Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 2/22/20

The above article is a sad testimony to how far much of “Protestantism” has drifted from the Gospel of grace. Next Saturday, February 29th, Saint-Pierre Reformed church in Geneva, Switzerland will host a Roman Catholic mass. Protestants are invited to attend and even receive Catholic communion, which is still “somewhat” forbidden by Rome, although pope Francis has introduced ample discretionary “wiggle room.” Reformer, John Calvin (1509-1564), was pastor of Saint-Pierre. What would Calvin say about a Roman Catholic mass being celebrated at this church? He had rightly declared that the Catholic mass “is filled with all kinds of abomination.” See here.

We’ll continue to keep tabs on the “synodal path” that’s currently underway in Germany. Expect this reform process that’s steered by German Catholic progressives to “push the envelope” beyond what even pope Francis is (publicly) comfortable with.

Last weekend, I reported pope Francis’s surprising decision NOT to allow the ordination of married men to the Catholic priesthood in the Amazon region. This past week, Catholic progressives reacted to the news with anger and frustration. They had anticipated with great enthusiasm the pope’s approval of married priests in the Amazon region as the tipping point for the eventual ordination of married men generally as well as the ordination of women to the diaconate and then to the priesthood.

Few Western Catholics are aware of pope Francis’s betrayal of Chinese Catholics to the Chinese communist government with the signing of the 2018 Vatican-Beijing accord. Remember the distraught Asian woman who had her hand slapped by Francis on December 31st? I just discovered a very relevant article that I’ll be posting about very soon.

What goes through the minds of Catholic pew sitters when they drop money in the Sunday mass offering bucket? Are they totally oblivious to the fact that they are enabling pedophiles and their enablers? The Catholic diocese of Harrisburg, PA just announced that it is filing for bankruptcy to shield its financial assets from abuse victims, making it the 20th diocese in the U.S. to do so. I’m seeing multiple reports that bankruptcy is also imminent for the nearby diocese of Buffalo.

My wife and I attended a small, Southern Baptist church here in Rochester for one year (2014-2015), but we had to leave because the new pastor was leading the church into ecumenical compromise. There are still many solid SBC pastors and churches, but the convention as a whole is drifting into ecumenical compromise and other doctrinal errors.

I almost had to pull the car over when I heard this news on the radio about Jim Bakker hawking a cure for the coronavirus. Convicted shyster, Bakker, has no shame.

I generally try to avoid commenting on national politics, but will make another exception in this case. Democratic presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, regularly makes it a point to kiss his “husband” at public campaign events. Buttigieg may or may not be the next American president, but we can foresee a time when the first lady or the first gentleman of this country will be the same sex as the president. In general, we have witnessed the bar of “acceptable convention and decorum” sink lower and lower among national politicians of both parties. That’s disturbing, but this is a fallen world. We are ambassadors and sojourners here, not deeply-rooted citizens.

45 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 2/22/20

      1. Yes and it’s SUCH a blessing to have our faith in Him-to know that everything going on is to be -I believe I would’ve not seen that if He has not brought me out of the practice of Roman Catholicism!!!
        PRAISE THE LORD!!!

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      2. We were once members of a church where the pastor made homosexuality the #1 sin and regularly railed against it to the point we had to leave. I don’t mean to focus on homosexuality as a sin, but the current circumstances with Buttigieg are a testimony to the startling changes we’ve seen in society over the last 50 years. That said, the behaviors of certain high-profile Republicans have been equally as shocking. There’s no redemption in politics or nationalism.

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      3. I know that children and teens are seeing Buttigieg held up as a positive example and are being taught that LGBT “options” are normal and acceptable. Our oldest granddaughter (21) becomes uncomfortable when we say critical things about the gay “lifestyle” and LGBT proselytizing.

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      4. Yes. I know this may sound bad but I’m glad our last two that are in school are Downs-I can pick and choose what they learn in some classes-I ask for health books and such so I can review them -the indoctrination is mind blowing! My concerns now are our grandchildren -thankfully their parents are on the same page as us -I never hesitate to talk to the the grands about things such as God-they like talking about Him-how He made the sun and moon and such ❤️

        Our 2 daughter -in-laws are both teachers-one special needs and one 4th grade-so they don’t have to deal too much with “indoctrination “-right now seems to be that the indoctrinations are are starting in middle school in our area-but I’ve heard things are starting as young as kindergarten 😞

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      5. You have much more knowledge and experience regarding the LGBT indoctrination in schools. It’s bad enough just what’s on cable television, but they’re also getting it from their teachers.

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      6. Know one knows the day of the Lord’s return, but circumstances seem to be spiraling downhill rather quickly. And something like this coronavirus could send the world into a panic.

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      7. Yes! We get stay calm as we rest in Jesus knowing and believing His words when He said there would be times such as this….
        It’s such blessing to be rooted in His Word and TRUTH!

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  1. Jim Bakker is pathetic, but what’s more pathetic is that he has followers. Welcome to the endtime church.
    BTW, Good job on the Weekend Roundup series. I look for it every Saturday.

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    1. Yeah, Hope. I don’t know how anyone could possibly follow shyster Bakker. Thanks so much for the support and encouragement for the Weekend Roundup! Have a blessed weekend!

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    1. Yup, Bakker has zero shame. I haven’t posted any satires from the Babylon B in the last three weeks although I have looked. It seems to me that since the new ownership took over, they’re shifting more towards political satire.

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      1. Thanks, sister. I wasn’t aware of the God-dad joke controversy. I just googled “Babylon Bee dad joke” and found their 2/19 satire. Satire is tricky business. I can get a good guffaw over some of the hypocrisies and inanities in the church, but God is off-limits when it comes to satire. They definitely crossed the line.

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  2. 1.) “Protestants to take Catholic communion at Calvin’s Cathedral in Geneva on leap year day”
    Response: Calvin is rolling on his grave. What a hit on his legacy. An insult.

    2.) “Few Western Catholics are aware of pope Francis’s betrayal of Chinese Catholics to the Chinese communist government with the signing of the 2018 Vatican-Beijing accord. ”
    Don’t want to be purposely political but it does seem that in politics and in religion those who are “LEFT” are willing to give in and compromise to their conviction for some reason…

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    1. Thanks for the good comments!

      1) Mass @ Calvin’s church – It’s so ironic that they display Calvin’s chair at this church as a memorial and yet totally betray his legacy and the Gospel.

      2) Francis and Chinese – Francis is so pragmatically progressive. The last book I read and reviewed about Francis (which was extremely pro-Francis) provided excellent insights into the South American crypto-Marxist, social justice ideology that molded him. Francis’s accommodations to Beijing, sanctioning the communist government-controlled quisling Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association as the authorized form of Catholicism in China, is breathtaking in its betrayal of the underground RCC church in China. For a believer, this is all internecine squabbling within Catholicism that has nothing to do with the Gospel, but Francis’s pragmatic betrayal of his own bishops in China is still quite amazing. Few American Catholics are aware of this (or care), but I see the stories of shocked and anguished conservative Chinese Catholics every week in my news gathering.

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