Pope slaps woman’s hand in St. Peter’s Square

I don’t usually publish two posts in a single day, but I wanted to pass this information along. Thanks to Beth at I Once Was Lost for bringing this matter to my attention:

Yesterday evening, New Year’s Eve, pope Francis walked beside a barrier at St. Peter’s Square to greet and “bless” the throng of people who had gathered. After shaking hands with many of the folks pressed against the barrier, the pope began to walk away, but one pious Catholic would not be disappointed and reached out and grabbed Francis’ hand, pulling him toward her. The startled pope tried to pull his hand away and even began slapping at the woman’s hand with his free left hand to break her grip.


Allow me to paint between the lines of this scenario. This pious Catholic woman fulfilled the dream of a lifetime by traveling from her faraway country to the Vatican in Rome, Italy to see the pope in person during a New Year’s Eve appearance at St. Peter’s Square. She arrives at the square many hours ahead of time in hopes of getting a good spot to view the “holy father.” As the pope begins walking next to the barrier and shaking hands with the “pilgrims,” the woman pushes and jostles her way next to the barricade to position herself for a personal encounter with the “Vicar of Christ.” As Francis approaches, the woman nervously blesses herself with the sign of the cross as she prepares for the encounter. She can barely contain herself as she anxiously anticipates what will certainly be the greatest moment of her life. However, immediately after shaking the hand of the person next to her, the pope begins to veer away from the barrier. The woman responds instinctively. She won’t be denied after all of her hard effort and anticipation. She reaches out and grabs the pope’s hand and pulls him toward her. Francis reacts in surprise and anger by violently slapping at the frenzied woman’s iron grip.

As the Guardian newspaper reports, the “video of the incident went viral, prompting indignation on social media. One Twitter user wrote: ‘What the pope did demonstrates one thing – he’s a man.’”

In a speech to a crowd assembled at St. Peter’s square on New Year’s Day, Francis apologized for his violent reaction. Ironically, in his prepared address he condemned all violence against women.

Yes, the pope is just a man. Would Peter the apostle have accepted all of the slavish adulation and servitude accorded to Francis and all of the previous popes down through the ages? We’ll let Scripture speak:

“When Peter entered, Cornelius met him and fell down at his feet and worshiped him. But Peter lifted him up, saying, ‘Stand up; I too am a man.’” – Acts 10:25-26

Yes, Francis is just a man, a man who propagates a spiritually deadly false gospel of sacramental grace and merit. We know from God’s Word that salvation is by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone.

Pope Francis apologises after slapping woman’s hand

62 thoughts on “Pope slaps woman’s hand in St. Peter’s Square

      1. It was recently revealed via investigative reports that only 10% of donations to Peter’s Pence, the pope’s charity fund, actually make it to charities. It’s a scam.

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      2. Wow and how many of those charitys do we see outside our local grocery stores during Christmas time every year I think I saw one at the store during Christmas 2019. Yes it is a scam.

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  1. Tom: The Pope is 83. Elderly people can easily be pulled off balance and fall. I studied the woman’s actions carefully. She grabbed his wrist with both hands. It seemed a little aggressive to me. Luckily , the Pope didn’t fall.
    Happy New Year. 🤗

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    1. Sally, I am not condemning the pope for reacting in surprise and anger to the misguided woman’s aggressive “adulation.” His reaction was very human, which is somewhat my point. The pope is not deserving of adulation and veneration. Quite the opposite. He’s misleading 1.3 billion souls by propagating Rome’s false gospel of salvation by sacramental grace and merit. I pray you actually do some research some day regarding the irreconcilable differences between the Roman Catholic church and Gospel Christianity. Thanks and Happy New Year to you as well.

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      1. Yes I agree remember I talked about the former Catholic he said he wouldn’t even look at the CCC when I showed it to him if I remember correctly and even I have looked at it on their own website we all got to research things whether we are Protestant Gospel Christian’s or any is a Catholic.

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      2. Thanks! Yes, we must be like the Bereans of Acts 17 and compare every teaching we see and hear to God’s Holy Word. I could not in good conscience stay in the RCC after diligently reading the New Testament. No mention of Christian priests in the NT. No mention of perpetual sacrifice for sin. No mention of purgatory or praying to saints. No mention of Mary as mediatrix of all graces. No infallible pope. Etc., etc., etc.

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      3. Your welcome. Yes I agree none of that is in Scripture and in reality we are not condemning the pope or Romanism because Scripture and Galatians 1 does that already right? Doesn’t Peter or Paul say we are all priests believers are and not in the Catholic sense of word.

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    2. Sally, I appreciate your empathy for elderly but the Pope’s exalted status raise him above common vulnerabilities. If you’ve studied the video, or seen other shots of it, his security detail is on top of every encounter.
      The pope is surrounded by armed personal protection and has his own Vatican armed forces.
      The incident reveals his flesh nature, that’s all.

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      1. Hi Lisa Beth. I’ve been at the Vatican and have seen the security surrounding the Pope. If someone grabbed me and pulled me the way the lady did to the Pope, I feel sure that I would have been very irritated too. We all have a flesh nature. The Pope is very aware of his, and asks us all to pray for him. 🤗


    1. Pope Francis claims atheists can merit heaven if they follow their conscience. So wrong. People readily accept the false teaching that “good” people will merit Heaven, this religion of Cain appeals to the natural man, and don’t see the need to diligently study Scripture.

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      1. There’s speculation from anti-Novus Ordo traditionalist Catholics that pope John XXIII and Paul VI were crypto-Masons but I haven’t seen any accusations against Francis. That being said, Francis was definitely influenced by the Jesuit “liberation theology” movement in South America. That’s been well documented.

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      2. Francis definitely has his rabid and outspoken enemies among anti-Novus Ordo Catholic traditionalists and conservatives, but there’s zero substance to claims he was defrocked.

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      3. I googled it and I’m assuming it’s the work of conspiracy theorists. As a new believer back 35 years ago, I bought a lot of material from Jack Chick Publications. Chick blamed all of the calamities in the world on the Jesuits. There was some truth to Chick’s accusations, but most of them were outrageous theories with no basis in verifiable truth. Chick’s publications were quite popular among fundamentalist Christians back in the 70s and 80s and I think they undermined credible Gospel outreach ministries to Catholics to a degree. My feeling is there’s enough verifiable facts out there for Catholicism to answer for without delving into the conspiracy theories.


  2. Yes the pope is wrong if we could merit salvation and work for it then Jesus would have had no need to die on the cross for our sins but He did because we can’t merit or earn salvation nope.

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      1. Terrible. He gets angry being grabbed and no righteous indignation for abused kids committed by priests. He can talk about things he has no power over such as abused women but it’s all virtue signaling when he can’t stop abuses in his own house.

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      2. Many Evangelicals need to get on soap boxes and preach the True Gospel to Roman Catholics. Romanism is still the same just without killing Protestants.

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      3. Agreed. If he had a gun he would have shot her. Wow, he was angry! I’ve read in a few books that Jorge has a wicked temper that he conceals behind his PR smile.

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      1. Well said and Catholics will not find the Doctrines of Grace in any Catholic Church not Predestination, Election, Limited Atonement, or even the Sovereignty of God in our lives or His Sovereignty in Salvation nope all they will find is a false and damning gospel.

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    1. Thanks, Beth! Yeah, Francis puts his pants on one leg at a time like everyone else and needs to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior like everyone else too! Well, I guess he doesn’t technically wear pants but he’s still a sinner who will strike someone in anger if riled and could never merit his salvation.

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