School’s out! Superboy finally completes his Legion orientation

Yup, we’re all allowed a little frivolity, even amidst a pandemic.

Last month, LSH #4 concluded with Superboy’s orientation being interrupted by the theft of Aquaman’s trident and the Science Police arriving at Metropolis to shut down the Legion under orders of the United Planets’ Madame President Brande. Let’s pick up the action in…

Legion of Super-Heroes #5
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, Pencillers: Ryan Sook and Scott Godlewski, Inks: Wade Von Grawbadger, Colors: Jordie Bellaire
DC Comics,Β  March, 2020

5 Stars


As the Science Police surround Legion headquarters and a conflict appears inevitable, Brainiac 5 is able to talk down the S.P. commander. Brainy then instructs Superboy to complete his orientation and sends out a contingent of Legionnaires led by Ultra Boy to search for the stolen trident. Back in orientation-mode (coordinated by Computo, the Legion’s AI control system), Superboy experiences Madame President’s former appearance before the U.P. Council calling for the creation of the Legion based upon the revered heroes of the 21st century, the Justice League. In the next revisited scene, Superboy experiences Brande in conference with Rokk Krinn/Cosmic Boy, Imra Ardeen/Saturn Girl, and Garth Ranzz/Lightning Lad, requesting that they form the Legion. After Brande leaves, the trio agrees to organize the Legion, but are wary of Madame President’s motives. The three founders immediately seek to enlist Brainiac 5 of the planet Colu, who is already renowned throughout the galaxy for his intellectual prowess. Brainiac 5 surprises the trio by not only enthusiastically accepting the offer of membership, but then delivering a soapbox soliloquy by which he asserts the need to bring Jon Kent/Superboy to the 31st century in order that the heroes of both ages are aligned in the effort to defend the galaxy. As Superboy’s orientation ends, we learn that Aquaman’s trident has been found. In the final panel, an alarm sounds for the entire populace to evacuate New Earth immediately.


Bendis is doing a nice job of introducing the reader to the Legion’s origins while simultaneously interweaving the plotlines involving the Legion’s increasingly antagonistic relationship with Brande and Aquaman’s trident. A few interesting sidebars in this issue were 1) the introduction of Dr. Fate and Monster Boy to the Legion roster, 2) Invisible Kid resigning from the Legion in a huff, and 3) Chameleon Boy revealing Madame President Brande is his mother. There are also references to Sir Oliver Queen the Eleventh (aka Green Arrow) and the Watchmen that only DC Universe nerds* are going to pick up on. I’m definitely enjoying all of the plot twists of this inaugural epic. I’ve seen several Legion relaunches/reboots over the decades, but Bendis’s dialogue and characterizations are the best yet. Penciller, Scott Godlewski, decently spells Ryan Sook in the Superboy orientation frames, although Sook is definitely the master.

Personal sidebar: Our local comic shop is in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so I was forced to download the LSH #5 e-comic to my Kindle, which has a screen size of only 7.25″x 4.75.” I’m glad to have it, but it’s definitely not an ideal way to read a comic book.

*I’m definitely not a DC Universe expert (like Sheldon Cooper). I initially glossed over the aforementioned references, but later learned their significance via some internet articles.

21 thoughts on “School’s out! Superboy finally completes his Legion orientation

    1. What? Another comic fan? Great. I thought SlimJim and myself were the only ones. I’m strictly an LSH reader and Jimmy primarily likes Batman.


      1. Yes, before with TF, GI JOE and a little of DC and Marvel. Now, I just listen to youtube e.g. comicstorian, comic explained, fortress of solitude, and caped joel on updates with both comic multiverses. But with the blog now, I seldom watch comic reviews or stories and even superhero shows on TV. I stoped collecting AF from DC Direct/Marvel Select exactly 3 years ago. I used to customize/paint my collections back then. Maybe GOD has disciplined me because these characters might have compete with Him in attention after masters.

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  1. Is there an app so Kindle stuff can be viewed on a full-size computer monitor? I’d not like trying to read on such a small screen myself. It’d drive me mad not being able to circle errors and write little note on the sides! πŸ˜€

    Have a blessed day, bro. Maranatha!

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    1. Bendis has a tough challenge of trying to establish an interconnection with the rest of the DC Universe despite the Legion being 1000 years in the future. Back in the Silver Age, the only connection was Superboy, but I’m guessing they need to draw in more non-LSH readers to survive.

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      1. Yeah. Across DC they are trying to have different worlds interact with each other and they kicked it off with some kind of doomsday machine that I haven’t read about yet

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      2. I get the impression that there’s so much interconnectedness (by design) that you’d have to buy a slew of comics every week to catch all of the mega-plot nuances and you’d also have to be Sheldon to keep it all straight.

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      3. I’m having a good time following the Legion again, especially with the good writing and excellent artwork. I think DC assigned its worst artists to the Legion in the 80s, 90s, and 00s. A bunch of sad astronauts drawn badly.

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      4. I’m glad to hear that! Sometimes new things can be hit or miss, I’m not liking some of the latest Batman but then there’s one series that was completed last year that was really really good! Awesome you are enjoying them!

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