Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 9/5/20

As we’re all well-aware, the fare on cable TV is largely junk, so it is exciting to see this streaming option from Sight & Sound Theaters. You can view encore productions of “Queen Esther” this afternoon and this evening. See here. My wife and I saw the production of “Moses” at the Sight & Sound Theater in Lancaster, Pennsylvania several years ago and I reviewed the DVD of their production of “Ruth” here.

“Fatima” opened on August 28th in select theaters and via streaming. This movie is based upon the Catholic claim that the “Blessed Virgin Mary” appeared to three shepherd children in Fátima, Portugal a total of six times in 1917. Interest in the alleged apparitions drew larger and larger crowds at Fátima. Reports at the time state that between 30,000 and 100,000 people were on hand for the final apparition on October 17th and the alleged “miracle of the sun,” with the sun supposedly appearing to “spin” in the sky. Details differed among the eye witnesses. Many saw nothing. Some chalked it up to religious group hysteria. Hundreds of Marian apparitions have been claimed all over the world, however, the Catholic church only officially recognizes nineteen. These Marian apparitions, which promote Catholicism’s false salvation system, are either the result of 1) calculated deception 2) religious hysteria/self delusion, or 3) demonic activity. The Fatima legend included alleged instructions from the Marian apparition to the pope and his prelates for the “consecration of Russia” in order to “convert” the Bolsheviks, which obviously didn’t happen. There’s a renewed interest in Fatima and its anti-communist message among conservative and traditionalist Catholics in response to the resurgence of Socialism/Marxism in the West.

The first article confirms that the word, “evangelical,” is almost completely useless at this point. The 52 percent of Americans mentioned in the second article who say Jesus was a “great teacher” of morality, but wasn’t God, haven’t read the Bible. Jesus asserted that He was God the Son. He wouldn’t be a great teacher if He was a liar. Does not compute.

Both candidates will be pointing to their personal “faith” in the next eight weeks in the runup to the presidential election. Traditionalist and conservative Catholics say Biden is a nominal Catholic at best and we know prosperity gospel charlatan, Paula White, an official member of the White House staff, is supposedly president Trump’s personal “spiritual adviser.”

It’s ironic that a Catholic publisher got caught using an image of a statue of angel Moroni, which sits atop Mormonism’s Salt Lake Temple. A Catholic blogger here at WordPress also unwittingly uses an image of the Moroni statue to decorate her blog.

I don’t often commend Catholic priests, but I commend this one for speaking out against the continuing abuse by priests and the hierarchical cover-up. Pope Francis and his bishops claim they are decisively dealing with abuse, but it’s all smoke and mirrors. The Vatican still does not require bishops to report suspected abusive priests to the civil magistrates.

Because the Catholic church teaches its members they must merit their salvation, no Catholic approaching death has assurance of salvation. The Roman church declares that a person commits the “sin of presumption” by believing they are saved. Catholics laugh at us evangelicals when we say that we are saved (by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone). They think we are being arrogantly presumptuous, when in actuality it’s the ultimate in arrogance for people like Catholics to think they can successfully obey the Law and merit their salvation.

I’m pretty well-versed in things Catholic, but I wasn’t aware of this “Neo-catechumenal Way,” which was founded in 1964. There are so many quirky sects beneath the wide Roman Catholic umbrella that it’s tough to keep up with them all. This interesting article recounts how the traditionalist pew sitters at one Catholic parish are battling the hyper-zealous, Novus Ordo neo-catechumenalists.

I’ve already posted a couple of items critical of JMac’s defiance of LA county health safety ordinances, so I debated whether I should keep “piling on,” but the story keeps getting weirder. I’m saddened by this irresponsible denial. Many of the nation’s colleges that just recently opened for the fall semester have already begun sending students home because of outbreaks of COVID-19, while one of American evangelicalism’s best-known pastors declares that it’s all a hoax and that “there is no pandemic.”

