Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 2/29/20

Welcome to the Weekend Roundup, my friends!

In predominately Catholic regions, such as New Orleans (photo above), which was founded by French-Catholic refugees from Acadia/Nova Scotia, people whoop it up on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. The day is known as “Fat Tuesday” or “Mardi Gras” in French. The idea is to overindulge prior to the rigors of Lenten abstentions. That’s just sheer religious hypocrisy, folks.

This past Wednesday, many Catholics got ashes on their forehead and proudly wore them throughout the day. God’s Word explicitly forbids such a thing. See Matthew 6:16-18. Pope Francis is tired of conservative Catholics trashing him on the internet and recommends that Catholics give up their iPhones and trolling for Lent.

American Catholics flout their church’s other mandatory rules, but for some strange reason they seriously take to heart the restriction forbidding meat on Fridays during Lent. All the fast-food outlets are ready to oblige. There’s a debate now going on within Catholicism whether eating vegetable burgers on Lenten Fridays, such as Burger King’s “Impossible Whooper,” violates the “spirit of Lent.” Oy vey. The exacting legalistic scrupulosity is painful to witness.

I imagine there’s some genuine, born-again believers attending churches in the old, mainline “Protestant” denominations, but it has to be so troubling and discouraging to sit under a Bible-denying “pastor.” Why stay? Find a church in your area that believes the Bible and preaches the Gospel.

Most Catholics still identify with their religion in some sense, but they rarely attend obligatory Sunday mass and never go to confession.

Despite their manifold pledges of sympathy and support for the survivors of priest abuse, the Catholic bishops just cannot “get it right.”

Pastors in America historically included a degree of national chauvinism in their sermons, however, the Gospel knows no borders. Sadly, many of those now identified as “evangelical Christians” throughout the world are actually prosperity gospelers.

Kanye West and Joel Osteen are teaming up for an appearance at Yankee Stadium on May 2nd. Osteen wears the mantle of Norman Vincent Peale and Robert Schuller who propagated the positivity and self-actualization false gospel before him.

23 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 2/29/20

  1. Interesting info Tom. Thank you.
    I guess Catholics don’t mind walking around in an unforgiven state if most don’t attend confession.
    Some Lutherans do the ashes on the forehead thing as well. Even as kid, I felt very strange about it.
    Sadly, you are so correct about what has happened in what used to be considered the mainline Protestant denoms. I’ve learned more about strange theologies in the past 10 years than I did in my first 50.
    God’s blessings…

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      1. You’re welcome. I really need to get here more often. It is important to know what’s going on in the minds of Catholics these days, particularly in the higher offices. The pope seems very divisive among Catholics as much as anyone. Every time I see him I get an odd feeling.
        Our Catholic friends need our prayers now more than ever.

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      2. Thanks, Chris. Yes, Francis is quite an interesting pope. He’s pragmatically trying to make the RCC more appealing to its disaffected membership by bending and circumventing doctrine to the chagrin of the church conservatives. With that situation and the continuing priest scandals, it’s a rocky road for Catholics and I pray many question their church and turn to Jesus Christ and the Gospel of grace.

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      3. Your description of Francis is exactly as I understand it, Tom. Always nice to get confirmation of a certain view by someone who knows much more than I.
        I too pray that Catholics begin to question what they believe and turn to the true Gospel as taught in scripture. It is our only hope.
        God’s blessings…

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    1. Good observation re: Francis. Yup, he’s a pragmatic people pleaser, excepting in the case of conservative Catholics who take their religion seriously.
      LOL. Nope not our house! People who have houses along Lake Ontario were always envied in the past, but no more. The lake level has been creeping up every year and those houses are now regularly flooded.

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      1. Thanks! I thought hauling leaves the entire month of November was rough but people up here with homes along the lake have real problems. They can’t sell the property either because everybody’s now aware of the flooding issue.

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    1. Thanks for pointing out your good article, Jesse. I have heard conservative Catholic apologists say that while no Catholic can have absolute assurance of their salvation (presumption), they can have a reasonable confidence as long as they’re obeying the Ten Commandments (impossible) and following the precepts of the church. As we know, NO ONE can obey the Ten Commandments. Great timing. My next apologia post will be a rebuttal of Broussard’s criticism of assurance.


  2. 1.) “Mardi Gras brings $1B to New Orleans economy”
    Response: What wickedness and sad to see its popularity.

    2.) “Episcopal Church will cease to have Sunday worship attendance in 30 years, seminary pres. warns”
    Time to leave the Episcopagans!

    3.) “Survivors stunned after Buffalo Catholic bishop celebrates mass with abusive priests”
    Response: its like the priests are a good ol’ boy network

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    1. Thanks for the comments!

      1 – Mardi Gras: Yup, wickedness and treating God like a fool, i.e., sin like crazy on Tuesday before the party ends on Wednesday.
      2 – Episcopagans? You constantly amaze me with your lexical dexterity.
      3 – RE: good ol’ boy network
      Yeah, it’s like putting Al Capone in charge of Neighborhood Watch.

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      1. Yep ” it’s like putting Al Capone in charge of Neighborhood Watch.” So true. Sadly these priests makes offer to their parishoners they can’t refused….so sad with their false gospel. I got in trouble when I was younger in Campus Crusade teaching and in the heat of the moment saying to some liberal to stop being an Episcopagan. Never forgot it since.

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      2. Priests were so reverenced back in the day and that was by design. If a priest walked into a room of seated Catholics, they would all stand up. Funny about your initial use of “Episcopagan.” If a genuine believer is attending an Episcopal church (or one of the other dead mainline denoms) they must live a tortured existence getting constantly convicted by the Holy Spirit to leave.

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    1. Crissy, it’s getting difficult to find decent satires from the Babylon Bee site now that it’s under new ownership. They’re more into political satire now and they crossed the line recently by satirizing God. Yes, Joel’s vapid “Live Your Best Life Now” false gospel is sadly comical.

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