Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 10/03/20

During the 1960 American presidential campaign, Protestants were legitimately concerned about candidate Jack Kennedy’s membership in the Roman Catholic church. RC church-state hegemony was still an oppressive reality for Protestants living in Catholic countries in Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland) and Latin America at that time. But JFK had little personal interest in his religion and the RCC was already rapidly losing its political influence worldwide. Sixty-years later, Joe Biden, is running for president, but no one is raising an eyebrow about his Catholic affiliation except for conservative Catholics. The RCC’s historical militant hegemony is a distant memory and Democrats know nominal-Catholic Biden is totally on-board with the party’s prime platform principles: “reproductive rights” and the LGBT social engineering agenda.

Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump’s nominee to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the SCOTUS, takes her Roman Catholicism very seriously as a member of “People of Faith” Catholic charismatic sect. Democrats don’t want to confirm her because she will definitely oppose abortion and the LGBT social agenda. The vacancy is politically fortuitous for Trump because he knows nominating Barrett prior to the presidential election appeals to conservative Catholics and other religious-political conservatives. Would Democrats be willing to possibly alienate Catholic presidential voters by grilling Barrett about her religious beliefs as senators Dianne Feinstein and Dick Durbin did at her 2017 appellate-court nomination hearing?

Progressive pope Francis has been carefully steering the RCC away from conservative sectarian doctrinalism, but the German Catholic church’s “Synodal Path” reforms threaten to be “too much, too soon” even for him.

Conspiracy theories abound during this COVID-19 pandemic, but there’s always been an audience for extremist conspiracy theories.

Catholic charismaticism is making the headlines with the nomination of Catholic charismatic, Amy Coney Barrett, to the SCOTUS. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal got its start at Duquesne (Catholic) University near Pittsburgh in 1967 when a group of teachers and students manifested the requisite “glossolalia” (speaking in tongues) common to Pentecostals and Protestant charismatics. But how can Catholics who still hold to Rome’s false gospel of sacramental grace and merit (works righteousness) be indwelt by the Holy Spirit? Definitely does not compute.

The firing of cardinals, once unheard of, is becoming commonplace. Starting with nascent Romanism in the first millennium, cardinals have lived like temporal monarchs and have routinely funneled money to personal interests. “In Rome the first persons to be called cardinals were the deacons of the seven regions of the city at the beginning of the 6th century, when the word began to mean ‘principal,’ ’eminent,’ or ‘superior.'” – from Wikipedia

It’s notable that Francis refuses to receive his own bishop, Joseph Zen, a vocal critic of the pope’s semi-secret 2018 Vatican-Beijing Accord, which pragmatically abandoned Chinese Catholics who defied communist government interference. Thanks to SlimJim at Veritas Domain for the heads up to this article!

Now that President Trump, his wife, and others at the White House have regrettably contracted the COVID-19 virus, will the pandemic-deniers and PPE refuseniks change their rhetoric and behaviors?

25 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 10/03/20

  1. In the midst of all the insanity of this dark God denying world our God is still the same! Amen!!!

    How comforting to KNOW that!

    If we were still lost in this world I just can’t imagine the emptiness and not having the peace we have now through Jesus the Messiah- The Christ🙏🏻❤️ (I say that literally bowing on my knees!)

    (Thank you , Tom, for listening to the leading of God’s Holy Spirit and fighting the fight against Roman Catholicism 🙏🏻)

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    1. Thank you, Beth! Yes, in the midst of all of this worldly chaos, we have an immovable Rock as our Foundation. This upcoming election is another attempt by the unsaved to bring peace and order to a fallen society but its all emptiness. So grateful we have our ROCK. Thank you for the encouragement in the Lord, sister!

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  2. Whole lotta news for ya this week, wow! I did a search the other day on Charismatic Catholic because that seemed like yet another oxymoron. I am unable to read the Illuminati article in Time, I don’t have a subscription; however, I do agree the amount of conspiracy theories being promoted at this time is madness. I do not think Pres Trump, First Lady and other White House staffers having covid will have any effect/affect for anti-maskers like in FL. Congrats to your Padres!! Hope you get caught up on sleep for Tuesday!! Did Corinne grow up with liking any NY sports teams?!

