Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 8/15/20

Back in the 1980s, I attended an independent fundamental Baptist (IFB) church in Rochester, New York that emulated Jerry Falwell Sr.’s particular brand of Baptist fundamentalism. If a young guy at our church was considering seminary, they usually chose Falwell’s Liberty Baptist College (later changed to Liberty University). Falwell Sr.’s notoriety grew as he gradually replaced his partisan Baptist fundamentalism with a hybrid that included ecumenism with like-minded political conservatives of all religious stripes in his crusade to fight the advance of secularism in America. For Falwell, nationalism took priority over faith in Christ. Jerry Falwell, Junior (above photo) succeeded his father as chancellor of Liberty University, and has carried on Senior’s legacy of crusading for a “Christian America.” Liberty University still holds to some of the old Baptist standards, like regulating the skirt length of female students, but Jerry Jr. recently got himself into some hot water by posting an ill-advised photo of himself on the internet that went viral. Privilege breeds arrogance and Jerry Jr. became a loose cannon that LU could no longer tolerate.

Roman Catholic radical traditionalists – “rad trads” – with their criticisms of pope Francis and the “reforms” of Vatican II, are becoming an increasing presence on the internet. Moderate Catholicism’s media darling, bishop Robert Barron, ponders how to neutralize the rad trads’ anti-Francis, anti-Vatican II vitriol.

It’s interesting how Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, regularly cites his strong, Catholic “faith,” but as of yet has made no reference to the spate of attacks against Catholic statues and monuments by the Black Lives Matter protesters.

Last week, we had the progressive Catholic rag, the National Catholic Reporter, saying that U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was the ideal Catholic. This past week, the conservative Catholic rag, the National Catholic Register, claims AOC is the antithesis of Catholicism. Which is it? Catholic apologists would have people believe their church is a united monolith, but there’s a broad spectrum of beliefs under the RCC umbrella, and not one of them includes the genuine Gospel.

Catholics are compelled to attend mass each and every Sunday under the threat of eternal damnation, UNLESS they receive a formal dispensation from their local bishop. Dispensations were issued at the start of the C-19 pandemic and will probably continue until a vaccine is in place. The reality is 70% of Catholics flout their Sunday mass obligation even under ideal circumstances.

29 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 8/15/20

    1. Thanks, Mandy. Starting out in Falwell-style fundamentalism, I gradually became very disenchanted with the hyper-Christian nationalism, the pragmatic ecumenism, and the emphasis on law-and-order morality rather than the Gospel.

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      1. Thanks! Started painting at 11 but quite at 1 because I could see rain coming. Came down very hard for awhile and still raining. Most of my effort survived because it was under eaves.

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      2. I’ll always remember the very dry landscapes of Mission Valley in San Diego when I watched Chargers games. We’ve had some dry spells this summer, but we’ve been pounded by rain lately. No water in the basement because the gutters are clear. Still raining at 8:45 p.m.

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  1. 1.) That Jerery Falwell thing is so weird. Have you heard about this weird thing about his wife with some pool boy ad thing? I worry for his salvation honestly, not that I’m out to get him but just the direction of his life.

    2.) Wow never heard of “rad trad” before as a saying.

    3.) Joe Biden the more I hear him speak I don’t think is Christian or Catholic.

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      RE: Falwell and pool boy
      I had only heard some vague references to this controversy so I did some googling. Ach. Seems like some very bad business. This latest photo brouhaha seems like an extension of his earlier misjudgement and escapades.
      RE: rad trads
      I didn’t see that label until maybe two months or so ago, but now I see it frequently.
      RE: Biden
      He’s a definitely a “cafeteria” cultural Catholic. Just pays attention to the rules/rituals he likes and discards the rest (like pope Francis). The article about Biden not criticizing the trashing of Catholic statues and monuments by the BLMers reminded me of your post about how it’s currently not politically correct to remark on the violence in the cities.

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      1. Falwell is so concerning, it’s just so much junk I don’t know if I have the stomach to wade through it. I wonder if can coin the term
        “Bad rad” for left leaning RCs

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      2. RE: Falwell
        Yeah, from the “pool boy” article I see Falwell was already swimming in much more murkier waters than this latest photo controversy.
        RE: Bad rads
        Yeah, but don’t forget the Catholic rad trads view me as an irredeemable apostate and you as a dangerous Protestant heretic who would both rightly deserve execution if this were a different era, while the progressives are so squishy and universalist in doctrine, they say, “Jimmy, whatever works for you.” 🙂

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