24,938 emails in my in-basket???

I’m sixty-four-years-old, born and bred in the analog era, so the rapidly advancing digital technology of these days does not come naturally, as this post will attest to.

When I created this blog back in July, 2015, I had to provide an email contact address, just like every other new blogger. So I opened a Yahoo email account. However, I soon discovered that EVERY time there was activity on my blog (a published post, likes, comments) as well as every time there was certain activity on the blogs that I followed (a published post, my likes, my comments, etc.), a notification was sent to my email in-box. Needless to say, the emails quickly accumulated.

I tried and tried to stop the notifications. I searched on my “dashboard” settings, but noticed that all of the email notification switches were turned off. Huh? I googled the topic, trying to find a solution, but couldn’t find any helpful information. Meanwhile, the mound of incoming email grew and grew. Yahoo let’s the user highlight and trash 100 emails at a time, but I was receiving around 20 emails each and every day. After a while, I just gave up.

A few of weeks ago, I checked my Yahoo in-box and I had close to 25,000 emails. Again, I tried searching my WordPress dashboard settings and also googled for a solution. Nada. So frustrating. Just by chance, I opened up one of the emails and noticed the “Want less email? Modify your email notification settings” at the bottom.

Aha! I clicked on the hyperlink and was directed to my WordPress profile where all of my email notification options were very visible and all were checked.

I subsequently unchecked all of the email notifications and saved the settings. I haven’t received any system-generated emails since.

Wow. The simple solution to the problem was right under my nose.

I then went back and, over the course of several days, deleted all 25,000 emails in my Yahoo in-basket, 100 at a time. It was actually kind of an interesting and nostalgic project. Just about all of the bloggers I used to interact with back in 2015 and 2016 are no longer active.

56 thoughts on “24,938 emails in my in-basket???

  1. I understand the nostalgic perspective, every once in a while I review all of the people and blogs that I follow via WordPress and there’s a good percentage that haven’t posted anything for well over a couple of years. But, on the flip side there are still some old faithfuls that do and I for one am grateful for that. Kind of like an extended family. Blessings.

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    1. Thanks, Bruce. I’m grateful for the handful of “old faithfuls” that I’ve been conversing with since 2016 and 2017. And I’m also grateful for the relatively new blogging friends such as yourself! Some of the old-timers just stopped blogging while others disengaged over some doctrinal disagreement, often quite petty in my opinion. I also realize that my subject material is viewed as controversial by many these days. I also purposely limit the number of bloggers I follow because I try to actually read their posts and there’s only so many hours in the day.

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    1. Thanks, Mandy! I appreciate that your recent emails prompted me to finally solve this problem!
      RE: plans for today
      After opening the drapes this morning and seeing the first accumulation of snow, reading and staying inside sounds good! I have a job phone interview at noon. I haven’t had an interview in many months. After being unemployed for one-year and now being 64.5 YO the idea of staring a new “career” does not appeal to me at all, but my unemployment runs out in February and the financial planner advises not to start collecting Social Security until age 66. It’s a moot point because an employer would have to be crazy to hire and train a 64.5 YO. Sorry for all the info but I’m hyper-ambivalent about this upcoming interview.
      Love and blessings to you and David!

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      1. Thanks for this article. Why didn’t the bevy of prophets at Bethel get a “word” that something was amiss? Ach. It’s a den of vipers from top to bottom.

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      2. Wow! Pretty radical stuff! In fact it seems to be ALL about social-religious radicalism and zero about Jesus Christ. This has to be galling with your UMC background. I have Baptist roots (post-Catholic) but most of the Baptist churches here are ABC – American Baptist – social gospelers, all with rainbows on their outdoors signs, but nothing as radical as these LMXers. I imagine if I showed up at an LMX service in a polo shirt and khakis I would be attacked!

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      3. Hahaha! My mom is more incensed than me having been a UMCer for 45 plus years. We left the UMC together in 2010. This is a new division and I have very close friends in the UMC so I am shocked that no one has said anything about this yet!

        My mom and I both laughed at your khakis comment, so true, unfortunately! Not one reference to the Bible which in some ways surprises me because they’re not even trying to twist any Scripture! The “unfolding of the kin-dom of God” what does that mean?!

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      4. Ha! Glad you two enjoyed my deadpan humor. I would have stuck out like a sore thumb at our former church wearing a polo shirt and khakis let alone at a gathering of rabid social justice crusaders.

        RE: The “unfolding of the kin-dom of God”
        Ach. Sickening. They will twist the entire Bible to match their social justice agenda.

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      5. Wow! Pretty radical stuff! In fact it seems to be ALL about social-religious radicalism and zero about Jesus Christ. This has to be galling with your UMC background. I have Baptist roots (post-Catholic) but most of the Baptist churches here are ABC – American Baptist – social gospelers with rainbows on their yard signs, but nothing as radical

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    1. Thanks, Paula. My problem was I never actually opened any of those emails to see the notice at the bottom. Yup, I take notice of and respond to all of the notifications via the bell thingy so I definitely had no need for all of those emails.
      Thank you and good day blessings to you!

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  2. Responding to your comment: Praying for your job interview to go according to His will. Wow snowing? Its sunny California here though its a little chilly but not cold…day is going well, working on a book review right now and about to do my research into purgatory for next week’s apologetics show I’ll be interviewed for, for a country in Asia

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    1. Thank you for the prayers! Sounds like a busy evening. Ach. Purgatory. Such an anti-Scriptural fabrication. The works-salvation safety net. Looking forward to viewing or listening to that.

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      1. I spent long time deleting emails that today’s post is so late! Last night I lost my internet for couple of hours and my post didn’t get auto saved since I wasn’t aware and lost Everything so I had to spend couple hours finishing it again 😿

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    1. I’m glad I learned how to turn off those WordPress notifications. Also, I tried to find a way to delete more than 100 emails at a time at Yahoo! I googled it but couldn’t find anything helpful. It’s notable how Yahoo’s popularity has nose dived over the years.

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  3. Wow 25000 emails.
    Thanks for sharing. Deleting so many emails is not easy. You would think that in this day and age one could just press one button and “boom” no more emails….😀

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    1. Thanks, Crissy! Yes, one would think there would be a “delete all emails” button. I’m sure MANY other people have searched for that missing button just as I did. Incomprehensible.

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    1. Our oldest son who is 45 and lives in close proximity helps us keep up with the changing tech. He would have figured out the solution to my email problem in 5 seconds.

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