Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 7/11/20

The March 3rd deposition of former-Rochester Catholic bishop, Matthew Clark (photo above), in bankruptcy court was finally released to the public this past week. Clark, 82, oversaw the Rochester diocese from 1979 to 2012, the time period that most of the surviving victims of priest abuse say they were preyed upon. In his deposition, Clark fully admitted to reassigning (aka shuffling) predatory priests and maintaining secret files. I’m glad Clark told the truth (attorneys for the diocese are attempting to impugn his testimony), but he’s indirectly responsible for the abuse of hundreds (or thousands?) of Rochester-area children over the course of his thirty-three-year tenure as bishop.

The progressive German Catholic bishops are pursuing radical reforms via their “Synodal Way” initiative, such as married and female priests, and pope Francis has given them a green light.

Any tax dollars diverted to Roman Catholic schools is a blatant violation of the separation of church and state.

Some of same pastors who correctly object to Hindu yoga being taught in public schools, still bemoan the fact that school-sponsored, conscripted prayer was banned from public schools in 1962. Tax-supported government institutions should not support/endorse ANY religion, even the nebulously-inclusive “In God We Trust” American civil religion.

Catholic archbishop and gadfly, Carlo Viganò, speaks for many conservative and traditionalist Catholics with his unqualified denunciation of the Second Vatican Council. Pope Francis continues to respond to Viganò’s critical broadsides with silence.

Yes, there were individual Roman Catholics who contributed to the founding of the United States. What the writers of articles such as this one deliberately fail to mention is that the Roman Catholic popes continued to condemn democratic forms of government, freedom of religion, and the heresy of “Americanism” right up until the end of the 19th century. Examples? Pope Leo XIII condemned “Americanism” in his apostolic letter, Testem Benevolentiae, of Jan. 22, 1899. See here.

The Vatican has been engulfed by rumors and reports of financial corruption since the early-1970s. See here for an embarrassing timeline of Vatican finances from a Catholic source.

In his new book, “The Next Pope,” conservative Catholic, George Weigel, hopes the next “pontiff” is the polar opposite of the pragmatic and doctrine-bending progressive, Bergoglio.

I’m not scandalized by CNN host, Don Lemon’s absurdly false and ignorant statement that “Jesus Christ admittedly was not perfect.” Lost people (including all of the lost people at FOX news) have no clue about Jesus Christ and the Gospel. Yes, Don, Jesus Christ was perfect and He came to save the lost like you.

28 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 7/11/20

    1. 👋🏼 Hi friend! Yeah, the blog is getting more views than usual. Praise God for the internet. I pray some Catholics consider Jesus Christ instead of RC legalism. Hope you’re having a good day. Heavy rains were predicted for this afternoon and I thought the gutters were clear. Not. The rain came and the gutters overflowed into the basement windows and I spent two hours using the shop vac to suck the water off the basement floor.

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      1. I left my phone upstairs while I cleaned up the flood, but have 8K steps from mowing the front yard (before the rain) and the weekly grocery shopping. How’s your steps look?

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      2. Hope you had a blessed study time last night and a blessed service this morning. This afternoon, I’ll be focused on returning the dried-out basement back to normal.

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      3. The job’s complete! I cleaned all of the basement floor tiles today – paper towels and 409 spray cleaner. My wife thinks we should seal off the basement windows with glass block to prevent future occurrences, but home improvements aren’t in the budget. We visited our son and did a little shopping and now it’s patio time!

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      4. Wow glad its done; hope you have a blessed rest of the day; we just got done with our service and had lunch and in 6 minutes I’m going to join in our leadership meeting as we map things for the future

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      5. We did! We still will not start up service yet and most of the discussion was about fixing the building of the church at this time since no one Is meeting in building

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  1. 1.) Wow that is disheartening to read of ROC’s Catholic leader enabling abuses. Very terrible.

    2.) The supreme court decisions lately is so confusing; don’t know why they are for tax payers money for religious schools in their ruling; I rather not have that; instead I wish they allowed schools and organization to still have choice of view with gender/sex in the biblical and biological sense contrary to what they ruled.

    3.) That link of the timeline with the Vatican’s financial irregularity was very informative.

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!
      1. RE: Bishop
      Yes, this bishop as as guilty as the predators he enabled.

      2. RE: SCOTUS
      The plaintiffs in this particular SCOTUS decision were administrators of a Christian school, but the ruling will favorably impact all religious schools including Catholic. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. From this, Catholic parents and schools will fight for even more government support. AS BLM and other progressive crusaders continue to examine American history and culture, they will increasingly focus on Gospel Christianity’s Biblical stands on gender and homosexuality.

      3. RE: Vatican finances.
      Thanks. Yeah, I thought that was a very revealing an informative timeline. The corruption was/is so bad with mafia money and murder involved.

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    1. Excellent article, Jesse! As an altar boy, I used to watch the priest don the five different vestments in the sacristy prior to mass. So much empty ritual.


    1. This conservative Catholic writer already has progressive Francis dead and buried in hopeful anticipation that the next pope is a conservative. But Francis is busy stacking the deck with the appointment of like-minded progressives to the college of cardinals. Interesting theater. Thank you, Crissy, and may you have a blessed week!

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