Legion #7: Showdown With the United Planets

Time to take a frivolity break and review…

Legion of Super-Heroes #7
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils: Ryan Sook and Stephen Byrne, Inks: Wade von Grawbadger and Stephen Byrne, Colors: Jordie Bellaire
DC Comics,  July 28, 2020

5 Stars


The Legion arrives en masse at the Great Hall of the United Planets and the Legion’s leader, Cosmic Boy, begins to express his regrets on behalf of the heroes for the incarceration of General Nah, but is interrupted by Madam President Brande, who informs him that the U.P. has just declared Nah a criminal for breaking intergalactic law. Brande then castigates the Legion for interrupting the proceedings and for defying U.P. time travel restrictions and bringing Superboy to the 31st Century. The Boy of Steel interjects and is able to placate Brande.

The incident at the Great Hall further exposes a critical problem; Cosmic Boy’s lack of leadership abilities. Back at Legion headquarters in New Metropolis, Saturn Girl and Brainiac 5 confront Cosmic Boy, which leads to an impromptu team meeting in the Legion’s mess hall. Brainiac 5 proposes a proper election of the Legion’s leader (Cosmic Boy had been appointed by Brande). Ultra Boy presents himself as an opposing candidate and the membership subsequently elects him over a dejected Cosmic Boy. As the Legionnaires celebrate their new leadership, General Nah and his powerful forces unexpectedly arrive at Legion headquarters, demanding the heroes surrender to him.


It was clear in issues 1-6 that irresolute Cosmic Boy wasn’t cutting it as the Legion’s leader, culminating in the near-crisis at U.P. headquarters and the subsequent call for an election. Legion #7 serves as a transition from the opening epic involving the struggle for Aquaman’s trident to the upcoming showdown with General Nah. Bendis does a nice job with this bit of “Legion business” downtime, including some additional interlude segments featuring Triplicate Girl, Monster Boy, and Lightning Lad. Guest artist, Stephen Byrne, ably spells the Legion’s regular penciller, Ryan Sook, throughout most of this issue. Speaking of guest artists, in the interview below, Bendis hints at some big things in store for issues #8 and #9 with 44 artists contributing, including a long-overdue, one-page introduction of each Legionnaire! Hey, we’ll finally find out who the skeleton is in the containment suit!

Brian Michael Bendis Talks Legion, Gold Lantern, & Balancing Characters

24 thoughts on “Legion #7: Showdown With the United Planets

    1. Thanks for the good comments, Kent!

      Brainy would seem like an obvious choice, but he’s always had more of an advisory role on the team. For instance, it’s hard to imagine Brainy leading the charge against a rogue planet’s stronghold, equipped only with his defensive forcefield.
      Yup, looking forward to the father & son showdown, very coincidental right after Jo was just elected leader. His election brought me back to the Silver Age days. In 1967, I actually participated in a write-in vote for the next Legion leader. I cast my ballot for Ultra Boy and he won, garnering 1262 of the 7810 votes cast. Why was/is UB so popular? His super capabilities rendered him one of the most powerful Legionnaires, along with Superboy and Mon-El, but his limitation of only being able to use one power at a time perhaps made him seem more accessible?
      Humbled Rokk’s exit makes it 2 Legionnaires that have quit already (Invisible Kid also in #5). I imagine Bendis will at least bring back Legion co-founder CB at some point.

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  1. Tom, maybe Bendis will persue a splinter team of resigned/fired LSH or maybe they will meet in some galactic crisis and unite. Maybe this father-son war will end with the father being a staunch ally of the LSH.

    That really is a nostalgic issue for you and probably a nod to the silver age by referencing certain storylines and Maybe DC is using the result of the fan vote then. It is like, DC acknowledging you guys. Looking forward to your issue 8 review, Tom. GOD bless you and your wife! Keep safe!

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    1. Yup, LSH has a long history of ex/rejected members either forming auxiliaries or villainous teams. It will be interesting to see how Bendis handles the Crav vs. Jo dual.
      Yes, I’d like to think the election of UB was a hat-tip to the Silver Age.
      Thanks, Kent, and God bless you and your family!

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  2. Response to your comment: Wow a wind storm? Its been so hot here this past weekend we would have loved a wind storm minus the hard work of cleaning up! Sounds like a busy day!

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      1. Yeah, Bendis can have some fun with the dynamics within such a large group. I think back to the Silver Age days and the writer was so restrained because heroes had to be portrayed as noble and altruistic at all times. Then the Legion went through a long “sad astronaut” era and it was constant bickering and group morose. With this version, Bendis is keeping things largely upbeat, but with some realism in the relationships.

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    1. LOL! As I was writing the comments, I was aware that I was doing a pretty good imitation of the “Sheldon Cooper” character on “The Big Bang Theory” if you know who that is.

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