Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 12/12/20

American Catholic prelates continue to publicly spar over whether president-elect and abortion supporter, Joe Biden, should be allowed the Jesus wafer at mass. Archbishop Charles Chaput (photo left), former head of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, declared this past week that Biden should be barred from receiving communion, in opposition to cardinal Wilton Gregory (photo right) of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., who has already declared that he won’t deny Biden the Jesus wafer. Missing in all of this Catholic internecine squabbling is the genuine Gospel of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone.

When I was a young Catholic grammar school student back in the 1960s, the nuns extolled the nation of Ireland as one of the last bastions of devout Catholic nationalism. Ireland has since slid into secularism leaving Poland as the only remaining outpost of militant Catholic nationalism in Europe. But that’s quickly changing as young Poles are souring on the Polish Catholic church’s symbiotic relationship with the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) Party-ruled government.

Catholics are still buzzing about the recent publication of the Vatican’s McCarrick Report, which directly implicated “saint” pope John Paul II in the cover-up of sexual abuse by former-cardinal, Ted McCarrick. What to do when a beloved “saint” is revealed to have been an enabler of predatory sexual abusers of children and young men?

One of Roman Catholicism’s constant drum beats since Vatican II has been the regathering of the Protestant “separated brethren.”

I was totally unaware that in 1564, a small number of Protestant Huguenots fleeing persecution in Catholic France, crossed the Atlantic and attempted to establish a settlement near modern-day Jacksonville, Florida. Below is a bird’s-eye photo from my Google Earth app of the replica of the Huguenots’ Fort Caroline, which is thirteen-miles from Jacksonville city center.

Wow! I was also totally unaware that the Mayflower Pilgrims had a connection to John Smyth and the first English Baptists!

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is increasingly making inroads into the “evangelical” church.

In addition to promoting Catholic-Muslim “solidarity,” progressive pope Francis’s recent encyclical, Fratelli Tutti (All Brothers), trashes capitalism.

23 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 12/12/20

  1. SB’s are a public, brutal mess. I am praying about seminary and I am leaning more towards WTS than SBTS. I laughed at the Babylon Bee! It’s good to smile. I have been in a funk with PA restrictions/lockdowns. What are you and Corinne up to this weekend?!

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    1. Hi Mandy! Yeah, the SBC is in big trouble. The new pastor of the small SBC church we attended back in 2014-15 was a recent graduate of SBTS and was a committed, full-bore ecumenist. Don’t know how emblematic that it is.
      I used to feature satire from the Babylon Bee just about every weekend roundup, but after new ownership they drifted from church satire more towards political satire. Also, a few articles crossed the line from satire to blasphemy. But I do welcome the chance to laugh at ourselves a bit.
      Corinne and I don’t have much going on this weekend. She’ll probably do some shopping. She’s in the frenzied shopping-decorating mode. Speaking of the SBC, we lit your candle while listening to Charles Stanley last night. Great aroma!
      Check your email. You have a delivery scheduled for sometime tomorrow!

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      1. You are too kind, thank you!!!!! Wow! Y’all are AMAZING!!!!

        Glad you liked the scent! Charles Stanley is a joy to listen to. I have some OLD sermons of his from Ephesians, life changing! I will admit, Andy Stanley has a two part interview with Charles and I’m half nervous to listen to it. The Apple has fallen far from the tree unfortunately.

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      2. Hope you guys enjoy it!!!

        Each night Corinne and I listen to either the two Arkansas pastors (both are connected to an old friend on WordPress who no longer blogs), Paul Washer, MLJ, or Charles Stanley. Corinne likes Stanley the best. Yeah, Andy is bad.

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      3. That’s so great that you listen to something each evening! I have been wondering about the Arkansas pastors, thanks for sharing this! I’m sorry to hear this person no longer blogs.

        Like you and Jimmy, I have been wondering how much longer WordPress will allow us to write freely.

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      4. The older of the Arkansas pastors preaches in the fiery Baptist style that I’m used to from my IFB days. Brings back memories. The younger pastor is actually Wally’s step-son. Wally stopped blogging because he needed a career change, so he’s currently going to school full-time to be a nurse while he works nights as an aid at a nursing home. No time for blogging. Thanks.

        Yup, as I was writing that post it occurred to me that the subject material will eventually get me suspended or banned from WP.


    1. Right, Joseph. A Ligonier-Lifeway survey done this past year revealed 30% of those who self-identify as “evangelical” don’t believe Jesus Christ is God along with many other errors.

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  2. 1. You think with the great “wisdom” of the Magisterium there be resoltution from the man on top in Rome about the matter with Biden’s communion…I’m thinking of all the time Catholics say “hey, we have answers since we have the magistrium!”

    2. Wow didn’t know younger Poles is rejecitng more of RC; seems that’s the trend the more political a group is the less it loses its religious base in the long run for any denomination or isms of “Christianity”

    3. Wow Huguenots went to America! DIdn’t know that! Want to know more about them as I heard they are French Calvinists; maybe a special posts from you one day on them???

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      RE: Magisterium
      Yes, Catholics boast of their vaunted magisterium, but it rarely ever defines dogma or weighs in on any controversy like this one. The current reality is the magisterium (the teaching authority of the pope in union with his bishops) is itself conflicted with conservative bishops opposing progressive pope Francis. Pope Francis would certainly allow the Jesus wafer to Joe Biden.

      RE: Poles and RCC
      Yeah, the Polish Catholic church’s heavy political involvement is having the undesired effect of alienating younger Poles.

      RE: Huguenots’ 1564 settlement in Florida
      I was so surprised to learn the Huguenots came to Florida 43 years before Jamestown. I searched Amazon and there are several books on the failed settlement so I might have to pursue it.

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  3. 4. Wow didn’t know about the English Baptist and their association and divide with the Pilgrims that came to America.
    5. SBC’s battle with CRT will be something worth paying attention, and pray about

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    1. Thanks!

      RE: Pilgrims and Baptists
      Yup, I enjoyed learning about that connection for the first time.

      RE: SBC and CRT
      There’s so many solid pastors and churches in the SBC, but it’s a big tent with a lot of pastors going the progressive/relevant route.

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    1. Thanks, sister! I stayed away from the Babylon Bee for a long time because I felt the humor “crossed the line” a few times, but I gave them another try.


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