Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 8/1/20

It’s strange that the Trump campaign has tapped ultra-traditionalist, Taylor Marshall (photo above), in its attempt to garner the Catholic vote. I would guess that Marshall’s brand of hardcore, anti-pope Francis, anti-Vatican II conspiracy hysteria appeals to only a small percentage of U.S. Catholic voters. See my review of Marshall’s conspiracy paranoia book here.

Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, says his Catholic “faith” is very important to him, but he flouts his church’s “official” teaching with his support of abortion on demand and the LGBT agenda. He even officiated at a same-sex civil union in 2016. When Roman Catholics talk about their “faith,” they’re generally referring to their trust in their church’s sacramental system.

News sources are providing more sordid details about Catholic ex-cardinal, Ted McCarrick’s network of abuse, which we’re learning involved multiple co-predators. This article mentions Irish Christian Brother, Andrew Thomas Hewitt, who taught at Bishop Kearney High School in Irondequoit, New York while I was a student there from 1970 to 1973. Although Hewitt wasn’t one of my teachers, I was aware of him. Students at Kearney had to be constantly on their toes around the predatory Christian Brothers. We were like fish in a barrel. The Christian Brothers religious order filed for bankruptcy way back in 2011 because of the high number of abuse lawsuits.

Catholics commit idolatry with their many statues of Jesus, Mary, and saints. They will vehemently insist that they don’t worship statues while doing exactly that. I don’t condone idolatrous statue worship, but I also don’t approve of mob violence and destruction of private property.

A Catholic priest in Italy has created a scandal by blessing the civil union of two lesbians. In the more progressive German and Austrian Catholic churches, that’s an everyday occurrence. You can also be sure progressive American Catholic priests are doing the same thing on the QT.

While the Catholic church mandates that all members go to confession at least once a year, it recommends more frequent participation. However, Catholic sources report that 75% of Catholics never go to confession, even though they allegedly pick up a soul-damning mortal sin each year for not complying with the RCC’s minimum requirement. Many of the Catholics who piously come forward to receive the Jesus wafer at Sunday mass are insubordinate because they flout the minimum yearly confession requirement.

Strange. An article a couple of months ago reported Bible sales were way up at the start of the pandemic.

Pastors are in a tough spot. Certainly, Christians desire to worship together, but people assembling in a crowded church sanctuary can be problematic during this pandemic (e.g., infected persons singing robustly and exhaling coronavirus-tinged micro-droplets into the air). Four and a half months into this pandemic, we’re seeing BIG spikes in hospitalizations and deaths in some states because disciplines regarding social distancing and the use of PPE were/are far too lax or non-existent.

28 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 8/1/20

      1. Yup, there are many, many legalistic absurdities, internal conflicts, and festering issues from the scandal tsunami, that come to light in these new stories.

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      1. A little advice for way down the road: You’ll know OMS – Old Man Syndrome is creeping up on you when you start going to bed every night at 9 p.m.

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  1. 1.) CNN thinks Biden is a man of faith? Crazy New Network!

    2.) Interesting Trump is taping Roman Catholic guy to help get votes. Sigh.

    3.) Sick to hear of a Cardinal running a sex ring

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      RE: Biden
      Catholics (and all of the other unsaved religious) throw the word “faith” around, but it’s based on lies and error. Biden has “faith” in the “Church of Biden,” a blend of his Catholic upbringing and progressive Democrat politics. But I think the current pope and Biden would agree on many things, philosophically and theologically.

      RE: Trump and Marshall
      This Marshall guy is so extreme with all of his conspiracy theories. Reminds me of the Catholic version of Jack Chick.

      RE: McCarrick sex ring
      One of the reasons the Vatican/papacy has hesitated in clamping down on sex abuse over the last twenty years is because of the widespread complicity. McCarrick is the tip of the iceberg.

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      1. Biden has MUCH more in common with progressive Francis than this Taylor Marshall character. Francis would throw a big party if Biden were elected. Yup, the extreme camps within Catholicism fight likes cats and dogs, but neither one proclaims the Gospel.

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    1. Thanks for the support, sister Crissy, and for the birthday wishes! I had a wonderful birthday celebration as the eight of us sat in our back yard in a “social distancing” correct circle. I was just about to blow out the two candles on the cake, but it suddenly occurred to me that would be a pandemic no-no.

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