Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 5/30/20

With its coffers running dry of liquid capital, the Vatican can’t reopen its money-making museum (photo above) fast enough. It’s worth noting that the museum’s collection includes a sizeable assortment of semi-erotic paintings and statues of naked men and women, aka Renaissance porn. I think I need to write a future post about how worldly Roman Catholicism has patronized erotic art over the centuries.

Catholic schools were already struggling financially and the COVID-19 pandemic will push many over the edge. At their peak in 1965, the Catholic parochial schools in the U.S. numbered around 13,000, but there are now approximately 6000. That works out to 127 closings per year over the last 55 years. The Catholic grammar school that I attended for eight years (1962-1970) closed back in 1990. Millions upon million of students have passed through the Catholic educational system, but NOT ONE child learned about the genuine Gospel of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. No, not one.

The writer of this article notes how some young Catholics are desiring to return to the “smells-and-bells-on-steroids,” heavy liturgical formalism of the preconciliar church. At the Second Vatican Council, the RCC tried to make the boring (and ineffectual) mass at least semi-bearable by changing the language of the liturgy from Latin to the vernacular. These young traditionalist crusaders want none of it and desire to return to a language they don’t understand because it seems to them “holier” and more “reverential.” But whether it’s a Latin mass or a “novus ordo” English mass, the effects are still the same; spiritual emptiness.

Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938) was a Polish Catholic nun and “mystic” who claimed Jesus Christ visited and spoke with her often. She originated the “divine mercy chaplet,” which uses the traditional rosary for a different series of rote, repetitious prayers. Ecumenical compromiser, Rick Warren, once confessed that he often prayed along to the divine mercy chaplet that was broadcast on Catholic cable channel, EWTN. Kowalska was “canonized” a “saint” in 2000 and her “feast day,” October 5th, has now been added to the official RCC liturgical calendar.

Churches are beginning to open, but it’s prudent to continue precautions with COVID-19 still out there. There’ve been 104,000 confirmed deaths in the U.S. to date. I see on the evening news that many people have had enough of the restrictions and are getting careless.

Catholics are normally obligated to attend mass every Sunday under threat of eternal damnation, although fewer than 4 in 10 Catholics were attending weekly mass prior to the lockdown. When the coronvirus pandemic first hit, Catholic bishops across the nation granted “dispensations,” allowing Catholics to miss Sunday mass without incurring a mortal sin. Catholic churches are beginning to open, but for the time being Catholics are still able to continue to stay home on Sundays and utilize the coronavirus “dispensation.” This is another one of those Catholic legalistic rabbit holes. Time will tell if the lockdown further eroded Catholics’ motivation to attend the dreary mass liturgy. Catholic prelates emphasize that watching mass via television or streaming does not fulfill the Sunday obligation.

Pope John Paul II is highly revered by conservative Roman Catholics, but as this article points out, the man was a serious enabler of pedophile prelates and priests.

Bill Johnson of Bethel church in Redding, CA leads thousands astray with his “signs and wonders” quackery and now Francis Chan is following in his footsteps. Why didn’t these two charlatans fly to New York City at the start of the C-19 pandemic and heal every infected person?

Pastor Leonardo De Chirico of the Reformanda Initiative presents good reasons why we must reach out to Roman Catholics with the Gospel.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 5/30/20

  1. Good round-up, good points. I think the return to liturgical venues is a rejection of superficial evangelicalism for those supposedly seeking Gods presence. Perhaps contemporary church is at fault for squelching the holiness of God, presenting Him as casual, not a God to be feared.
    Press on brother!

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    1. Thanks, Lisa Beth. I’m very glad you brought up this point. As I wrote my comments about the rise of young, traditionalist Catholics I was also contemplating the rise of young evangelicals who reject doctrine-lite mega-churches with their rock music and light shows and are attracted to Calvin, the Five Solas, and the writings of the Puritans, etc. There are some parallels in that both groups reject the contemporary worship styles in their respective churches, although the Gospel is nowhere to be found in the first group.

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    1. My father always complained about paying taxes for the public schools in our town PLUS having to pay for our Catholic education. But the tuition for Catholic schools now is astronomical compared to what he was paying. And in 12 years of Catholic schooling my sisters and I were never presented the genuine Gospel.

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      1. Yup. So many Catholic families sacrificed and went without so that the children could attend Catholic school where there was no genuine Gospel in sight.

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  2. I enjoyed Reading the article by pastor Leonardo. Thanks for posting.
    Good points you raised. Interesting about the Vatican’s museums, I wasn’t aware of their collection of paintings.
    Not another saint!!
    Great work you are doing Tom.
    Grace and peace

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    1. Crissy, thank you for reading and for the encouragement! Every day there’s something in the news about the RCC that exemplifies its anti-Biblical nature. Blessings to you!

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