Goodbye, lukewarm/lukecold refrigerator!

My wife and I purchased our current house sixteen years ago in 2004. It was strictly an emotional purchase. There were many, many obvious drawbacks to the house and property that were disregarded in the heat of the buying moment. We were in competition with other buyers and were advised by our realtor that we needed to make an offer immediately after our first and only viewing. Argh!

An elderly couple, the Fords, were the previous owners of the house. They spent the winters in Florida and didn’t put much money into the house up here in Rochester for several decades. Everything in the house screamed 1975. No updates. All of the appliances were old, old, old.

After we moved in, we updated various parts of the house when we could, but we weren’t millionaires. We had to prioritize. Sometimes it was by necessity when some old system (bathroom tiling, furnace, AC, oven, linoleum, etc.) reached its limit. The old, beige GE refrigerator in the kitchen was already laboring pretty hard when we bought the place. Every year, it struggled a little bit harder to keep the food cold. The recommended fridge temperature is 40F, but even with the settings set to the max, our fridge’s temp was about 50F (and even higher on warm days) according to the small thermometer we kept inside. On a hot summer day, if we didn’t have the air conditioning running, the ice cream in the freezer would partially melt. My wife and I put off buying a new fridge as long as possible, our budget is very tight these days, but a few weeks ago another bowl of partially-melted ice cream was the last straw. It was time to go refrigerator shopping.

I really don’t like to shop, but it had to be done. We spent an entire afternoon at the local Home Depot and Lowes big-box stores getting an education about refrigerators. My wife preferred a side-by-side model, but we were somewhat constricted by space because of a cabinet over the fridge area that would only accommodate models under 69″ high, which ruled out many options. The sales people at the two stores said delivery would be at least a month or six weeks away because the pandemic has played havoc with the new appliances supply chain.

I returned home with a headache from the shopping blitz. A relative suggested we try a smaller, family-owned appliance store in town; Charlotte Appliance. We drove to the store the next morning and they had one Whirlpool side-by-side model left. We jumped on it. Badda bing, badda boom. Three days later the new fridge was delivered and installed (top photo).

My wife and I are so appreciative that the food in the new fridge is actually COLD and the ice cream is frozen SOLID. Whoopee!!!

As a semi-humorous aside, whenever I heard/read Revelation 3:15-16 and its mention of “lukewarm” the last ten or so years, I thought of our struggling GE fridge and its lukewarm/lukecold food.

Postscript: Sorry, I should have included a “before” photo of our old GE jalopy fridge.

31 thoughts on “Goodbye, lukewarm/lukecold refrigerator!

  1. Yay!! Good bye, old! Hello, new!! I’m NOT a shopper either!

    To go appliance shopping with my beautiful husband ( and his mom 😂) is close to a nightmare! They look at SO many appliances and want one that does everything that the 10 they looked at can do! I just want ONE that works!

    When we moved in the family farm house 20 years ago we had to change out appliances. I let my husband pick them out! We had 5 children at the time ranging from 12-2 years old no way was I agonizing over appliances!

    The one thing I’ve held on to that is not an appliance in our home is the gold colored kitchen sink…it’s not pretty but it still serves its purpose as it did with with my husbands family of 8 children! Maybe someday but with everything going on in this world I can truly say I feel blessed to have a sink… 🙏🏻❤️

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    1. Thanks, Beth! I dislike shopping with a passion, but this was a necessity. Any food that we put in the old fridge had a very short, shelf life. There’s now only one appliance left from when we moved in, the dishwasher. It has to be at least 40 years old at this point.
      RE: the sink
      Yup. As we get older, my wife and I are increasingly grateful to the Lord for the “small,” simple blessings in life.

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  2. Hey, Papa Tom! That is quite the ordeal! I ignored my dad’s wise counsel of going to a local appliance store and went to the box store for my new appliances (Nathan gets a discount at those stores for being retired military). If I had to do over I would have went local sans discount because things would have been installed properly!!! I am glad you have a new fridge! How are you and Corinne doing today?!

