FINALLY: The Conclusion of the 2019 Leaf Campaign!

This post was sitting in my queue for a couple of weeks waiting to be published, but I had to revise the whole thing yesterday.

I had dragged what I thought was the last tarpful of leaves to the front curb on Friday, November 29th, one month ago. At that point, I had dragged 55 tarps from the backyard to the curb over the course of 33 days and I was quite ready to call it a season.

It snowed on Saturday, November 30th and we’ve had a covering of snow right up until very recently. The town highway department came through the neighborhood on December 9th and picked up our big, snow-covered pile of leaves with a front loader and dump truck. Yes, a front loader! Leaves are serious business in our neighborhood.

Some straggler leaves continued to come down from the oak trees after that, but, with all of the snow cover, I figured the 2019 leaf campaign was over.

Well, not quite.

This past week, we had some mild temperatures in the 40s and 50s and the snow cover gradually melted. I looked out the window yesterday morning and all of the snow was gone. Around 11 a.m., I cranked up my trusty Husqvarna 350BT backpack leafblower and corralled all of the remaining leaves in the backyard, raked them onto the tarp, and dragged them to the curb in two trips. Make that 57 total tarpfuls for the season!

That’s it, folks. I’m d-o-n-e, DONE. I just hope the town picks up the relatively “small” leaf pile now sitting curbside.

p.s. In consideration of several factors, my wife and I have made the bitter-sweet decision to sell our house in the Spring/Summer of 2021 and move into a condo. That means that next November-December will be my final leaf campaign! Removing the humongous amount of leaves from our lot each Fall is a difficult, physically-draining job for a young man let alone an old geezer like myself.

Above: Dragging the last tarpful, #57, to the curb.

22 thoughts on “FINALLY: The Conclusion of the 2019 Leaf Campaign!

    1. Thanks, Beth! We like our house very much. Been here 15 years. But the taxes are way too high, the house is very energy inefficient and needs repainting every four years. And then there’s the leaves!!!! My parents stayed in their house way too long and I had the unpleasant duty of cleaning out their place for resale. We want to make the move now to position ourselves so we don’t have any big tasks hanging over our heads like housepainting or leaf removal campaigns.

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      1. Yes! I agree! If you are able to make the move then so do it!
        We live on my husbands old family farmstead-actually we had the house picked up and moved-do we actually live in the 110+ year old house across the street from the land. My mom in law lives in a house they built on 1986 WAAAY too big for her now. Everyone thinks we should live there eventually because of our two guys with Down Syndrome. The house has a whole other house underneath- they think that would be good for the boys to live- but I know them they will hang where ever we are . LOL!
        I really like out house! My Dean had a wrap around porch built in it when we moved in 20 years ago-it’s a perfect place in the summer for all of us to hang out in!

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      2. Thanks, Beth. Glad for you that you like your home. It’s a blessing to live in a place that you enjoy. I’m grateful that they’re building a lot of condos these days. For us, a move to a condo would set us up for our upcoming senior years. I admit, I’m not all that objective immediately after leaf season when it comes to making decisions about keeping/selling this house, but I don’t want to paint myself into a corner like my parents did. I have a 70-year-old sister in town who lives by herself in a small house that’s falling apart, but moving into a condo seems overwhelming to her.

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    1. Thanks, Ryan! yeah, the leaves are definitely getting to be too much for me physically and I’m not getting any younger. I figured having a couple of photos might explain the story better. The neighbors probably thought I was nuts setting up my iPhone camera on a ladder with a timer!

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  1. Oh wow, I bet it was difficult to come to that decision, brother. But I imagine you’ll be thankful to never see another rake again 😂 and p.s. you were 100% right about the snow shoveling! It’s the best muscle workout I’ve ever gotten. We got another foot last night, after church I’ll be going to the free gym called North Dakota Sidewalks 🤣 I did see a small snow remover about the size of a shovel for $90 and it’s starting to look more and more worth the money. Just kidding, nothing’s worth $90.

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    1. Yeah, sister, the decision to sell is definitely bittersweet. We both love our house but there’s too many drawbacks as we enter into our senior years, with the situation with the leaves being one of the worst. Have fun shoveling but be careful! That’s another very taxing activity. I was able to buy a next-to-new heavy-duty snowblower 15 years ago when we first moved in for a steal of a price for $300. New go for $1200. It’s still running!

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    1. Thanks, Crissy. Yup, I never would have bought the house if I knew what I was going to be up against every Fall. Yes, I’ve read that you guys down under are experiencing some wicked heat.

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    1. This leaf season finally convinced me to sell this place. We would sell in 2021 which gives us lots of time to plan and do it right. The way we bought this place – all based upon emotion and under pressure for an immediate decision – was so wrong.

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