Throwback Thursday: Talking with Catholic friends and family about Jesus Christ and the genuine Gospel

Welcome to this week’s “Throwback Thursday” installment. Today, we’re going to revisit a post that was originally published back on January 27, 2016 and has been revised.


Talking with Catholic Friends and Family
By James G. McCarthy
Harvest House Publishers, 2005, 224 pp.

5 Stars

In “The Gospel According to Rome” (1995), ex-Catholic and evangelical Christian minister, James G. McCarthy, presented a thorough, 400-page comparison of Roman Catholic theology with Scripture. Although I appreciate that book immensely, it might be too much information for those who desire only a summary view of how Catholicism disagrees with Biblical Christianity.

In “Talking with Catholic Friends and Family,” McCarthy gets down to where the tire meets the road, examining how Catholics approach their church’s teachings and providing several examples of how to witness to them. For the vast majority of Catholics, their religion is just part of their familial and ethnic baggage. They generally have little knowledge of Catholic theology or the Bible and participate in the church’s sacramental rituals only out of habit and obligation, if at all.

McCarthy gives many examples of Catholics who did trust in Christ and left Catholic legalism. This book provides practical information for Christians who desire to share the Good News! of the free gift of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone with Catholic family members and friends.

Although this excellent book is regrettably out of print, used copies of “Talking with Catholic Friends and Family” are available at Amazon starting at $5.96. See here.

23 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Talking with Catholic friends and family about Jesus Christ and the genuine Gospel

  1. Thank you, Tom, for introducing us on this book/resource. By your review, it is a good manual for me to pick strategies, points to discuss and counter arguements. I’ll pray it is available in our Christian bookstore. Thanks for reviewing this book. GOD bless!

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      1. Tom, thank you very much for pointing me on these books; I really appreciate it. And it seems they have an electonic copies so it is easy to ship. I’m truly grateful for you for searching for these books. There are Catholic family, relatives and friends that I want to worship with them in heaven so I need them to rely only on GOD’s grace, in faith alone, believing in JESUS alone and not other mortal intercessors and well-dressed figurines, and security blanket traditions while they are still in earth. Thank you!

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      1. I’m doing good! Tired today since I talked late into the night, it’s a busy season of ministry. I’m going to get some sermon prep done and also later meet with someone from my church

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      2. Have a good evening. I’m starting my wind-down, but not on the couch. Sitting outside and enjoying the “cooler” weather- currently 91F and cloudy.

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    1. Harvest House was once quite prolific in their publication of books critical of Roman Catholicism, but they’ve definitely backed away from that topic. That can be said of all “Christian” publishers, even the more conservative ones.

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