Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 7/25/20

A couple of weekends ago, I mentioned that Catholic writer and commentator, George Weigel, has penned a new book, “The Next Pope,” which speaks for conservative Catholics’ hopes that the next pope is the polar opposite of progressive pragmatist, pope Francis. Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York City, the highest ranking Catholic prelate in the U.S., is so pleased with the book that he’s sent copies to his fellow cardinals around the world in an attempt to influence them to vote for a conservative candidate at the next papal election. In the meantime, Francis is attempting to “stack the deck” by feverishly appointing like-minded progressives to the college of cardinals.

Credulous U.S. Catholics gasped when cardinal Ted McCarrick was exposed as a serial sexual predator in June, 2018. The McCarrick revelations were the kickoff to a scandal tsunami that has rocked the Catholic church ever since. In this disturbing but necessary article, some of McCarrick’s victims recall his diabolical methods.

Back in May, Governor Cuomo extended the original one-year window provided by the 2019 New York State Child Victims Act, that lifted time limitations for the filing of grievances by victims of child sex abuse, from August 13 to January 13, 2021. However, the extension does not apply to claims against Rochester-area priests because of the complications involved with the Rochester Catholic diocese filing for bankruptcy last September. Rochester survivors of priest abuse have only 19 more days to come forward and file a claim against the diocese in bankruptcy court.

Are you kidding me? File this one in the “truth is stranger than fiction” file. Here, we are, eighteen years after the Boston Globe first broke the story of large numbers of predatory pedophile priests and hierarchical cover-up, and the Vatican STILL doesn’t require bishops to contact civil authorities after they’ve been made aware of an abuser??? As I’ve said many times, the RCC’s inability/refusal to decisively confront this priest abuse issue over a span of nearly two decades is a mark of its absolute corruptness.

When Catholics mention “faith,” they are referring to their trust in their institutional church and its sacramental system. The COVID-19 pandemic required that churches be on lockdown, resulting in the Catholic sacraments – baptism, communion, confession, confirmation, last rites, matrimony – being limited or unavailable, causing great anguish to practicing Catholics who view the sacraments as essential to their works-salvation. As the lockdown is being eased here in Rochester, area Catholics are ecstatic to be able to receive their sacraments once again. Amidst all of this ritualism and ceremonialism, we find no sign of the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone.

This is proof that the term, “evangelical,” has become entirely meaningless, with 70% of so-called evangelicals professing that “people are basically good.”

There’s “some” truth in what Pastor John Koletas of Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York (hardcore-IFB) is saying about Roman Catholicism, but there’s also a lot of exaggeration, unfounded claims, and mean-spiritedness. Like Jack Chick’s fanciful anti-Catholic rhetoric back in the 80’s, Koletas’ brand of extremism is irresponsible and damages credible Gospel outreach to Roman Catholics. The Roman Catholic church openly teaches PLENTY of anti-Biblical heresies and heterodoxies. There’s no need to resort to wild and unfounded conspiracy theories.

Catholics are taught that the use of any form of artificial birth control, including non abortifacients such as condoms and diaphragms, is a mortal sin. Incredulous Catholics wonder why the church blesses unreliable natural family planning (aka the rhythm method), but condemns non abortifacient contraceptives when the desired end-result is the same. Research shows that 98% of Catholic women have used artificial birth control in opposition to their church’s teaching. When the entire membership of an institution is not following its mandated requirements, it’s called a SHAM.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 7/25/20

  1. 1.) “Next Pope:” RE: I guess this shows the deep division within Rome; crazy how people try to argue for Rome because Protestants are divided, not like Rome is monolithic too. Irony.

    2.) I hope the extension for ROC’s Catholic priest abuse would lead more to come out and speak the turth.

    3.) The Vatican not requiring Bishops to report abusive priests is a problem. I wish more people know about it, the Vatican stinks of corruption and thePope has the audacity to talk about other people’s corruption. SMH!

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      1. RE: “Next Pope”:
      Yeah, the same conservative Catholic apologists who note Protestantism’s divisions anxiously anticipate the end of Francis’s tenure.

      2. RE: Extension on no-limitations window.
      I just learned about the May extension. That’s a good thing. Some states have eliminated any statute of limitations for child sexual abuse. That should be nationwide.

      3. RE: Bishops not required to report abusive priests
      After 18 years of scandal headlines, this is jaw-droppingly outrageous, but makes sense in the context of the foxes guarding the hen house. Yeah, Francis loves to play the role of progressive reformer, but just like his conservative predecessors, won’t decisively confront this abuse issue. It’s a startling failure. It’s part of the hierarchy’s DNA to protect the reputation of the church and its clerics.

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      1. You would think Rome learn from their PR nighmare to finally protect the kids at least…sigh. Still up to the same game of covering priests. Yet we see God’s act of judging beginning…

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      2. Given the demonstrated culpability of the RC clergy and hierarchy over the last 18 years, it’s amazing that any Catholic would set foot in a RC church. You would have to be credulous to an amazing degree.

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      3. My parents had no idea how creepy the parish priests were in private when I did my altar boy stint for 4 years. Yeah, I don’t understand how Catholic parents could allow their kids to be supervised by priests after the Boston Globe series.

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