2020 Leaf Campaign Update – Week #2

Photo above taken Sunday a.m., Nov. 8th. – 58% of the leaves are still on the oak trees

I’m pleased to report that Week #2 of the 2020 Leaf Campaign went very well. A brief summary:

Monday, Nov. 2 – The wet, cold, and windy weather that arrived in Rochester last Sunday continued into the evening and early Monday morning. When day broke, there was a substantial number of leaves on the back lawn. After taking care of a few other chores, I fired up the Husqvarna 350BT backpack leafblower and collected the backyard leaves into large mounds and also blew all of the frontyard leaves to the curb. I then raked the backyard leaves onto my tarp and dragged five tarpfulls to the curb.

A spate of unseasonably warm and dry weather precipitated some major leaf-fall for the balance of the week, enabling me to hit the leaves hard.

Wednesday, Nov. 4 – I cleared the roof and gutters with my handheld electric blower.

Thursday, Nov. 5Four tarpfulls to the curb

Friday, Nov. 6Four tarpfulls to the curb.

Saturday, Nov. 7 – Three tarpfulls to the curb. In addition, I once again cleared the roof, gutters and frontyard.

Number of tarpfulls, week #2 = 16
Total number of tarpfulls to date = 25
Percentage of leaf campaign completed to date = 42%

Week #2 was very productive with 16 tarpfulls and I’m closing in on the 30-tarpfulls halfway point. But all of the activity this past week really tired me out – I feel like I was hit by a Mack truck – so I’m taking a break from the leaves today.

Leaf campaign trivia: Every year, my lovely wife remarks that she thinks my leaf collection process is inefficient. She believes it would be much more efficient to wait until all of the leaves fell before collecting them, which, she suggests, would leave me more time to address her to-do list. Every year I must explain that waiting until the beginning of December, when most/all of the leaves are down would mean processing 60 tarpfulls in the one week prior to the last town pickup; a guaranteed coronary event. And there’s the very-real possibility of snow at that time, which would interfere with the collection process. With the help of my leafblower, I’m able to collect and process the 60 total tarpfulls over the course of 6 weeks, which still breaks down to a very challenging amount of leaves to process each week.

Above: Tarpfulls #s 7-25 piled up on the curb and awaiting pickup by the town.

21 thoughts on “2020 Leaf Campaign Update – Week #2

    1. LOL! Such a chore. Every other potential property buyer could have easily seen that leaves were going to be a MAJOR problem with this house in the Fall, but somehow I was oblivious. Reminds me of how lost souls are totally blind to their spiritual reality. Hope you get some good relaxation recovery time today. I plan on staying mostly on the couch reading and watching football.

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      1. Lol!
        I think I’m going to take a walk around the property today… I need some fresh air and it’s suppose to be in the 70’s again. I need to get Will and Landon out, too! They will still have to quarantine for 10days after the 14th if they don’t get this!!! That is fine by me because our schools are back to letting out before lunch starting tomorrow! My mom wanted to know if that’s because the virus comes out at lunch time LOL She and my dad live in Milwaukee and WI is spiking too!!!

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  1. Tom, I enjoy reading these “leaf” posts and seeing the photo of your and Corrine’s lovely home🙂. It’ a good “fresh air” diversion from all the serious matters that concern us in these days we live in.

    Beth, I’m glad you are feeling better and even able to get outside with your boys! 🙌

    Have a blessed day all!

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    1. Thank you, Cathy! Yup, I mean for these Leaf Campaign updates to be light-hearted diversions and even slightly humorous in a droll sort of way. I don’t blame anyone if they don’t “get” my efforts at quirky, light-hearted levity, but I appreciate that you do! Have a blessed rest of your day, too!

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    1. LOL! Thanks, Crissy! I shall soon rename my blog, “The Crying Corner.” 🍁🍁🍁 My wife borrowed my iPhone today and caught sight of my leaf update post and determined I’m losing it. Easy for her to say as she’s physically incapable of helping me.

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  2. The nice weather surely has to make the campaign trail more enjoyable! I appreciate these posts. You have really beautiful trees! I love trees!!! Trees permeate the Old and New Testament, from Genesis to Revelation. Many major decisions of faith involve trees whether as landmarks, planting trees or use of trees (ie wood). May you draw closer to God today in your leaf campaign!

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    1. Hi Mandy! Thanks for all of the good comments! Yup, we’ve had such an unusually nice stretch of weather for leaf work. Looks like it’s back to November weather on Wednesday. I’ll be headed out to the backyard in a few minutes to start week #3 of the campaign. I love trees, too! I moan and groan but also have a sense of a job well-done once I’m done corralling all 60 tarpfulls of leaves.

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