Throwback Thursday: Leaving Catholicism for Christ “down under”

Welcome to this week’s “Throwback Thursday” installment. Today, we’re going to revisit a post that was originally published back on December 28, 2015 and has been revised.


Stepping Out in Faith: Former Catholics Tell Their Stories
Edited by Mark Gilbert
Matthias Media, 2012, 124 pp.

5 Stars

This is a short, very readable collection of testimonies from eleven people who left Roman Catholicism and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior by faith alone.

There’s not a lot of heavy-duty theology here. Most of the folks have a similar, short testimony of growing up within legalistic, cultural Catholicism, being invited to a Bible study, and noticing the differences between God’s Word and their works religion, and responding to the Gospel.

All of the contributors note that Catholicism teaches salvation by sacramental grace and merit, which left them exasperated. Through God’s Word and the work of the Holy Spirit, they came to understand the GOOD NEWS! of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone and repented of their sin and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior by faith alone.

Gilbert and the ten other writers are Australians so there’s an interesting “down under” twist to the stories. Also, most of the writers heard the Gospel for the first time in Bible studies sponsored by the Anglican church in Australia. Gilbert is an Anglican minister. I had assumed the Anglican/Episcopal church was completely spiritually dead, but evidently there are pockets within Anglicanism, like down under in Australia, where the genuine Gospel is still preached. Surprise!

Below are a couple of other books from Matthias Media dealing with Roman Catholicism:

  • The Road Once Travelled: Fresh Thoughts on Catholicism (2010) by Mark Gilbert
  • Nothing In My Hand I Bring: Understanding the differences between Roman Catholic and Protestant beliefs (2007) by Ray Gallea

See Matthias Media’s online catalog here.

20 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Leaving Catholicism for Christ “down under”

    1. Seemed like I published the last throwback just a couple of days ago! Thanks, not sure when the surgeon will get back to her. I suspect they’re not going to find anything that would justify a major operation like resetting the leg with no guarantees of her feeling better afterwards. Sorry for the details but this is a 35 year old issue. Scoliosis plus anxiety exacerbated by the leg fracture. Some health issues are very complex.

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      1. I realize more and more as a pastor that some health issues won’t go away; I imagine all that health and wealth gospel ultimately makes people not trust in God and Christ….

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      2. Yeah, the prosperity gospel has to be so disappointing to people who are chronically sick. They are made to feel shamed because they did not have enough faith for their healing to take place.

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  1. Encouraging to see Matthais Media as a publisher would print this as its not popular today; I am currently reading a Reformed book that critiques Sacremental system including that of Rome, hope to finish it soon and write a review next week!

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    1. Yup, I’m also encouraged by Matthias Media. This particular book is no longer in print but the two others mentioned at the bottom are available for order.
      Looking forward to your review of the book on sacramentalism!

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      1. Thanks, brother! I’m thinking not only are there less and less books devoted to examining Catholicism because of ecumenism, but we’re also seeing videos and podcasts supplanting printed material.

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    1. Jesse, thanks for the link to your excellent, succinct post. Yes, I was absolutely FLOORED when I understood salvation cannot be merited as I had been taught in Catholicism.


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