Answering the rebuttals of a Catholic apologist – Halfway Index

We began this 50-part, “Answering the rebuttals of a Catholic apologist,” weekly series way back on December 6th, and because we’ve reached the halfway point, I thought we’d take a break with this index of the 25 topics we’ve addressed so far. I’ll also post a complete index after we finish the series. I really appreciate everyone’s support and encouragement up to this point. Click on each topic listed below to access the post.

Church Hierarchy & Authority

#1: “James Led the Council”

#2: “No Other Foundation but Jesus”

#3: “Paul Rebuked Peter”

#4: “Where Two or Three Are Gathered”

#5: “All Are One in Christ”

#6: “The Anointing Teaches Us”

Scripture & Tradition

#7: “Traditions Nullify God’s Word”

#8: “Scripture Makes the Man of God Complete”

#9: “The Noble Bereans”

#10: “Don’t Go Beyond What is Written”

#11: “Don’t Add to God’s Word”


#12: “We Are Justified All At Once”

#13: “Not Because of Works”

#14: “Justified by Faith, Not Works”

#15: “We Know That We Have Eternal Life”

#16: “No One Can Snatch Us”

#17: “Sanctified For All Time”


#18: “Up Out of the Water”

#19: “Believer’s Baptism”

#20: “Cornelius Received the Spirit First”

#21: “Not to Baptize but to Preach”

#22: “God Will Cut Off the Person Who Eats Blood”

#23: “Do This in Remembrance”

#24: “Once and For All”

#25: “The Fruit of the Vine”


Next up: “God Alone Can Forgive Sins”

28 thoughts on “Answering the rebuttals of a Catholic apologist – Halfway Index

  1. Thank you for this, brother! I missed some so this will be great to go back through!

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    1. Thanks so much, sister! I appreciated the short break that this “halftime” index afforded, but I already have the next two rebuttals in the queue. Yes, ALL glory to God for the unassailable Truth of His Word, which confounds the sophistry of the religious unsaved.

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  2. Responding to your comment on my post: Wow a lot of steps! My steps is low today at 2 K because I had a lot of phone and internet messaging today; counseling matter and questions answering!

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    1. Thanks, brother! You know a few things about working long and hard on a series. I appreciated the one-week break, but now it’s back to work. If the Lord allows, I’ll be finishing this series at the end of the 2020 Leaf Campaign. That’s a sobering thought in May!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Crissy, thank you for the encouragement in the Lord! I’m blessed by the support of my sisters and brothers in this project. God bless you in your ministries as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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