Crosby vs. McGuinn: Year 52

I’m not one to pay much attention to soap operas, but I’ve been observing this one for fifty years…

Growing up back in the 1960s, my five older sisters always had a Beatles LP spinning on the turntable. But I eventually blazed my own trail by becoming a fan of Crosby, Stills, and Nash, which led to exploring David Crosby’s back-catalog with the Byrds. I really loved the Byrds with their signature sound of Roger McGuinn’s jingly-jangly twelve-string Rickenbacker guitar complemented by Crosby’s high vocal harmonies. But I also learned there had been tremendous discord in the camp. Laid-back McGuinn was the de facto leader of the group, however, the free-spirited, outspoken Crosby constantly grated against that. As Crosby developed as a songwriter, the conflicts and tensions escalated to the point that McGuinn and Byrds’ bassist, Chris Hillman, drove to Crosby’s house one afternoon in 1967 and fired him from the band.

Crosby went on to bigger things with CS&N, but the resentment and discord never completely healed. By 1969, McGuinn was the only founding band member remaining, but he kept the ersatz Byrds going until 1973. His subsequent solo career achieved only so-so success and he spiraled into heavy drug use. In 1977, at rock-bottom, former-Roman Catholic, McGuinn, accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior! At the time, I remember thinking, “Oh, no! McGuinn has become one of those born-agains!”

McGuinn and Crosby have kept in touch – barely – over the years and participated together in a few (very) short-term projects, however McGuinn keeps a bit of a distance. He has repeatedly resisted Crosby’s MANY overtures to reunite the remaining Byrds (himself, Crosby, and Hillman) for a concert tour. On the occasion of the band’s 50th anniversary in 2015, the Byrds noticeably did not reunite because of McGuinn’s reluctance. McGuinn has explained in a couple of interviews that he declines to be yoked with unbeliever Crosby in another venture (2 Corinthians 6:14). I’m sure that McGuinn deals with many unbelievers in his ongoing solo career, but the thing about Crosby is he’s still very pushy, spews obscenities in his regular conversation, and constantly tokes marijuana.

Despite their differences, McGuinn has had nothing but kind remarks to say to, and about, his former bandmate, but Crosby’s recent documentary, “David Crosby: Remember My Name,” has reopened old wounds. Crosby, who is well-known for his frequent and blunt chatter on Twitter, recently blocked McGuinn from his account. Well, he’s undoubtedly hurt that McGuinn refuses work with him.

The McGuinn-Crosby friendship/feud has been played out in public for 52 years. Why should we even care about this on-again, off-again soap opera? Because it’s an amazing irony. Crosby still crusades for peace, love, and harmony in his songs and tours, but he’s not going to find it outside of Jesus Christ.

Note how the Tweeter below supports Crosby’s decision to block his old bandmate by scoffing at McGuinn for proclaiming Jesus Christ and the Gospel in a tweet he posted back in March:


David Crosby Does Not Want to Read Roger McGuinn’s Tweets

25 thoughts on “Crosby vs. McGuinn: Year 52

  1. Merry Christman, Tom! I hope you are well. Hey, I had a bout of kidney stones last week LOL, and nobody recorded the message for me. I am uploading yesterday’s now, though. Our choir did our Christmas Cantata, and it went soooo good. Anyway, the Cantata will be up today, the message and the kids play from the evening will be up tomorrow. How is the job search my friend?

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    1. Merry Christmas, Wally! I’m sorry about the kidney stones! Argh! I know extremely well what those are like. I hope you’re thoroughly recovered. Thanks for the heads up regarding the video! I will post the Christmas Cantata videos tomorrow.
      RE: job search
      Thanks for asking. I keep plugging at it. Two interviews so far but no offers yet. My severance runs out this week so then I’ll go on unemployment for 26 weeks. I’ll just keep applying.


  2. How sad. Mr. Crosby sounds like he harbours a lot of bitterness. I pray that somehow he pushes past his pride and acknowledges the fact that Jesus died for him, rose again, and lives forever so he can, too.

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    1. Thanks, Steeny! Yes, Mr.Crosby is a proud atheist/agnostic who thinks he has it all figured out (e.g., “religion is fairy tales”), but he also honestly expressed his fear of dying in his recent documentary.


    1. Thanks, Jimmy! I didn’t think I’d accomplish too much today because I had a career call-in class smack dab in the middle of the day at 11 a.m., but afterwards I was able to find and apply to two jobs. How’s your day-off going?

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      1. Going well! I did some homeschool lessons with the girls and have only 500 steps. Its super cold and rainy and windy outside which lowered my steps, about to go for just a walk around theblock since its temporarily calm

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      2. Have a good walk! I got 8K steps so far today and most of that was from walking around Wegmans, the big mega-grocery store near us. I can walk around Wegmans for an hour, just looking at all the good stuff I shouldn’t eat.

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      3. Nice to hear your steps! Just hit 2 K and had to go back home from my walk early because of the windy rain and it was messing up the book cover of the book I was reading. I’m about to go to a bookstore with the family and go to the mall for the purpose of walking around and not shopping lol.

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      4. Wow it was same here but we went to get walks at the mall. I’m at 5900. I have a church set up tonight which will hopefully add at least 1 K. Our Christmas Day plan is to e with my side of the family coming to our house

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      5. Hi brother I had a kidney stone last year man did that hurt if I ever get married and have kids and my future wife is in labor I think my response would I’m sorry honey I know what it feels like yeah kidney stone feels like child birth.

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      6. Yeah I thought I was dying it hurt that bad. Yes the first medicine did not help the second one I said I love you to a family member it worked that good.

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