Truth from Arkansas! Sunday sermon series, #44

It’s Two-fer-Tuesday, my friends, which means two new sermons from the brethren down in Arkansas.

First, we have Pastor Roger Copeland of Northern Hills Baptist Church in Texarkana, preaching from Job 42:1-7 on “When the Storm Passes By.”

Next, we have Rob Leonard filling in for Pastor Cody Andrews of Holly Springs Missionary Baptist Church in Star City as he preaches on that valuable but fleeting commodity, “Time.”

Both of these sermons were delivered on Sunday, July 26th.

Pastor Roger Copeland – When the Storm Passes By


Rob Leonard – Time

28 thoughts on “Truth from Arkansas! Sunday sermon series, #44

      1. Thanks! Yup, those 8 years in the IFB weren’t a complete waste. I know many people claim some form of PTSD these days, but I think myself and others who came out of the IFB have to work through those memories. Reading and writing about the IFB from the outside is probably “therapeutic.”

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  1. Thanks Tom! We had given the preacher a weekend off LOL, so Bro Rob Leonard filled in for us. He directs the Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship at the University one town over. He’s very good. His delivery is very low key, but he is very smart. He interacts with college students in ways that are amazing and has hassa huge impact on that campus.

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