Answering the Rebuttals of a Catholic Apologist – Complete Index

Below is the complete index to our year-long series responding to “Meeting the Protestant Challenge: How to Answer 50 Biblical Objections to Catholic Beliefs” (2019), written by Catholic apologist, Karlo Broussard. My sincere thanks to everyone who supported and encouraged this project. May Catholics prayerfully compare the doctrines of their church with God’s Word and trust in Jesus Christ as Savior by faith alone and come out of the Roman Catholic church.

Church Hierarchy & Authority

#1: “James Led the Council”

#2: “No Other Foundation but Jesus”

#3: “Paul Rebuked Peter”

#4: “Where Two or Three Are Gathered”

#5: “All Are One in Christ”

#6: “The Anointing Teaches Us”

Scripture & Tradition

#7: “Traditions Nullify God’s Word”

#8: “Scripture Makes the Man of God Complete”

#9: “The Noble Bereans”

#10: “Don’t Go Beyond What is Written”

#11: “Don’t Add to God’s Word”


#12: “We Are Justified All At Once”

#13: “Not Because of Works”

#14: “Justified by Faith, Not Works”

#15: “We Know That We Have Eternal Life”

#16: “No One Can Snatch Us”

#17: “Sanctified For All Time”


#18: “Up Out of the Water”

#19: “Believer’s Baptism”

#20: “Cornelius Received the Spirit First”

#21: “Not to Baptize but to Preach”

#22: “God Will Cut Off the Person Who Eats Blood”

#23: “Do This in Remembrance”

#24: “Once and For All”

#25: “The Fruit of the Vine”

#26: “God Alone Can Forgive Sins”

#27: “We Confess Our Sins Directly to God”

#28: “We’re All Priests”

#29: “Except for Unchastity”


#30: “All Have Sinned”

#31: “Mary Needed a Savior”

#32: “The Lord’s Brothers”

#33: “He Knew Her Not…Until”

#34: “‘Queen of Heaven’ Condemned”


#35: “One Mediator”

#36: “Invoking the Dead Is an Abomination”

#37: “The Dead Know Nothing”

#38: “God Alone Knows Our Hearts”

#39: “We Are the Saints”

The Last Things

#40: “Today You Will Be with Me”

#41: “At Home with the Lord”

#42: “Caught Up with the Lord in the Air”

#43: “A Thousand-Year Reign”

Catholic Life and Practice

#44: “Doctrines of Demons”

#45: “Call No Man Father”

#46: “It Is Finished”

#47: “Yoke of Slavery”

#48: “Vain Repetitions”

#49: “Wine Is a Mocker”

#50: “No Graven Images”

23 thoughts on “Answering the Rebuttals of a Catholic Apologist – Complete Index

      1. And thank you too for having this series and taking the stand against these false doctrines and traditions, Tom! You gave us the needed ammunition. Grateful to GOD for His direction and love towards you and you and yours. Looking forward for your next series. Kudos!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Much appreciated, Kent! I praise the Lord for leading myself and many others out of the RC quagmire.
        RE: next series
        I don’t have anything planed at the moment but we’ll see where the Lord leads! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Broussard’s “After the Challenge” is more damning to him and his adherents than it is to Protestants. I am glad I read through this; however, this after section is the most telling of anything that he wrote in the book of how he really views Protestants. Rome and Protestants cannot be reconciled. Before your blog I had very limited knowledge of the RCC. I have friends in Peru who while are RC and I think they are saved. I also think how they practice their faith is different than RC adherents in the States. So I struggle with the idea that all RC adherents are unsaved.

    With that said, I think Broussard is so far off that even if I had the opportunity to speak, we would find no common ground. His flippancy to sola scriptura is repugnant. If it comes to mind, I will ask God to open Broussard’s eyes to the Good News of Jesus Christ that’s found in Scripture and which he accepts Christ by grace through faith leaving behind his works and traditions.

    Are you and Corinne back home? Love and blessings to you both!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mandy, thanks for all of the good comments! I had actually skipped over Broussard’s conclusion so I read it following your remarks. The Catholic view is that their “sacred tradition” complements and clarifies Scripture, while the reality is that it largely subverts it.

      The Holy Spirit can and has opened the eyes of individual Catholics to their depravity and their need for Jesus and some will trust in Christ by faith alone, but the Holy Spirit will draw them out of the RCC through the Word. So much of RC theology is in contradiction to God’s Word. Catholics who are genuinely saved will have a hard time at the most fundamental of Catholic liturgies, the mass, where the priest will continue the RC drumbeat of perpetual sacrifice for sin and salvation via sacramental grace and merit. Can true believers who are trusting in Christ by faith alone remain in the RC? I guess it’s possible due to ignorance of Scripture and/or RC theology, fear, disobedience, or a misguided determination to “reform” the church from within.


      1. Re: “sacred tradition”…subverts it

        Reminds me of the pharisees in Mark 7:9-13. That “corban” rule can be found in the Mishnah (Nedarim 9:1 I think), and Jesus said they made void the word of God (Mark 7:13).

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    2. Yes, we are back home, thanks! The electrician crew is here replacing the damaged riser, so the power is off once again but I expect it back shortly!

      Thanks for your support and encouragement throughout the latter portion of this series! It meant a lot.

      Love and blessings to you and Nathan!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for all of the support and encouragement over the past year on this project. I’m glad it’s over and I pray it weaves its way through cyberspace and that some Catholics get motivated to dig into God’s Word.

      Liked by 1 person

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