Ray Comfort reaches out to a lost Roman Catholic with the Gospel

In the 8-minute video below, evangelist Ray Comfort confronts a young Roman Catholic woman and her belief in her works-righteousness religion and offers her the Biblical Good News! Gospel of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone.

31 thoughts on “Ray Comfort reaches out to a lost Roman Catholic with the Gospel

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us, brother! It’s such a blessing to see someone sharing the Gospel with RC’s as the majority of professing Christians continue to push for ecumenical unity.

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    1. Thanks, sister! Yes, Ray’s outreach stands in stark contrast to the accommodation and compromise taking place today. This young woman, like just about all Roman Catholics, thinks being “good” is the ticket to her salvation. The few Catholics that understand the Gospel are in the process of being led out of the RCC by the Holy Spirit.

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  2. It’s amazing how God’s Word sets people free! So sad that many Catholics don’t even read the Bible. They just go off what the pope and the Catholic church say. I had a friend in college who was Catholic when I met him our freshman year. I wasn’t saved yet when we first met and we both ended up coming to Jesus around the same time. One day he was reading out of his Catholic Bible and he quoted Maccabees. I was so young in my faith at that time that I didn’t know yet that Maccabees wasn’t in the real Bible. I was looking for the verse, but I couldn’t find Maccabees. I looked up and said, “Hey Will, where is Maccabees? I don’t think it’s in my Bible.” He walked over to me quietly and I handed him my Bible. He looked through the Bible and then through his Catholic Bible and then his face wrinkled up in anger and he through his Catholic Bible on the ground.

    That was the start of him truly seeking Jesus. He was mad that he had been lied to and he wanted answers. He ended up being my best friend and he is a strong believer in Jesus and has been for the last 23 years just like me. He is from Connecticut and all his family are Catholic. God’s Truth cuts through the Catholic lies!

    God bless!

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    1. Hey Ryan, thanks for the good information about your friend. Praise God that the Lord delivered him from the chains of Catholicism. Maccabees. Argh. Catholics are so deceived by their church’s traditions and errors. Have a blessed rest of your day!

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  3. The comments in the YouTube combox are funny. Romanists asking Ray to debate apologists like Hahn LOL. Their own Bishops can’t even defend their religion and have to rely on outsourced labor like Hahn LOL.

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