2020 Leaf Campaign Update – Week #4, the Grand Finale!

Photo above taken Saturday, Nov. 21st. No leaves remaining on the oak trees.

Last week was a VERY good week in the 2020 Leaf Campaign, with all of the oak trees prematurely releasing most of their leaves because of a warm stretch of weather, resulting in my hauling 34 tarps of leaves to the curb. This past week was the finale and there was a bit more work than I expected.

Thursday, Nov. 19 – The few remaining leaves had fallen from the oaks and some of my less-fastidious neighbors’ leaves had swirled into our yard due to some high winds, so I gave the entire yard a once-over with the leafblower, corralling the backyard leaves into piles and blowing the leaves in the front yard to the curb.

Friday, Nov. 20 – Seven tarpfulls. I raked the leaf piles in the backyard onto my tarp and made multiple trips dragging them to the curb. I also began removing the leaves from a large ivy patch in the back corner of our lot with my metal rake. It’s a very painstaking job, which is why I always save it for last. I removed about two-thirds of the leaves from the ivy patch, saving the balance for Saturday.

Saturday, Nov. 21 – One tarpfull. I finished removing the leaves from the ivy patch, accumulating one large tarpfull. I also got on the roof and blew out the small amount of leaves in the gutters before the snow falls.

Number of tarpfulls, week #4 = 8
Total number of tarpfulls to date = 67
Percentage of leaf campaign completed to date = 112%

Huh? 112%? I’ve always used 60 tarps as the estimated total number of tarps per seasonal campaign and it’s always worked out pretty close, but this year I ended up with 67 tarps. I’m guessing some of that spike can be attributed to the fact that I purposely didn’t load as many leaves onto the tarp on average due to my advancing age. 👴🏻

That’s it folks! I’m happy to say the 2020 Leaf Campaign is complete, a full two-weeks ahead of schedule! Thanks for all of the support and encouragement throughout the campaign!

Leaf campaign trivia: After raking leaves for 12 years, I finally broke down in 2016 and bought my Husqvarna 350BT backpack leafblower. It’s been a HUGE help in dealing with the leaves, but it’s a bit temperamental. The salesperson warned me that I should use non-ethanol, specially-blended, high-octane, Husqvarna-brand gasoline sold in cans at the dealership. But that stuff is VERY expensive, especially for a guy like me with TONS of leaves. Instead, I buy non-ethanol, 89-octane gas at a Fastrac gas station near me, and add Husqvarna two-cycle engine oil. Sometimes the leafblower sputters like a Model-T jalopy and other times it roars like a well-tuned Pratt & Whitney jet engine. It still beats raking even when it’s not blowing air, full-throttle.

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33 thoughts on “2020 Leaf Campaign Update – Week #4, the Grand Finale!

  1. Hey, Papa Tom! So glad you are done with the leaves! So sad to see it barren but I love knowing that Spring ALWAYS follows every winter season, literally and figuratively! I have really enjoyed these posts! Enjoy your Sunday!!! Is it snowing or raining in ROC? I don’t know what it’s gonna do here, looks more like winter than fall.

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    1. Hi Mandy! Thank you! I’m so glad the campaign is over. It’s going to take the rest of the month to recover physically (whine).
      Thank you and enjoy your Sunday, too! What are you guys up to? I went grocery shopping earlier but it will be mostly on couch duty the rest of the day. Very gray skies and cold drizzle here in ROC, but that’s better than the snow they predicted yesterday.

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      1. Hey! Enjoy couch duty, you have earned it for sure!!!! We went to the store yesterday and my mom and I will go to the local farm market early on Tuesday, I’m not sure if people are panic buying or preparing for Thanksgiving, maybe both?!

        Nathan and I went to the church building and then we went for a walk in the woods. It keeps looking like it’s gonna rain here so now I am watching Liverpool, thankfully they are enjoyable to watch unlike the Eagles, who are just awful this year!

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      2. Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying your day! I have the Eagles game on in the background but I’m not really watching it, been busy preparing the fixings for tacos tonight and now it’s back to couch duty. My LA Chargers are doing terrible too, but at least their good rookie QB is getting his reps.

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      3. Oooh tacos, that sounds yummy!!! My mom wants us to pick up chickensteaks from our local mom and pop pizza joint, she can’t get sandwiches like that in St Pete, FL. I would be well pleased if the Eagles started Jalen Hurts instead of Wentz! Will your hockey team have a season?!

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      4. Chickensteak sandwiches sound yummy, too! Enjoy!

        RE: RIT hockey
        I owe you! I started to write that I was disappointed because RIT had cancelled it’s hockey season after a C-19 outbreak at the college. While I was still composing my reply to you, I checked the Atlantic Conference’s web sites to see how many of the other schools are playing. To my great surprise, there was a news item stating that RIT reversed its decision and the team will play after all! First game is this coming Friday. If it weren’t for your question, who knows if or when I would have been aware of the change. Thank you!

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      5. Thanks, Mandy! All of the professional sports teams here are obviously minor league BUT RIT hockey is Division I, the only D-1 sports program in our county.

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      1. Hey, Jimmy! I am located in south central PA. Rochester from my house is about 5 hrs by car due north. Now, I could drive 2 hrs and fly from Philly to ROC nonstop in 1.5 hrs. If Tom and Corinne wanted to drive to say Elkland, PA (which is close to NY border) which is pretty much due south, it would take them about 2 hrs by car.

        For me personally, this is a drive that could easily be done in a day. From where I live in PA it can take 4-5 hrs to get to Pittsburg, or W PA. We have driven too and from Pitt in one day which is fine with me (there’s a time when I said Pittsburg was my Nineveh, sorry I’m honest/real!). I hope this was somewhat helpful! I am a total East Coast girl, specifically north easterner! I love our eastern woodland terrain! I love the beach too! I have been to Mission Beach and Pacific Beach a few times. I have been to San Diego a couple times and to Pasadena once in 2009 for the parade and game (Penn State vs the university of spoiled children, unfortunately the spoiled children won😡😭🤦‍♀️—sorry if you or anyone in Bible Study are Trojans!!!).

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      2. Wow thanks for the background. I’ve evangelIzed the Rose Parade route for years including the year you were there! Our church do not have any USC alumni, most of our guys are alumni of USC local rival: UCLA!!!

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      3. Go Bruins!!!! I used to want to go to UCLA!!! When the Rose Parade was over I saw someone carrying a massive cross on a stick with a sign saying like, “turn or burn!” I remember my mom and I turning to each other and saying, “wow.” I give you a lot of credit for street evangelizing! I have no problem admitting I have never tried that. Airplanes are where I have had the opportunity to evangelize or encourage believers. Other than flying to see my mom I don’t know when I will take a cross country or international flight 😭😭😭😭😭

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      4. Wow you use to want to go to UCLA! That’s so cool. When we evangelize we usually evangelize the night before the parade, we would set up a table and I have a white board with various questions and all kinds of people come up to talk to us. Lots of apologetic, and also clear Gospel presentation…but we also have to deal with a lot of crazy from a crazy liberal lesbian seminary professor who physically struck one of our church preteen pastor’s daughter one year, crazy drunkards reveling with the new year to cultists and Scientologist and Muslims and Black Hebrew Israelites. Good times!

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  2. I really love good endings Tom. But it certainly looks like a frightfully hard endeavour you are required to accomplish.
    Well done! Congratulations on winning the leaves 🍁 battle for yet another year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot Crissy! It’s always a nice feeling to wrap up that project every year. Don’t know how many more years I’ll be able to physically do it. Last year I was ready to sell the house at this point, but I’m less tired this year for some reason.

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