Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 10/24/20

We’re just ten days away from the U.S. presidential election. Amongst the sea of political yard signs in our area, I recently spotted the “Jesus 2020” yard sign pictured above. It’s kind of irksome to see Jesus’ name being dragged into the profane political process, BUT it may also get passing motorists thinking about the Name above all names (Philippians 2:9) and the choice that will affect their eternity.

The Roman Catholic church claims that it’s Semper eadum, “Always the same,” but it has changed its position on many secondary teachings, especially after Vatican II. The RC church historically taught that suicide was a mortal sin and mandated that those who killed themselves could not receive church funeral services or be buried in a Catholic cemetery. However, the 1983 edition of the Code of Canon Law lifted the restrictions stipulated in the 1917 edition. Which was right? The 1983 magisterium or the 1917 magisterium?

Some traditionally-Catholic European countries, such as Ireland, Poland, and Italy, still have crucifixes and Catholic religious classes in tax-supported public schools. Some American evangelicals continue to clamor for the return of conscripted prayer in public schools (banned by the SCOTUS, Engel v. Vitale, 1962), but they’re not thinking it through.

The Catholic priest population was in steep decline even prior to the abuse and cover-up scandals and COVID-19. The shortage will eventually force the RCC to lift the mandatory clerical celibacy rule.

Looks like the prime “reform” being pursued by the German Catholic “Synodal Path” initiative is intercommunion between Catholics and Protestants. Germany is divided, with Catholics generally in the South and (mostly nominal) “Protestants” in the North and plenty of intermarriage. Hard to understand why intercommunion is such a difficult issue for Catholic cardinals when they concede that people of all religions and even atheists are able to merit their salvation.

Murder as a career move? Sixty-years ago, such a concept was acceptable only in the Mafia. Believers should think twice before putting celebrities on a pedestal.

Conservative Catholics eagerly look forward to the end of progressive Francis’s tenure, while the pope is busy making sure his successor is another progressive by “stacking the deck” with like-minded cardinal electors.

Three congregants of John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church have contracted COVID-19. Classifying this development as an “outbreak” is a bit sensationalistic, but the news does warrant alarm. I would not venture into any public gathering where health safety precautions were not being encouraged/mandated and followed.

The biggest headline this past week, by far, was pope Francis’ approval of same-sex civil unions, which I posted about here. Conservative Catholic clerics are already denouncing Francis in very strong terms and opposition to the pope is mounting on a daily basis. Stay tuned.

36 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 10/24/20

  1. So much in this roundup! Not sure about that JESUS sign, like religious bumper stickers, it can turn holy into profane.
    Re Fleetwood Mac, only our depraved sin nature can put a positive spin on killing a baby. And while we love the semblance of anything good like prayer in schools, it will only be a semblance unless much more prayer happens in the home.
    Press on brother! 🍁🍂🍃

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    1. Thank you for the encouraging comments (and leaf graphics), Lisa Beth! Yes, we press on towards the Lord and His kingdom even with all of the turmoil that surrounds us. Have a blessed Lord’s Day.
      p.s. sorry for the late response, your comments inexplicably went to spam.

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    1. Thanks, Mandy! I was a big fan of some rock bands back in the 60s and 70s and still like some of the music, but I think I can safely say the musicians were generally drugged up and searching in all the wrong places. Nobody to be idolizing.
      Well, I’m ambivalent about the sign and wouldn’t think bad of a believer who put one up. Now that’s a Name I can get behind!!! Have a good weekend! What are you and Nathan up to? It’s our oldest granddaughter’s 22nd birthday today but we’re opting out of the party because of C-19. Hard to do. Will just be stopping by briefly. Yard work and leaves 🍁 for me both days.

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      1. Glad you had a nice weekend, Mandy! I took three tarpfulls of leaves to the curb on Friday. Oak trees hang onto their leaves right into December. Waiting for more to fall. Our granddaughter’s b-day party was kinda sad in that we just dropped off her present at the door. Corinne and I decided we’re going to be very cautious with inside family gatherings during the winter. Nobody wears masks or distances. Yes! Jesus 2020 makes another appearance! I’m sure thousands of motorists scoff, but it will get a few thinking.

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      2. In your neighborhood/area how often are your leaves picked up? Our county only has one pick up date so I have never understood why people put their leaves out because all they do is blow around! While the leaves are a pain, especially because it is cold to rake them, the leaves are a more productive/thankful endeavor than grass, the most useless crop on the planet (in my ever humble opinion of course!)!

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      3. The town gets to our neighborhood about every two weeks, so it’s a race to get all the leaves to the curb by the last pickup, usually the first week in December. There’s not enough space curbside to accommodate all of the leaves from our yard in one pickup, seriously there’s that many.

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  2. 1. Wow didn’t know Rome’s view of suicide has changed.

    2. We might in our life time see Rome chance a lot including allowing married priests.

    3. Wow I am at Grace Church now reading this! I am masked though

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      RE: suicide
      One of these days I’m going to have to research the significant changes between the 1917 and the 1983 codes, like this change in how suicides are handled. In 1983 they also lifted the ban on unbaptized being buried in RC cemeteries.

      RE: I would have guessed Francis would have allowed married priests before allowing same-sex civil unions.

      RE: GCC
      What a coincidence! Glad you’re wearing a mask. I imagine with so many people in close proximity there with no PPE, there’s going to be more cases being confirmed.

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      1. What a change! Until 1983, Catholic family members were told their loved one who had committed suicide was in hell. Now they say, “Who knows?” No Gospel in sight in 1917 or 1983.

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      2. Seriously our society is changing so much its changing religious institutions; including the churches that are Christians are being captivated by the world’s ideology

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      3. I’m glad; too much hipster Christianity and pastors with tight jeans with more stuff on the preachers’ hair than my wife’s hair and I’m going to go crazy! lol

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      4. RE: pastors with tight jeans with more stuff on the preachers’ hair than my wife’s hair

        Stay tuned for my post coming up in a couple of weeks about our former church in which I “wax eloquent” about pastors in skinny jeans and $100 swag haircuts.

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  3. Wow lots of news here.Tom.
    I use to be a fan of Fleetwood Mac back in the day. The story just shows how depraved the unsaved heart is that can see (and believe) a HORRIFIC END of an unborn innocent baby as a career move. 😳.
    Praying that things don’t get worse for John Macarthur. The media will have a field day.
    Thank you Tom,

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    1. Thanks, Crissy! Yes, it was chilling reading about Nicks attributing FM’s success to her abortion. LA County and the media would love to see many at GCC catch C-19. I wouldn’t attend a gathering where health safety guidelines weren’t being followed, but I pray for the health of those at GCC.

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