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    1. Thanks for checking out the news clippings and comments, Mandy!
      RE: Charismatic Catholics
      They are an example of religious experientialism: naming Jesus a lot and manifesting a lot of religious “behaviors” yet still trying to merit their salvation according to RC precepts.
      RE: conspiracy theories
      I’ve seen some Christian WordPress bloggers pass along some really ridiculous conspiracy theories linked to C-19.
      RE: White House C-19 outbreak
      Yup, I agree that the news about the C-19 outbreak at the WH won’t affect the deniers all that much. We prayed for Pres Trump, the First Lady, and the others, for their health and salvation, but it’s sadly ironic because the president set such a poor example re: PPE and social distancing since the pandemic began.
      RE: Padres
      Thanks! The Padres’ victory was so improbable given their two best pitchers were injured. Yeah, I stayed up way past bedtime Thurs. and last night. I now need to bang out a post recapping the series with the Cards and previewing the matchup with the Dodger$. Corinne grew up with her mother and everything was very ladylike so I introduced her to sports. She used to watch the Chargers with me but lost interest and doesn’t watch any sports with me.

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      1. Nathan was NOT a professional (nor collegiate) sport watcher when we met. He has started to watch some teams for me. I also go boating (and fish courtesy of COVID) for Nathan. We were out fishing earlier, hence ALL the typos in my response to you and Beth, sorry about that! Are you and Corinne movie people? If so, do you have any recommendations?!

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      2. Glad you and Nathan are enjoying pastimes together! I generally don’t watch movies, although I am a big fan of Elia Kazan who was probably America’s most influential film director back in the 1950s. I was in the process of re-reviewing all nineteen of his movies this year, but took a break that became longer than expected. I’ve always been a reader and spend big chunks of my evenings reading books. Corinne enjoys watching Hallmark Channel and some comedy and sci fi tv shows. What do you and Nathan like to watch?

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      3. You and Corinne sound like Nathan and I. Nathan and I rarely agree with tv and movies. For tv it is usually nat geo or something like that. I would rather have a sporting event as background noise. I like dramas in regards to movies and Nathan likes everything from comic book type movies to Star Wars to zombie apocalypse. We just watched Fisherman’s Friends, that was great! The movie was centered around traditional English folk/shanty songs.

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      4. Our oldest son, very big into movies, used to invite us over for “movie night” every two months or so. I really hated…er…disliked it, having to sit there for two hours and watch some dumb movie I would never pick out on my own. However, he was making an effort at family togetherness, which was a good thing. Everyone began chafing over his selections and it was proposed that each person would take a turn suggesting a movie but that idea sputtered and C-19 put an end to it. I don’t miss movie night.


    1. 👋🏼
      RE: hot dogs
      It’s like Doug Heffernan said on the King of Queens television show, “If eating hot dogs is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

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  3. 1.) So much politics; I think politics might not be the first things of importance but it can be the third thing (after family).

    2.) You are right that Rome’s theology does not comport with the Spirit abiding in someone given the unbiblical Gospel

    3.) First time I hard about a Cardinal fired for financial irregularity, but then again I haven’t tracked it carefully…

    4.) Wow I just saw you gave a shout out with that link I mentioned!

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      RE: politics
      I normally try not to focus on politics, but the presidential election with Biden as a candidate is fueling the internecine squabbling within American Catholicism and I’m very interested in that.
      RE: Catholic Charismaticism and Holy Spirit
      Yup, incompatible. Like saying a “born-again Muslim.” Evangelical ecumenists, in contrast, accept the exhibited manifestations as validation and criticize objectors as being doctrinaire “fish inspectors.”

      RE: Francis & China
      Gotta give credit where it’s due! 🙂 This Vatican-Beijing dalliance is such a HUGE story, with Francis pragmatically kowtowing to the communists, but few people are paying attention. I see that Mike Pompeo is calling out Francis on the issue.

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      1. I never thought we would ever get to a point where we see the prevalence and acceptance of Marxism in so many institutions today…,my parents survived different Marxists regime and revolution and its crazy to see how this is so prevalent

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      2. Yes, it’s very strange to see Socialism and Marxism making a comeback. I’m guessing the loss of manufacturing jobs and the shrinking of the middle-class is causing people to reconsider Socialism and Marxism.

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      3. I think that definitely contribute; also it seems to me a lot of pro-Marxists exists in the Universities and with my generation who didn’t live through the Cold War the idea of a benevolent functioning Marxism seems plausible

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