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    1. Hey Mandy! Thanks for reading my sad saga about our house and the old and new fridges. I’m sure many people have very positive experiences with the big boxes, but in this particular case with us buying from the family-owned appliance store, we were able to get a fridge right away and the water line hook-up and unit installation were top notch. Thanks! We’re still tickled about having VERY cold food out of the fridge for a change.
      We’re both doing well, thanks! Now that I’m done painting, I worked yesterday afternoon on trimming up our decorative garden in the front of the house. I will finish the job this afternoon. How are you and Nathan doing today?

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      1. Hi, Tom! I am SO glad to hear you are officially done painting!! I LOVE decorative gardens! I love the smells and colors, that is wonderful creative work!

        Nathan and I had a marital moment before he left for work. (Please read this with humor!) To me snooze is the invention of the devil! To Nathan snooze is one of God’s good gifts. We are absolutely fine now! I just really hate snooze!

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      2. Thanks, Mandy! I’m really excited to be done with the painting and I have a post in the blog queue for 2 weeks from now describing the experience. When you see the photo and the size of of the area painted, you’ll wonder what all the whining was about.
        Yup, the little garden is a nice, welcoming touch to the house entrance.
        RE: snooze provoking a marital moment
        Yup, I understand. All my adult life I woke up before the sound of the alarm because I can’t stand to be jolted by the noise, whereas Corinne can and does hit the snooze repeatedly. In our post-job mode, I usually wake up three hours before her, so it’s not a problem. But we did have our own “marital moment” yesterday over of a jar of Pace Picante sauce. Corinne asked that I don’t dip crackers directly into the jar because she wants her picante sauce unspoiled by cracker crumbs. I don’t “double-dip.” We laughed about it today, but yesterday I was in no mood after toiling in the garden.

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      3. Ha! I literally laughed out loud! That would totally be something Nathan and I would have a moment about! I am usually awake before the alarm goes off but if not I get up when it goes off to make Nathan’s lunch and spend time with him before he goes to work. So when he decides to hit snooze like 5-6 times that infuriates my soul, especially when he gets huffy with me that he will be late for work! Neither of my parents ever hit snooze so the fact that such a button exists still mind boggles me!!! I’m looking forward to your pictures!

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      4. The Lord certainly uses our marriage relationship to teach us to become more Christ-like!
        Sorry for the late response! We had internet connection problems the last 15 hours.

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      5. Thanks, Mandy! The net is such an important part of my routine, it really messed me up last night and this morning (from 5-7) without it.
        Our son is good, thanks. He commutes to work around 7:30 and drives directly through the protest area, but obviously no one is protesting at that hour. He sees the physical mess left behind though (garbage, graffiti, etc.). He leaves work at 4:30 and sees the protesters beginning to gather. There aren’t a lot of good alternate roots because his workplace is in the middle of a high-poverty, high-crime area.


  3. Dropping by with a hi! Going to be long range day today with pastoral visitation and we are going to go as a family later to visit a couple who just have a newborn; our city has a warning to prepare for evacuation in light of big winds coming into today and a nearby fire. 2020 is a crazy year for us

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  4. Commenting back your comment on my wall: Yeah its so sad to hear all of ROC PD management leaving and this week also Dallas chief also resign. I suspect we are going to see a lot of officers leave with things going on now for over a hundred days

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      1. Agreed. I saw the news saying only 7 percent of protest is violent and can’t help but to think how ironic that is when one look at say LAPD with less then 1 percent police incident ever result in shooting

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    1. Thanks, brother! My wife and I are tickled to have a fridge and freezer that actually does its job well. Yup, the smaller mom and pops provide better personal interface and installation quality than the faceless mega stores. Hey, there’s a correlation with churches as well.

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    1. Thanks, Crissy! For me, shopping is such a onerous ordeal. I tend to want to “get it over with” quickly. I really need the help of someone who enjoys shopping when I need something. Our oldest son loves to shop and compare and has helped us with a lot of purchases. Thank you!

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  5. I enjoyed reading your post Tom. Hope you and your wife enjoy your new fridge for many years to come. I always liked shopping in the past, but as I’ve aged it’s become a chore. My husband was never one for shopping, so now we’re both on the same page 🙂.

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