Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 11/14/20

The two big news items this past week were (1) the 2020 Presidential Election results apparently indicating a victory for Joe Biden and (2) President Trump’s continuing refusal to acknowledge Biden’s victory, claiming voting fraud in key swing states.

There’s little doubt that progressive pope Francis and Joe Biden will see eye-to-eye on many, many social, economic, and political issues.

My, how things have changed. When John F. Kennedy won the 1960 presidential election, becoming the very first U.S. Catholic president, many Protestants feared Vatican involvement in American political affairs. But Catholic hegemony was already on the wane at that time and JFK’s public and private priorities turned out not to include religion. In our post-modern era, few give Biden’s nominal Catholicism (he supports abortion rights and the LGBT agenda) a second thought.

Early exit polls had 75% of self-described “evangelical” voters casting their ballots for Trump. In contrast, the exit polls showed the Catholic vote was almost evenly split; 50% for Trump and 49% for Biden.

Whoops! These charlatans claim the gift of prophecy, but goofed on the election results. Their credulous followers should take note, but most won’t.

Some same-sex-attracted Catholics have been suppressing their urges according to the dictates of their church. But they’re now scratching their heads and saying, “Huh?,” over pope Francis’ doctrine-bending allowance for same-sex civil unions.

We already knew “saint” pope John Paul II was well-aware of the allegations that Ted McCarrick was a serial abuser decades prior to promoting him to the office of cardinal in 2001, but now we have the Vatican’s official admission. In addition to McCarrick, JPII also covered-up for notorious abuser, Mexican priest, Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legion of Christ order. Many victims were abused and traumatized because of “saint” JPII’s enablement of predators.

Constantly sporting black leather jackets, ripped skinny jeans, and $200 swag haircuts, Lentz was one of the trailblazers of the newfangled, relevant, hipster pastor, sans orthodox doctrinal teaching.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to spike at alarming rates and hospitals across the nation are stretched beyond their limits, Pastor John MacArthur still holds to the position that the pandemic is a demonic hoax.

33 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 11/14/20

  1. J-Mac really frustrates me! I read the LA Times article and just shook my head. I really find him arrogant and hypocritical. I know that might offend some people. I don’t know to what extent or impact but I do know that election fraud has occurred in PA. I don’t think this will be over turned in the least. Biden and Francis will make interesting partners as you said they have many social policies in common. I wish Francis and the RCC cared as much about abused children and sexual deviants as they do spreading their false gospel. Are you hauling tarps of leaves to the curb today?!

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    1. Thanks for the comments, Mandy! Yeah, JMac’s position is very irresponsible and invites ridicule of the Gospel and Christianity. Yup, it’s very revealing that recent popes and the RCC have done nothing of concrete substance to stem abuse by priests.
      RE: Leaves
      Because of the stretch of unusually warm, dry, and sunny weather, all of the remaining leaves fell en masse this week and I processed them Tues., Wed., and yesterday. I have just a few small areas left. I’m two to three weeks ahead of normal, which is a great feeling!
      What do you and Nathan have planned for the weekend?

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      1. I am SO happy for you with the leaves!!! God will have to lead you to write something else on Sundays now! Just kidding!!!!! Nathan and I are going to enjoy a quiet weekend together. My mom is coming in town on Friday and will be here for 5 weeks. I am looking forward to my mom being here! I am more eager for this than Nathan. He loves my mama don’t get me wrong!

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      2. Thanks, Mandy! High winds are forecasted for Sunday so the leaves of my neighbors who haven’t done much of any raking to this point will blow into our yard. Argh! Grateful for my leafblower.
        Glad for you that your Mom is visiting! There is no substitute for Mama!

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      3. Thanks! My neighbors aren’t as persnickety about there leaves as me. Some don’t rake at all and let them blow into their neighbors’ yards and clean up the small remnants in the Spring. Grr.

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      4. Forgive me I don’t know how to phrase this so I am just going to say it. Feel free not to post this! There’s no emotion or judgement behind this! Are these neighbors believers? I only ask because I take stewardship and responsibility seriously and I will leave it at that!

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      5. They are not believers. I know what you mean about stewardship. While it’s not the most important thing, how people in the neighborhood take care of their property has definitely declined since we moved in 16 years ago.

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      6. Definitely less consideration these days. We took a long walk with the dog earlier, now grocery shopping, and then planning on doing the bills an the wash. Saturdays are always busy. How about you guys?

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      7. Hope you had a good walk! We still go inside the grocery. It was extremely busy today. I just googled it and I see Lancaster has a Wegmans. Do you shop there? Wegmans started in Rochester in 1916. Such a nice place to shop.
        I learned to do my own wash when Corinne and I were divorced and I prefer to do my own loads so we do it separately. Yeah, folding is NOT fun.

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      8. I have not shopped at Wegmans. I will have to check it out! It must be pretty new here!! I will do Nathan’s laundry when I do mine if he didn’t already beat me to it, but he IS NOT allowed under any circumstance to do mine, touch mine, look at it nothing!! He can fold it no problem but washing my clothes absolutely not!!

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      9. I’m by no means a clothes hound but sometimes Corinne was a little sloppy with the wash, wet clothes left too long in the washer getting ripe, and wrinkled shirts, so I opted to do my own. Maybe she did all that on purpose! ☹️

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  2. Our Catholic practicing family ( not any of our children AMEN!)
    all voted for President Trump. My brother in law said it was time to update his will and any of his kids that had voted for Joe Biden were getting cut out! 😳

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    1. Thanks, Beth. Most people are far more passionate about politics than they are about their “religion.” I don’t understand how a Bible-believing Christian could vote for Biden, yet Trump had many flaws and in my opinion was not suited for the office. I could not vote for either one in good conscience. I’m trying to move on to a more apolitical view because both parties are part of a fallen world system.

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  3. “ County health inspectors had tried to enter the church in previous weeks but were blocked by security guards. “We do not consent to a search or visit,” a security guard told the inspectors, reading from a prepared statement in early August. “This is a Jesus Life Matters protest.”- Quote taken from “L. A. megachurch pastor…”

    Insane! Plus the fact that they have security guards ???!!!

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  4. Wow lots of good comments on here!

    1. The rise of liberal Catholics can be seen in the present Pope and Joe Biden.

    2. Don’t surprise me half of Catholics voted for Biden in the state of Romanism today.

    3. I wonder if God had Trump defeated to demonstrate the errors of these charismatic prosperity gospel preachers and their prophecies. Seems that’s a higher priority for God since these people speak allegedly on God’s behalf.

    Will read more later!

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      RE: Francis and Biden
      Two peas from the same pod. Here’s the great irony: MANY conservative Catholic priests and prelates had warned their followers not to vote for Biden, while their pope is extremely pleased that Biden prevailed.

      RE: Half of Catholics voted for Biden
      An indication of the polarization within the RCC.

      RE: Charismatics prophesied Trump victory
      These shysters are continuously being exposed as false prophets and yet credulous souls still follow them.

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      1. Yup. Francis is driving conservative Catholics crazy. I’m guessing they’re hoping against hope that the next pope is in the same mold as JPII, but Francis is stacking the cardinal electors with like-minded progressives. If the next pope is another progressive, maybe they’ll consider schism? Schism is unthinkable for these conservative Catholics, but Francis is forcing them to consider it.

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      2. Those Catholics who are conservatives some of them must be really depressed; I hope some will turn to the biblical Gospel and Christ as they wrestle with things and no doubt your blog is being a light during such a time

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