Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 11/21/20

I know most of you have had your fill of politics, but this week’s news feeds were dominated by stories of politically-conservative-minded Christians and Catholics grappling with Joe Biden’s apparent presidential victory.

Pastor Robert Jeffress (photo above) of First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, an outspoken supporter of President Trump and the Republican Party and one of the leading torch-bearers of Falwellian Christian nationalism, has thrown in the towel and recognized Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election. President Trump still has not conceded, eighteen-days after the election. Will he eventually concede or is this standoff leading to an unprecedented constitutional crisis?

This conservative Catholic parish priest in this story has warned all of the administrators and teachers of the parish’s school that they will be collecting unemployment checks if they continue to post pro-Biden remarks on the school’s Facebook account.

Cardinal Burke has been one of progressive pope Francis’s fiercest critics and now he also has to contend with a progressive Catholic in the White House.

While conservative American Catholic priests and prelates are wringing their hands over Joe Biden’s victory, their progressive pope is celebrating in the Vatican.

Last week, the Vatican released its report on the church’s mishandling of ex-cardinal and serial abuser, Ted McCarrick. “Saint” John Paul II was directly implicated in the cover-up. This shakes the “faith” of Catholics throughout the world, but especially in Poland where Karol Wojtyla is revered as semi-deity.

Homosexuality is rampant amongst Catholic priests and prelates. Credible sources put the percentage at 30% to 40%. The vast majority of pedophile priests’ victims, around 80%, were male children.

The LA County administration and the media jumped the gun by labeling three cases of COVID-19 at Grace Community Church as an “outbreak.” But as C-19 re-surges across the nation, GCC continues to defy county public health safety mandates and the legal battles continue.

I’m a bit late with this one, but on November 11th we celebrated the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ arrival at Plymouth in 1620. The Pilgrims were separatists persecuted by the Church of England who came to America in search of religious freedom and would later be absorbed by the Puritans, who arrived in Massachusetts in 1630. The Pilgrims celebrated the first “Thanksgiving” following their harvest in 1621.

The Presbyterian Church USA denomination is in the process of hammering out an ecumenical accord with the Roman Catholic church. The PCUSA “went liberal” way back in the 1920s and 1930s.

21 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 11/21/20

  1. All this political fervor is only dulling our spiritual discernment. As followers of Christ we will sadly be unprepared for the fearsome events promised in these end times. Misguided rallying around unsaved leaders instead of expounding on the living and active word of God.
    Keep pressing on with the truth brother, have a good weekend!

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    1. Thank you, Lisa Beth. I totally agree that believers here in America generally get waaaay too wrapped up in temporal politics to the point of forming alliances and shifting toward ecumenism with politically like-minded non-Christian religionists. Thank you and have a good weekend as well!

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  2. I haven’t been paying attention long enough, brother, has this happened often where a presidential campaign is declared a winner before the states are all certified? It seems like it would undermine the electoral college. You know how I feel about making politics a religion, and how idolatrous I was before being saved, this past month has been like an ex addict walking through drug mills for me. I’m thankful that God is sanctifying me in the need for balance, but it’s been a painful reminder.

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    1. Thanks, sister! Hmm. I’m definitely not an expert on the election process, but I know winners were routinely declared in the past based upon known results and projections way prior to state certifications.
      I sympathize with you. I’m trying hard to be apolitical. Although I would never vote for a member of the Democratic Party, I also believe President Trump was not suited for the office by temperament or character. Both parties are a part of the fallen world system, so I’m trying to keep my distance. Robert Jeffress, who I pictured in the roundup, is a classic example of a Christian pastor who makes America an idol and has changed his view on Roman Catholicism because he doesn’t want to offend his politically-conservative Catholic “co-belligerents.” That is the danger of being enmeshed in temporal politics. Our temporal home becomes prioritized over our eternal home. Unbelievers listen to Jeffress and others like him and are turned off to the Gospel. They assume the Gospel is Republican politics and legislated morality. Sorry for the ramble. Our 14YO grandson lives in Germany and I have almost zero knowledge of (or interest in) German politics. I have to move closer to that attitude with American politics.

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    1. Thanks, David. I don’t agree with Pastor MacArthur’s statement that “there is no pandemic” and that the government restrictions were/are part of a Satanic deception to shut down churches. I don’t believe the medical staff at hospitals across the nation currently dealing with this latest C-19 surge would agree with any of that. Admittedly, the national and state governments have done a poor job of coordinating a response effort. It became a political football. Restrictions were not always uniform or well thought out. All that said, I also appreciate Pastor MacArthur and his 50-year ministry and I especially appreciate his uncompromising stand over the years against the doctrinal errors of Roman Catholicism, not a popular viewpoint.

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  3. Responding to your comment: I think Carl Henry was the most solid of the bunch you mentioned. Saving your energy to work on the leaves makes sense. I had youth group earlier and about to go to a seminary library (with masks!) to return overdue library books and borrow more stuff, doing that to keep costs down at a pastor

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    1. You’re always a busy guy! Lord bless your sermon prep.
      RE: library
      I just finished a library book, a good book about an American female spy who worked clandestinely mainly in Vichy France during WWII, first for English intelligence then American. Coordinated a lot of the French resistance activity. Klaus Barbie knew there was a woman coordinating the resistance, but couldn’t pinpoint her.

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  4. 1. Wow would have thought the Pastor from First Baptist Church kept going supporting Trump. Glad that’s a good thing he also limits.

    2. Pope blessing Biden is right up his alley. Over the years I notice this present pope have a stink of a face with no smile with anyone conservative during his photo op but he beams with smile with left leaning folks.

    3. Sad to hear Catholic coverup covering for their popes in the instance of that abuser. Sigh.

    4. Off tangent did you hear about the pope clicking like on inappropriate Instagram picture of a sleazy model?

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      RE: Jeffress
      Yeah, I thought that Jeffress would have been the very LAST person to concede.

      RE: Smiling Francis
      Yeah, Francis’s bitter scowl (and body language showing repulsion) at his photo op with Trump was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

      RE: Cover-up by JPII
      It’s obviously an extremely serious issue for there to have been a pope and a “saint” directly involved in the abuse enablement/cover-up, but the RCC will continue forward as if nothing happened.

      RE: Francis “liking” risque photo
      Yup, lots of headlines on that story, but I assume a hacker was involved.

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      1. I remember the scowl face the Pope had with Trump. Wow I didn’t know hackers were involved with the Pope liking the risqué photo, or the Vatican claiming that. Thanks for filling me in.

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      2. I was just speculating that it was a hacker. The latest news reports say the Vatican is currently investigating how Francis’s account “liked” the photo. It was reported this past July that Chinese hackers had infiltrated the Vatican’s computer networks.

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  5. My family were raised in the Presbyterian Church USA for generations. My mother and I left the Presbyterian Church in 2008 and never went back. It was in 2002 that my grandma’s Presbyterian Church USA congregation appointed a woman to be minister. And that church went further and further into heresy. Around 2010 or so the Presbyterian Church USA now allows practicing homosexuals to become ordained ministers. That pains me so much. Since 2008, I attend a Four Square Church (honestly my church is quite non-denominational)

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    1. Thanks for your personal insights into PCUSA. Perhaps there are still a few isolated churches within the denomination where the genuine Gospel is still preached, but it’s now largely apostate.

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