Padres advance, face Dodger$

The San Diego Padres hadn’t been to the playoffs since 2006, so I was really pleased that they posted a remarkable 37-23 record in the C-19 shortened season and earned a spot against the St. Louis Cardinals in a NL Wildcard, best-of-three series. The Padres lost their two pitching aces, Dinelson Lamet and Mike Clevinger, to injury immediately prior to the competition, a HUGE blow! But the Padres improbably won the series and advanced to the NL Division Series, to face the Los Angeles Dodger$ in a best-of-five series beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, October 6. Unfortunately, the game starts at 9:38 PM ET. Let’s briefly recap the games against the Cardinals and preview the matchup with the Dodger$

San Diego Padres vs. St. Louis Cardinals, NL Wildcard Series @ Petco Park, San Diego

Game 1 – Wednesday, September 30

With pitching aces, Lamet and Clevinger on the bench, Chris Paddack got the nod for the Padres. The young pitcher had control problems all season long and his troubles continued into this game, giving up 6 runs in 2 1/3 innings. The Padres’ big bats never got going. The futility of the evening was exemplified by rookie Jake Cronenworth’s blockhead base-running mistake. Only 8 hits for the Pads.
Final score: Cardinals 7, Padres 4

Game 2 – Thursday, October 1

Pitcher Zach Davies started for the Padres, but was ineffectual and only lasted two innings. In the bottom of the 6th, with the Cards leading 6-2, Fernando Tatis Jr. hit a three-run dinger followed by a solo shot by Manny Machado. Tie score! The onslaught continued with Tatis hitting another HR and Wil Myers adding two more. Fifteen hits for the Pads!
Final score: Padres 11, Cardinals 9

Game 3 – Friday, October 2

The Cardinals saved their ace pitcher, Jack Flaherty, for the decisive rubber game. Meanwhile, the Padres started reliever, Craig Stammen, and would follow with 8 other relievers. Eric Hosmer finally got to Flaherty in the 5th with a double that scored Tatis. The Padres pieced together a couple of runs with clutch hitting, good base-running, and a walked-in run. Cronenworth then redeemed his bonehead base-running error in Game 1 with a solo HR. Eight hits for the Padres. A masterful shutout performance by the relief committee.
Final score: Padres 4, Cardinals 0

In the series, Tommy Pham (6 hits), Cronenworth (5), Tatis Jr. (5), Myers (4), and Jurikson Profar (4) all came to play. Hosmer (2 hits), Machado (2), Trent Grisham (0), and Austin Nola (0) disappointed.

San Diego Padres vs. Los Angeles Dodger$, NL Division Series, Game 1, Tuesday, October 6 @ Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas

We don’t know if either Lamet or Clevinger will be available for this series against arguably the best team in MLB. It’s next to impossible to expect Paddack, Davies, and the relief committee to compete with the Dodger$ exceptional staff (MLB-leading 3.02 team ERA). The Dodger$ also know how to score runs (MLB-leading 349), but the Padres aren’t far behind (325). For the Padres to have a chance, ALL the hitters need to bring their A game. Hosmer, Machado, Grisham, and Nola need to WAKE UP!

In the article below, baseball writer, Mark Feinsand, compares the two clubs by position and the Dodger$ definitely do have an advantage on paper.

Padres-Dodgers position-by-position analysis

22 thoughts on “Padres advance, face Dodger$

  1. Perhaps you mentioned this but does the $ refer to their payroll?! If so, I have some other teams I would like to apply that too!! For what it’s worth my dad and I went to San Diego in April 2012 for the 3 game series with the Phillies. Our seats were near some guy who really hated Will Venable. My dad felt so bad for Will Venable he wanted to buy his jersey! My dad and I still laugh about that fan! I would have expected that kind of attitude and language from Philly or New York, not SoCal!!!

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    1. Mandy, all of those $$$$$s are my “bitter grapes” attitude coming through. The Dodgers have always been the “bullies” of the NL WEST because the much larger LA market meant that they always had A MUCH larger payroll and could afford the expensive free agents. So unfair. The Yankees buy a playoff spot every year, too. Baseball tried a salary cap, but the players struck, which quickly ended that attempt at fairness, like football and basketball have. Well, the Padres’ owners are spending more on payroll and it’s paying off. Don’t know where they’re getting the money from.
      Thanks for the Will Venable memories. I always liked Will. A humble guy and decent outfielder. The ornery fan must have been an east coast transplant.