27 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 9/5/20

    1. Hi Mandy! Thank you for your kindness! I’m generally not a fan of musicals, but I enjoyed the “Moses” and “Ruth” productions. While in Lancaster, we visited a couple of Amish-themed tourist attractions.
      RE: JMac
      I’m disappointed, but I’ve learned not to put my trust or hope in anyone but God.
      RE: eating outside
      I was scratching my head over this one, but googled ROC news and saw the BLMers has rioted and damaged some restaurants last night. Terrible. Corinne loves to eat out at nice restaurants and is itching to get back out there again but our budget isn’t what it used to be.
      RE: painting
      Thanks! I’m going to cut the back lawn and then apply the last coat of paint on a couple of select spots and that will be the end of it!!! 😊😊😊

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      1. Glad you enjoyed Noah and Sampson! The Chosen fell off of my radar so I put it on my To Do sheet.Glad you had nice weather today! It rained here in ROC so I didn’t get my painting done. Thanks for your thoughts for ROC. It’s surprising there’s not more trouble here. The city proper is one of the poorest per capita in the country after all of the manufacturing moved out.

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      2. Thanks! The painting will only take 15 minutes tomorrow. Nope, our oldest and his crew won’t be over Monday because they were just over for Corinne’s birthday last Sunday. Are you having company?


    1. 👋🏻
      Thanks for your prayers for ROC! I haven’t been watching the local news lately so I wasn’t even aware of the protests/rioting going on in ROC city center 8 miles away. Believers here at WP were cluing me in. What a mess. As I just mentioned to someone else, I’m surprised there’s not more trouble here because it’s one of the poorest cities in the country per capita.

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      1. Thanks, brother. I saw on the news last night that the protesters were out in force again. Rochester’s economy is so depressed that there’s very few stores or restaurants in the city center. There is one small strip of trendy bars and restaurants on Alexander Street that were hit hard on Friday night. I understand that’s the area where police confronted Prude.

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      2. I was up tonight watching video feed from various protests and obviously you can’t tell untl the next day but it seem ROC is more peaceful tonight though the last few days has been crazy. Thanks for filling me into

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      1. Thanks, Beth! As I mentioned to someone else, I’m learning about the protests and rioting going on only 8 miles away from my friends here at WordPress. We avoid going into the city as much as possible as a rule. Only if necessary. The economy was already so bad here and then the epidemic hit. It was a tinder box and then the video of the police and Daniel Prude surfaced from 6 months ago. Our current budget doesn’t allow eating out at restaurants anyway. 😊


  1. 1.) I think its unfortunate MacArthur said there’s no pandemic.

    2.) The percentage of so called Evangelicals and so called Christians not believing what Christianity teaches is so sad and astounding. There’s so much of biblical evangelism needed even among so alled Christians.

    3. Catholicism’s silencing of those who speak out against abuses is frightening to think about

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      JMac – Sad to see him making a crusade out of this. Many people are watching. Very misguided.

      Surveys – Yup, the survey revealing 30% of people who identify as “evangelical” don’t believe Jesus is God is shocking.

      Catholicism’s silencing – I imagine in the current litigious atmosphere all of the bishops have told their priests not to publicly comment on the RCC’s (mis)handling of the abuse “problem.”

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  2. Wow, what a list brother! I appreciate your opinion about JMac, I appreciate that you give your honest opinion without holding back even when it’s a pastor you respect.

    Just as a little aside, not that I’m making a point for or against JMac, but we’re still feeling the effects of the virus. We’ve been told we might never recover, the lung capacity that was lost can’t be repaired. It’s possible that breathing will just always be more difficult now. I take the virus more seriously after having it, I’ve never felt anything like it before. I don’t know why some people have it and are less effected, but my husbands uncle died from it whereas his aunt was completely fine but a little tired. I’d love to learn more about it, but there’s so much nonsense out there now it’s hard to research.

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    1. Thank you, sister, for your support and encouragement! Argh. I am sorry that you and your husband are dealing with possible long-term effects from the virus. I will add that to my prayers for you.
      RE: JMac
      I’m very disappointed in JMac for his stance regarding the pandemic, touting it as a hoax and a demonic deception. So irresponsible and misguided. Well, we can’t put our trust in men. I am praying for JMac, but I won’t be using or recommending his materials going forward. I don’t say that with meanness, but I believe he’s bringing mockery upon the Gospel with his misguided crusade as well as foolishly endangering people’s health and lives.


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