasingly towards the religious-political far-right, it’s shedding supporters of progressive pope Francis and propagators of “wokeness.”

Behind the veil of serenity that’s presented to the credulous membership, Catholic priests, prelates, and laity fiercely battle amongst themselves over the “authenticity” of various alleged Marian apparitions. It’s all a deception.

Catholics and liberal Lutherans under the umbrella of the Lutheran World Federation have been striving for unity since the publication of the nebulous “Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification” in 1999.

Roman Catholicism teaches Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and even atheists are able to merit Heaven if they are “good” and “follow they light they are given,” so there is zero motivation for Catholics to proselytize anyone to their false religion.

Gospel Christians aren’t concerned about the salvation of theoretical aliens when there are so many unsaved souls right here on Planet Earth, including Roman Catholics. When this priest speaks of “redemption,” he’s referring to Catholicism’s false gospel of salvation by sacramental grace and merit.

Roman Catholic news sources are boasting that Catholics are disproportionately represented in Congress as well as on the bench of the SCOTUS. President-elect Joe Biden is also a Roman Catholic. This would have been a serious concern one-hundred years ago, when the Vatican still propagated militant Catholicism in league with authoritarian civil governments, but the threat of Catholic hegemony and authoritarianism is no longer a serious consideration. Catholic prelates can’t even get their membership to attend obligatory mass on Sunday (pre-COVID) let alone “take over” the country.

The conflation of faith and politics/nationalism has always been a temptation for American evangelicals, going back to the Puritan immigrants in the early 1600s, but Jerry Falwell Sr. and his Moral Majority took it to a whole ‘nother level beginning in the early-1980s. The nadir of this religious-political-nationalist mindset was the protest in Washington D.C. on January 6th, which culminated in the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol Building. There are great spiritual dangers that come with mixing the Gospel and politics. Many unbelievers in this country now wrongly assume that Gospel Christianity equates to Trump-ism, MAGA-ism, and pandemic-denial-ism.

26 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 1/16/21

  1. “There are great and deadly dangers that come with mixing the Gospel and politics. “Many unbelievers in this country now wrongly assume that Gospel Christianity equates to Trump-ism, MAGA-ism, and pandemic-denial-ism.”
    This world is a deep, dark mess. 💔
    Thank God for His LIGHT that shines in the darkness! That LUGHT that keeps our path well lit!! Have a good day at work!!!

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  2. The RCC is in a very desperate state. The worst I’ve heard so far is that the Pope advocated that the LGBTQ ought to have the right to marry as any coup[e, but he said that before, What I believe he’s really doing is talking from both sides of his mouth. He speak appearing to be in favor of equality to look current, accepting, and progressive, but on the other hand, secretly keep the doctrines in place.

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    1. Thanks. I posted quite a bit about Francis’ allowance for same-sex civil unions. He’s a pragmatic progressive who changes doctrines guilefully, like lifting the ban on sacraments for remarried divorcees at the discretion of priests via a footnote in Amoris Laetitia.

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  3. Will read this shortly! I am all over the place with steps. I had only 3 K yesterday but day before it was 12 K. Hope to have some more steps with walking and reading commentary but its contingent upon when I finish my Greek translation in time before sunset

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  4. 1.) Wow never knew RC had women ““lectors” (photo above) and “eucharistic ministers”” in US before and crazy to think RC now is making it worldwide via the pope’s revisit of canon law.

    2.) Wow cancellations of shows with EWTN…climate of things have gotten so left. Still, not totally crying given there’s no Gospel…

    3.) I have a booklet that I believe critiques “Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification” of 1999. Stay tune for it sometime in 2021…

    4.) Wow didn’t know there was 30% Catholics in Congress…

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      RE: Women lectors & eucharistic ministers
      Yup, but these are very limited roles. Catholic liberal women are pushing for the diaconate and ultimately for the priesthood.

      RE: EWTN
      Interesting to watch Catholicism continuing to divide between conservative and progressive camps.

      RE: Joint Declaration
      Looking for ward to your review. From what I have gathered, the declaration leapfrogs the justification issue differences with ambiguities in much the same way as ECT did. But the liberal Lutherans that endorsed the Joint Declaration did hold to the Gospel anyway.

      RE: 30% Catholic Congress
      Sixty years ago, Protestants would have been very worried, but there’s obviously been a lot of changes since then.

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      1. RE: Breakdown of the Catholics in Congress by party?

        You sure know how to press my nerd buttons! 🤓

        A Google search revealed:

        Congress- 135 Catholics.
        78 Dems, 57 Rep.

        Senate – 25 Catholics
        14 Dems, 11 Rep.

        RE: Catholic majority SCOTUS
        Yup, that’s in the roundup comment. With Biden also Catholic, Protestants would have been panicking if this were 1955.

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      2. Sure thing! That was actually a fun task for me because your question piqued my own curiosity. Before I searched I guessed that the majority of the Catholics were Dems, just because their Irish-German-Italian-Polish immigrant ancestors largely signed up with the pro-union/pro/labor Democratic Party after they came here.

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      3. Yup, good suggestion. I’ll mull that one over. I’m definitely not alarmed by the overrepresentation of Catholics in government because Catholic political-religious hegemony is a dead issue, the only danger these days religious ecumenism.

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    1. Thanks, Crissy! These are definitely fascinating times with all kinds of unusual and challenging circumstances, but we are confident that our Lord is in control.

      Thanks, I’m off to a good start at work and slowly getting used to everything.

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  5. Well said and so disturbing… “There are great spiritual dangers that come with mixing the Gospel and politics. Many unbelievers in this country now wrongly assume that Gospel Christianity equates to Trump-ism, MAGA-ism, and pandemic-denial-ism.”

    My brother left the Roman Catholic Church and joined a Lutheran Church. From experience I can say there isn’t much difference between the two. Sad.

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    1. Thanks, Cathy. About one hour ago, my wife shared the Gospel and her testimony with an unbelieving friend. The person retorted by noting that a portion of the mob that attacked the Capital Bldg. on Jan. 6 and propagators of right-wing political conspiracy theories are “so-called born-again Christians.” Political/nationalistic zealousness is such a bad, bad, bad testimony to unbelievers.

      Yup, I don’t think anyone hears the Gospel in an ELCA church. The Missouri Synod Lutherans, while still holding to the Gospel, are also drifting into ecumenism with Rome.

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