The Hallmark Channel premiers first movie featuring a gay lead couple

I normally don’t watch the Hallmark cable channel, but my wife has it on at times and I noticed it cranks out movies with nearly-identical, cookie-cutter plots involving an unmarried, female protagonist who is dating an obnoxious and self-absorbed Mr. Wrong, but eventually stumbles upon sweet, charming, and attentive Mr. Right, who was usually right under her nose the whole time.

It came to my attention that on November 22nd, Hallmark premiered a new movie, “The Christmas House,” featuring a gay lead couple for the first time. The official summary states the movie “follows Brandon and his husband Jake as they visit Brandon’s parents for the holidays. The couple spends the time anxiously awaiting a call about the adoption of their first child.”

I was eating breakfast with a Christian friend recently and I mentioned the movie in question with some remarks about it being symbolic of how society is increasingly accepting of gay relationships and gay “marriages” as normal. It struck me as significant that the Hallmark Channel, widely viewed as a bastion of “goodness” and “morality,” had finally acquiesced to the LGBT agenda drumbeat.

My friend takes a different view and believes that, since we are all sinners, it’s no more objectionable for Hallmark to portray homosexuals in relationships than it is to portray anyone else. I certainly “get” the “we are all sinners” argument, but, I replied, these types of shows promote/condone homosexual behavior/relationships as a positive option, especially in the minds of younger viewers. The conversation went back and forth and we both began to become exasperated with each other’s arguments. I then offered my final thought. Hypothetically speaking, I said, Jesus Christ would not have married those two characters. He would have loved them and taught them to repent and trust in Him as their Savior by faith alone, but He would not have condoned their homosexual behavior and He definitely would not have married them. My friend replied with something along the lines of, Yeah, I agree Jesus might not have married the two, but we are not Jesus Christ and we are not to judge because we are all sinners as well. At that point, we ended the discussion because we were just going round and round in repetitious circles.

Yup, we are all sinners. No doubt about that. One of the most annoying features of the independent fundamental Baptist church we attended decades ago was the pastor’s constant railing against homosexuals. But that doesn’t mean we are to capitulate and accept sinful behavior, ANY sinful behavior, as positive and acceptable. The LGBT steamroller has drastically altered society’s view of sexuality and marriage over the last couple of decades and that view is even making inroads into the church.

Postscript: I don’t watch a lot of television outside of the news and some sports, but I have noticed the growing trend of same-sex couples being used in advertisements.

27 thoughts on “The Hallmark Channel premiers first movie featuring a gay lead couple

    1. 👋🏻
      Hiya! Hope you’re having a good day! The highlight of my day was listening to your purgatory video while running a bunch of errands. 50F and sunny in ROC today, almost like SoCal.

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  1. I think I’m where you are at; this is not biblical and shouldn’t be entertained but that doesn’t mean this is the hobby horse sin we preach against like In some circle. Yet our society is becoming increasingly intolerant of biblical view of marriage and sexuality and family. We must continue to stand for truth: and present the Gospel. Thanks for this post. I do find the theology of hallmark movie often is horrific in terms of the Gospel though it’s probably more wholesome in the past than other films and movie and shows

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    1. Thanks. Yeah, the pastor of the IFB church we attended definitely made homosexuality his hobby horse sin, but his son wrecked the church two decades later when he became pastor and preyed on young women, arrested, etc.

      How much longer will WordPress and other social media even allow this type of post? Not much longer.

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  2. I don’t like Hallmark. All their Christmas movies are secular. Celebrating Christmas but Jesus is taken out of it. Their “meaning” of Christmas in those movies are so humanist. Even when there is a Pastor character in those movies, they have them devoid of any gospel. Talking about “fate” and”destiny” Nothing about Jesus. For those reasons, Hallmark movies are a waste of my time

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  3. I am totally with you, starting with the first description of predictable Hallmark stories, blagh.
    So glad I didn’t have that breakfast partner. Mainstreaming and validating homosexuality only serves to dull and deaden our God given conscience.
    Yes, we’re called to judge, to call good “good” and evil “evil”.
    Press on brother!

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    1. Thank you, Lisa Beth! It was a little disconcerting to have to defend God’s Word on this matter with someone who claims Christ and reads the Bible daily. There will be more and more pressure brought to bear on evangelicals to join the “affirming” crowd.

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      1. Sadly, that’s so true. Apostasy and compromise will leave only a remnant of believers. It’s said, “the more truth Jesus preached the fewer followers He had”
        May we be counted in that small number, on that narrow road.
        Press on brother.

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    1. Thank you, Crissy! Yes, the “we are all sinners” argument is an attempt to circumvent the clear teaching of Scripture. It’s impossible in my mind to read the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels or the epistles of Paul and “affirm” a sinful lifestyle, but Christians are acquiescing to societal pressures and attempting to justify themselves.

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, I think I noticed the cookie-cutter plots after the third Hallmark movie my wife had on. I neglected to mention, Mr. Wrong is always a ruthless business tycoon with a fat billfold, in contrast to Mr. Right who is always a humble handyman or such like.

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