Throwback Thursday: Rick Warren and Rome

Welcome to this week’s “Throwback Thursday” installment. Today, we’re going to revisit a post that was originally published back on March 4, 2016 and has been revised.


Rick Warren’s Dangerous Ecumenical Path to Rome
By Roger Oakland
Lighthouse Trails Publishing, 2015, 20 pages

Popular Southern Baptist, mega-church pastor, Rick Warren, aka “America’s Pastor,” has been courting the Roman Catholic church for many years. But even Rome-friendly, evangelical ecumenists were somewhat taken aback by Warren’s unabashed and forthright endorsement of Catholicism in his 2014 interview on EWTN (Catholic) television (see link below).

In the interview, Warren stated his personal fondness and endorsement of Catholic contemplative mysticism, the pope, ecumenical social projects, Catholicism’s New Evangelization program, spiritual directors, EWTN television, and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

In this short booklet, evangelical apologist, Roger Oakland, examines Warren’s shocking statements in comparison to God’s Word and the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. The Catholic church teaches salvation by sacramental grace and merit, a different “gospel,” but that’s definitely not a problem for Warren who is quite comfortable throwing correct doctrine out the window. He nebulously states that as long as you “love Jesus, we’re on the same team,” whatever that means.

World Over hosted by Raymond Arroyo
Guest, Rick Warren

Rick Warren’s comments on Roman Catholicism
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Note: “Rick Warren’s Dangerous Ecumenical Path to Rome” is out-of-print, but other materials about Roman Catholicism from Lighthouse Trails Publishing can be found here.

29 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Rick Warren and Rome

  1. I’ve never known what to make of Rick Warren. I think for a lot of these guys, the more famous they become, the more they feel they have to “embrace” other “Christian” beliefs. Of course, this is another way of saying that for popularity’s sake, they compromise the truth they probably believed when they were young and unknown.

    You summed Warren, and many others like him, very well when you wrote that his compromising is “not a problem for Warren who is quite comfortable throwing correct doctrine out the window.”

    Well done, Tom.

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    1. Great point, David. The pressures to compromise and adopt an ecumenical approach increase proportionately with “growth” and “success.” Warren did not build a mega-church empire by pointing out false churches and false doctrines. Much of the seeker-sensitive mega-church growth model can be attributed to Warren and his marketing adviser, Peter Drucker, and to Bill Hybels of Willow Point.

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    1. Thanks, Cathy. Warren is so pro-Catholic that it makes a person wonder why he doesn’t just shutter Saddleback and tell everyone to attend the RC church down the road. I have no idea if he ever contemplated that but he’s MUCH more valuable to the U.S. bishops and the Vatican doing what he’s doing. I’ve read articles that document how Catholic bishops bring him to their dioceses where he conducts seminars for parish priests on how they can boost their attendance.

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  2. Responding to your comment on my post: Just prayed for your upcoming work shift. I’m going to be doing some pastoral visitation to drop off some of the communion elements; we’re trying to do communion in the next month online. Lots of driving and social distancing delivery; I should call it operation Amazon for the Lord lol.

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    1. Thanks for your prayers! Looking forward to another round of physical and mental workouts at Harris.
      Lord bless your visitation/communion mission! That’s a great way to perpetuate “fellowship” despite the restrictions due to C-19. I emailed Wally because I picked up from the sermon videos that there was a C-19 outbreak at Wally’s church. Everybody in Wally’s family, including Pastor Cody, caught it and has recovered, but Wally didn’t catch it because he had been vaccinated at his nursing home job.

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      1. Catholic bishops regularly invite him to their dioceses (pre-COVID) to present seminars to priests on how to grow their parishes by using his marketing methods.

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