Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 2/15/20

Wow, I’m truly surprised that pope Francis did not rule in favor of ordaining married men as priests in the Amazon region, which would have been the first step in dismantling mandatory clerical celibacy throughout the entire Roman church. However, Francis must cautiously walk a tightrope in promoting his progressive agenda while also not unnecessarily infuriating Catholic conservatives and traditionalists who already rue the day he was elected as “pontiff.” Did pope-emeritus Benedict XVI’s recent reaffirmation of mandatory clerical celibacy cause Francis to blink?

The removal of cardinal Ted McCarrick in June 2018 for the sexual abuse of boys and young men was the beginning of the scandal tsunami that has racked the Roman church ever since. Higher-ups were certainly aware of Uncle Ted’s predilections and “lifestyle,” but don’t expect them to admit to any culpability in the upcoming report.

Pope Francis guilefully overturned the ban on communion for remarried divorcees in the footnotes of his 2016 “Amoris Laetitia” encyclical. Why then are conservative Catholics surprised that progressive cardinals, bishops, and priests are now following through with Francis’s “reform”?

These ecumenical services that join together Roman Catholics and Protestants (including misguided evangelicals) are happening all over the U.S. and the world.

This article is a good summary of why conservative and traditionalist Catholics view pope Francis as heterodox and even heretical.

The current scandal tsunami rocking the American Catholic church that began with the ouster of sexual predator, cardinal Ted McCarrick in June 2018, and continues with numerous state investigations into priest abuse and cover-up throughout the U.S. has further shaken the “faith” of the membership resulting in an increasing number of empty pews and empty churches. I’m still waiting on statistical reports for the full impact of the scandal tsunami.

Conservative and traditionalist Catholic websites (Lifesite News, Church Militant, Lepanto Institute, etc.) are chipping away at support for pope Francis and his progressive agenda. Francis supporters are recommending some type of formal clamp-down on the rad-trad agitators. We live in VERY strange times when most of the opposition to the papacy is coming from Catholics rather than evangelicals (some of whom errantly embrace the RCC as a Christian entity).

I try to make it a point NOT to discuss politics in this forum despite some rather large elephants in the middle of the room. I believe interest in the worldly/temporal has sidetracked many Christians living in America from the spiritual/eternal. However, I did listen to Senator Mitt Romney’s very public appeal to his Mormon religion as a factor in the recent presidential impeachment proceedings. Senator Romney follows the false Mormon god and the false, works-righteousness Mormon gospel. As Jesus warned Nicodemus in John 3:1-21, being sincere in your religious beliefs won’t save you. You MUST be born-again in Christ Jesus according to Biblical truths. For my posts on Mormonism, see here.

Two weeks ago, I reported that lawyers representing Rochester Catholic bishop-emeritus, Matthew Clark, had claimed he wasn’t able to testify in the current priest abuse/cover-up court proceedings due to the onset of Alzheimer’s. The judge has ordered Clark to testify anyway. The abuse survivors correctly suspect Clark enabled many predatory priests in the Rochester diocese by transferring them from parish to parish.

24 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 2/15/20

    1. I’m guessing some people (although certainly not Trump fans) would say approvingly of Romney, here’s a very moral man who’s trying to act according to the dictates of his religious “faith,” but as we know Romney’s trust is in his institutional false religion and in his own ability to obey the Law and Mormon precepts. I wonder how much of the very public appeal to his religion was motivated by his sense of being a very high-profile ambassador for Mormonism at a very high-profile moment?

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    1. 👋🏼 Steven’s comic art was so dramatically better than what was out there at the time and the Rocketeer 1940s storyline was good as well. On the downside, Stevens also had a penchant for 1950s-style pinup models as I recall.

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      1. Lauren at Tulips & Honey pointed out a glaring contradiction in popular culture. Everyone is supposedly very opposed to objectifying women these days, especially with the #me too movement, but the Super Bowl halftime show was ALL ABOUT objectifying the two female headliners.

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  1. 1.) “Pope avoids question of married priests in Amazon document”
    REsponse: Interesting how he’s operates just like Democrats with the LGBT agenda when they were trying to approve Gay Marriage; they are for it but they must be slow and cautious for the “right time” to pass it. Of course this condundrum has it root belief in Catholicism of priests, merits of the mass, etc. All of this

    2.) “cardinal Ted McCarrick ”
    Response: I hope one day higher ups are held accountable on this side of eternity for the sake of justice.

    3.) “Bishop Baron suggests RCC police conservative Catholic web sites”
    Response: Rome still have remnants of its old ways of suppression and censorship….

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    1. Thanks for the comments! I always enjoy your feedback.
      1) Amazon and married priests- Francis would have had a HUGE crisis on his hands if he approved married priests right after Benedict reaffirmed obligatory celibacy. Yup, the notions of perpetual sacrifice, auricular confession, and works-righteousness sacramentalism are all part of deadly Roman priestcraft and enforced celibacy just makes it that much more evil and corrupt.
      2) justice – at least we’re now seeing a few predatory priests and prelates brought to justice, unlike decades ago when the civil authorities cooperated with the hierarchy in hushing things up. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg.
      3) censorship – It’s interesting to see Catholic progressives now calling for censorship. It was the conservatives calling for censorship of the liberals/progressives during the papacies of JPII and Benedict.

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  2. 4.) “Portuguese cardinal allows divorced and ‘remarried’ Catholics to receive Communion”
    Response: Not surprising…

    5.) “Pope Francis, Wayward Shepherd”
    Interesting this was on national review.

    6.) “The judge has ordered Clark to testify anyway. ”
    REsponse: glad to hear that

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    1. 4 – divorced-remarried and communion. Yeah, I don’t even know why the Roman conservatives continue to treat it like a shocking scandal – it’s now the standard.

      5 – National Review actually has a longstanding affiliation with conservative Catholicism. Founder, William F. Buckley was a conservative Catholic and a member of the hyper-Catholic Knights of Malta (lay religious order) and often commented on RCC issues in the magazine.

      6 – Clark to testify. Yes, I’m glad to see Clark’s feet held to the fire although being called to testify will probably be the extent of it for the frail, 82-year-old.

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