Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 11/7/20

The BIG story this past week was obviously the U.S. presidential election, featuring former Vice-President, Joe Biden, versus President Donald Trump. With the votes of a few swing states still being counted as of this morning, a winner has not yet been officially declared, although a Biden victory now appears inevitable. Exit polls reveal around 75% of voters who identified as “evangelical” voted for Trump, a drop from 81% in 2016. Personally, I could not, in good conscience, vote for either gentleman. I could never vote for a Democrat and Donald Trump has demonstrated time and time again over the past four years that he is “ill-suited” (I’m being diplomatic) for the office. All that said, I’m striving to distance myself from politics. Christianity in America took a wrong turn, beginning with the Puritans, by conflating faith, politics, and nationalism, a paradigm that still remains quite popular.

Catholic conservatives, like columnist Phil Lawler in the article above, continue to wring their hands over pope Francis’ radical allowance for civil unions for same-sex couples. But they don’t know what to do next because absolute fidelity to the papacy is one of their most beloved, foundational doctrines.

In the first article, Southern Baptist Convention leaders, J.D. Greear, Russell Moore, and Ronnie Floyd voice their displeasure with pope Francis’ recent endorsement of same-sex civil unions. In the second article, another popular and influential SBC leader, seminary president, Al Mohler, also expresses his deep concern about Francis’ radical stance. However, all four men embrace the Roman Catholic church as a legitimate Christian entity. Run, don’t walk, from the SBC.

We were waiting for this. On October 30th, the Vatican issued a letter to papal nuncios which attempted to ease anxieties about pope Francis’ radical remarks allowing for civil unions of same-sex couples. Spin doctoring aside, Francis absolutely did and does endorse same-sex civil unions.

It’s reported that Jerry Falwell Jr. has already received a severance package amounting to two-years’ salary after being forced to resign as chancellor of Liberty University due to scandal. Jerry Jr. should just go away and be quiet.

The Catholic archbishops of Portland and San Francisco recently paraded through the streets of their respective cities, allegedly exorcizing the demonic powers behind the violence associated with the BLM protests. I would posit that demonism is behind the false gospel of sacramental grace and merit that’s propagated by the two archbishops.

On October 31st, former Catholic priest, Michael McGivney (d. 1890), was “beatified,” the last major hurdle in the RCC’s canonization process prior to being declared a saint. McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus, the Catholic alternative to Freemasonry, replete with its own secret initiation, oaths, and handshake. The K of C was once highly active in efforts to convert U.S. Protestants via advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Rather than honoring him, we note that McGivney lured millions of souls to Catholicism’s spiritually deadly false gospel.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spike in many regions of the country and Catholic bishops are responding by continuing or reissuing “dispensations” allowing parishioners to stay home from mandatory Sunday mass. Consuming the consecrated Jesus wafer is considered the “high-point” of Catholic spirituality and some priests are once again advising the shut-ins to receive “spiritual communion;” the notion that desiring and meditating on the Jesus wafer is just as beneficial as physically consuming it. Hmm.

32 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 11/7/20

  1. “ All that said, I’m striving to distance myself from politics. ”-Amen! I was so sick I didn’t care ( nor do I now-God is still on His throne! That’s all o care about!)

    “ Run, don’t walk, from the SBC.”-YESSSSSS!

    “ Jerry Jr. should just go away and be quiet.”-and another YESSSS!

    “ Rather than honoring him, we note that McGivney lured millions of souls to Catholicism’s spiritually deadly false gospel.”-My husband is a former K of C ….though he meant well at the time praise the Good Lord for opening his eyes! He still gets the magazines after all these years. It comes free – he doesn’t read it I do just to see what they are up too. They pride themselves on the help they do for people . Also when you’re a “knight” they give you as rosary, a big fancy wall hanging of the “oath” you took declaring you a false body of Jesus the True Christ, and you get to get insurance from them. Which has lapsed.

    Great Round Up, brother! Any news on your grand daughter?

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    1. Thanks for all the good comments, Beth! Yup, we need to focus on Jesus Christ rather than on temporal politics.
      I hope you’re continuing to recover! Thanks. I forgot to ask my wife yesterday if she received any news regarding the status of our granddaughter’s C-19 test. Will find out today. She’s evidently not terribly sick because our son sent texts about several routine topics.

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      1. I’m 98% better!! Amen !!! I do have an upper right back pain radiates to the front! I really think I pulled something trying to get comfortable that first night-Linda said could be lung related and so did our Physician assistant on our at home dr visit yesterday. It’s not excruciating just annoying-doesn’t hurt when I breathe.. Is Grace is sufficient!!! It too shall pass 🙌❤️
        Well that will be AWESOME if your grand daughter is ok! I wouldn’t want anyone to get this! Ours could’ve been so much worse!!! So thankful for The Good Lord and His nation of believers that pray!!

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      2. I’m so pleased that you are recovering and I pray for your back pain issue. It’s discouraging to see C-19 spiking through the roof across the nation again after 8 months of this, but I think most believers could say that we’re trusting in the Lord more now than we did in 2019.