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      1. As a Phillies fan the salary cap strike hurt the Phillies momentum. As much as my dad and mother-in-law LOVE baseball they are glad when the Royals, Rays, Padres, Marlins etc teams with a smaller market do well. “It’s good for baseball” we say. I have forever loved Derek Jeter, but I do understand about the Yankees payroll. Jeter was the Yankees first home grown player. I am glad for you the Padres are spending money! It’s amazing how stadiums are more “hitter’s parks” than pitcher park’s like PETCO. I really hope the DH in the NL isn’t permanent. Also those 7 inning double header games took me a LONG time to get used too as well! Glad to hear you have fond memories of Venable! My favorite Padre was Chase Headley (sorry, Yankees bought him). I should stop talking now!!!

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      2. RE: I should stop talking now!!!
        No way! I’ve enjoyed the chatter! Yes, it’s impressive when small market teams win despite the payroll disparity. I liked Jeter even though he played for the Yanks. Had to respect his work ethic and love for the game. Most baseball fans up here are Yankees fans but I am super critical because of the payroll disparity. Whoever designed PETCO should have taken into account the “marine layer.” But of course the Padres’ pitchers love it. Chase Headley? He had that great season in 2012. I was so excited because the Padres rarely had any “stars” on the roster. I’m not a big jersey guy, but I almost bought a Headley jersey that year. Wish I could comment on the Phillies but I just follow my sports teams and am clueless about all others. My sons laugh at me because of that.

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      3. Do your sons follow the Padres?! I’m a sports fan first and foremost then I am a Phillies, Eagles, Penn State, Villanova. My mom says there are some teams I root against more than I root for Philly. I don’t like Pittsburg, I deal with the Pirates because “they’re good for baseball” but the Steelers and Penguins, forget about it! I don’t know anyone other than Mike Trout on a West Coast team. I don’t think I can name you half the roster for the Phillies or Eagles. There was a time when I really paid attention to rosters, where guys went to college if applicable etc. God has reshaped how I watch, care about sports! Are more people in your area Bills, Sabers fans than Giants, Jets, Rangers, or Islanders?

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      4. I tried to get my sons to follow the Chargers and Padres but they were rebellious as children often are. They chose the Redskins and Giants but don’t follow baseball or hockey. Our youngest does share my interest in the Knicks. I also used to be deeply wrapped up in my teams and knew all the details. Most everybody here in WNY are Bills, Sabres, and Yankees fans. Knicks not as popular. I follow Rochester Institute of Technology’s hockey team, the only Division I program in Rochester.

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      5. The Redskins, how unfortunate! I give you credit for sticking with the Knicks! I gave up basketball when Charles Barkley retired. I was at the game in Philly where he got hurt. I knew at that moment my time with basketball was over. The game started revolving around 1-2 players and I didn’t like that. That’s great that your area has a local D-I hockey team. None of the schools around me offer hockey!!!

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      6. He unfortunately latched onto the Redskins because his cousin lived in Virginia and was a fan of the team. I warned him for the last 15 years that having a name like “Redskins” was untenable. He was in denial, but BLM finally forced the issue. I liked the 76ers a lot back in the Dr. J days. Barkley is such an entertaining character. I enjoy listening to him on the TBS pre-game show. I go back with the Knicks to 1968 and then the ’70 and ’73 championships. They have to be the most mismanaged franchise in professional sports over the last 20 years. The first year I began following RIT hockey was 2009-2010 and they just so happened to go to the NCAA Frozen Four that season, even though it’s a non-scholarship program.

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      7. I am surprised the name lasted as long as it did to be honest with you. I would say the same thing about the Sixers; however, they did at least implore their fans to “trust the process!” 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️The only process I trust is that the Lord Jesus Christ will continue His good work in me and through me until I am home with Him! Sanctification is a process! Ha, sorry for the rant! I really do love sports but I am tired of the politics, I am tired of big money contracts. I remember years and years ago, Michael Jordan talked about kids today are getting paid for their potential and they could potentially do nothing. One needs to earn their contract. Your hockey team the kids play for love and passion of the sport, that’s refreshing!

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      8. I agree that sports have gotten ridiculous where the average person has to think twice about attending a game because the seats are so outrageously expensive. Yup, I enjoy watching the RIT kids play, and seats in the school’s brand new, 5000-seat hockey arena cost only $12 apiece.

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  2. Thanks for this summary of the season thus far! Wow so this next big game is going to be on a night we are doing Bible Study lol. Seems everything happens on Bible study night, from Presidential debates to baseball games lol

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