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  2. Lot of news this week. I am politically homeless. Personally, I think mass media is more the enemy of the people than the politicians themselves. Regardless, I am clinging to Jesus and thankful that He is still seated on the Throne. He is neither nervous nor surprised by what is transpiring nor surprised by people’s actions/words/responses. May Christians look different than the world, especially now. I was wondering your thoughts to Francis clarifying his thoughts on same sex civil unions! It would be great if Jerry Falwell Jr would just go away!! I have been thinking of applying to SBTS. I’m saddened to hear about their stance on Rome.

    Campaigning against leaves today?! Nathan and I are getting ready to go fishing/boating. Some day when there is a vaccine and if you and Corinne are up to it we would love to have y’all visit us. We will take y’all to see some sights (I know you said you’ve been to Lancaster before). Love and blessings to you and Corinne!

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    1. Thanks for the good comments, Mandy! My apolitical thoughts may seem radical to many because faith and politics/nationalism have been combined here for so long. I believe the political/social turmoil is going to continue to ramp up and we need to focus more on Jesus Christ. As I tell Corinne often, the mounting turmoil is “good” in the sense that it whittles away at the false security people place in temporal government and society. Yes, this is all part of our Sovereign God’s plan.
      RE: Vatican clarification
      So weak. Francis did approve of same-sex civil unions, bottom line. Claiming he’s not thereby sanctioning homosexual behavior is ludicrous. Francis won’t respond to requests for clarification personally because this is how he introduces “reforms,” via stealth and ambiguity.
      I don’t mean to contend that the SBC is entirely rotten to the core, but the leadership seems to be solidly ecumenical.
      Yep! Just about to hit the leaves and it will take up most of the day. Have a great day fishing and boating with Nathan! And thank you for your gracious invite! And as we discussed, you guys are very much welcome here in the Finger Lakes! Thanks and love and blessings to you and Nathan!

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  3. Dropping by with a hi for now, answering your question about my day: eating lunch after Youth Group and later going to take a big nap before sermon prep; is it couch time the rest of the day now for you or still doing leaves?

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  4. Excellent Article. I agree. Too many professing Christians in the United States are caught up in toxic political divisions and fighting with fellow Brothers in Christ over such trivial issues. In 2016, I left the Republican Party and re-registered under No Party Preference

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    1. Thanks for the good comments. I also left the Republican Party and became an unaffiliated voter many years ago. Yes, I occasionally write posts about such topics as American believers’ conflation of faith, politics, and nationalism and the existence of the ubiquitous American civil religion whereby American Christians eagerly join with non-Christian religionists and belt out “God Bless America” and other such anti-Christian affirmations.

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  5. 1. Man I think the chaos in American politics with the President is nothing compared to the theological crisis that is looming with the Pope within Catholicism given certain claims about doctrines of the pope…

    2. I’ve been concerned with the SBC with so many things.

    3. Finally…the Vatican PR department is out spinning things. Took them long enough with the pope’s comment.

    4. Jerry Falwell is something…man he’s like a “Christian” Hunter Biden…just sayin’

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      RE: pope and mounting theological crisis within RCC compared to U.S. election.
      Glad you see this. Yup, Francis is tipping the RCC on its head and it’s such a HUGE deal. I would posit that Francis is pragmatically chipping away at RC distinctives in the process of making it more inviting/appealing not only to disaffected Catholics but to all religionists worldwide.

      RE: SBC
      Yes, it’s disappointing to see these SBC leaders scold Francis in the context that the RCC is a legitimate branch of Christianity.

      RE: Vatican spin
      While the Vatican spin doctors point out that some of the interview clips were taken out of context, they don’t disagree that Francis endorses same-sex civil unions. The “taken-out-of-context” spin is a red herring logical fallacy. LOL. Thanks, Dr. Lisle.

      RE: Jerry Jr. = Christian Hunter Biden
      LOL! Impressive analogy.

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      1. Jerry is like Hunter Biden in the sense of hurting the cause of His Heavenly Father. I should pray for him, concerning how he’s paid so much and still sues.
        I imagine in the days to come there will be more discussion of the Pope’s view

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      2. Yup, I assumed you intended the analogy in the sense of Jerry Jr. being a loose cannon and hurting the cause.
        RE: pope
        I imagine many parish priests, like the one in the video, are advising their congregations not to heed the pope on this same-sex civil unions issue. There’s no resolution for conservative Catholics except the hope that the next pope is a conservative.

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      3. Yep that’s what I meant about Jerry Jr hurting the Christian Gospel cause. Catholic conservatives must be despairing…this is a time to be clear with the Christian Gospel for some of them to come to know Christ

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    1. Thank you, Crissy! I’m grateful we have a place in Heaven because of Christ Jesus and that our Hope cannot be shaken by temporal circumstances. For most souls, nation, government, and society is the extent of their hope and identity.

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