After six long years, DC Comics brings back the Legion of Super-Heroes

After a hiatus of six long years and then a lengthy preliminary introduction spanning five preludes over three months, DC Comics finally relaunched the Legion of Super-Heroes as a monthly comic on November 6th. Climb aboard our time capsule as we journey to the 31st Century in…

Legion of Super-Heroes #1
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, Penciller: Ryan Sook, Inks: Ryan Sook and Wade Von Grawbadger, Colors: Jordie Bellaire
DC Comics, November 2019

5 Stars


The action begins with Ultra Boy chasing a Horraz spaceship through the massive sewers of Planet Gotham. After the craft crashes, UB spots its stolen booty: a capsule. But what’s inside? A powerful alien suddenly appears to take possession of the contraband. Could it be…? Yes, it’s Mordru the Merciless, one of the Legion’s most powerful adversaries! A contingent of Legionnaires – Karate Kid, Star Boy, and Wildfire – arrive at the scene and help Ultra Boy to ward off Mordru and claim the capsule. When they open it they discover…gasp…the trident of Aquaman!

Next, we join the rest of the Legionnaires as they welcome Jon Kent/Superboy as the team’s newest member with plenty of high-fives all around. The Legionnaires give Superboy an aerial tour of Metropolis and inform him the entire city is the Legion’s headquarters. Wow! Remember back in the Silver Age days when that tiny, yellow faux spaceship shell served as the team’s clubhouse? The Boy of Steel then learns that the Old Earth was destroyed, including its oceans, in an enormous cataclysm and the artificial, ocean-less New Earth was created by engineers enlisted from across the galaxy. The Legion is then summoned back to their headquarters where Ultra Boy and his contingent inform them of the recovery of Aquaman’s trident. Immediately after one of the Legionnaires wonders out loud if the trident could possibly play a part in restoring the Earth’s oceans, a gang of Horraz criminals attacks Legion headquarters intent on reclaiming the trident. Is this curtains for Superboy on his very first day in the Legion? In the final scene, the President of the United Planets expresses her outrage at the Legion’s defiance of U.P. directives by bringing Superboy to the 31st Century, not to mention their possession of Aquaman’s stolen trident!


It’s hard to believe the Legion is back after six-years. Bendis did a nice job with the appearance of Mordru and the dangling mystery of what the recovery of Aquaman’s trident is going to mean for the artificial New Earth. The Legion is immediately off to a bad start with the administrators of the United Planets, a familiar theme for Legion readers. Sook, Von Grawbadger, and Bellaire do a tremendous job with the artwork. I’m thoroughly impressed with issue #1 and I hope many DC readers will climb aboard the Legion star cruiser.

33 thoughts on “After six long years, DC Comics brings back the Legion of Super-Heroes

    1. 👋🏻 Hope you’re having a restful Monday! DC pushed out publication of LSH #2 for a couple of weeks for some reason, so there won’t be another comics review for at least another month. I was cranking ’em out to get caught up with the backlog.

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      1. Wow!! That’s awesome to know that. Man this post makes me want to write a post of reviews of DC Comics this Friday! I’m backlogged with books I need to review lol

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      2. Yeah, you need to do some DC reviews! I’m currently reading a new book borrowed from the library written by a progressive admirer of pope Francis who’s trying to defend him against the conservatives and traditionalists. Today I visited James White’s website and I see he recently did a podcast about Francis being every Catholic apologist’s worst nightmare. Gotta listen to that!

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      3. I was glad to finally see an evangelical apologist note how Catholic apologists must contort into pretzels because of their own pope. Can’t wait to listen. Yes, there’s always good info coming into the queue. I finally began the new series on another Catholic apologetics book, which debuts Friday. I procrastinated because of the work involved, but now it’s flowing; 2 drafts done, 48 to go!

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      4. Thanks and will do! They say the vast majority of hires are done through networking. Now they tell me! For the last ten years I was happy in my little Kodak clamshell cruising towards retirement.

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      5. Man makes me think about my own ministry. I don’t really network with other pastors as much. Sometimes I feel some pastors are more about networking to go on to the next big thing than actually minister in the long run in their local church.

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      6. I got back from the networking party early. Wasn’t what I expected. I didn’t know anybody and friends were clustered together. No employers there that I could tell. I hear what you’re saying about pastors using networking to “advance.”

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      7. Wow sorry to hear that. On the note of pastor’s networking, I always have a hard time hearing pastors saying they want to move on to greener pastures. My thoughts are “What about the sheep??”

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      8. Hi brother I listened to while I watched it on YouTube Dr. White’s DL talk about Roman Catholic apologists as I listen to Dr. White often like today and man is it hard for Roman Catholic apologists these days with pope Franky and I like to listen to Dr. White if I’m going on a trip you get different podcasts downloaded for travel.

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      9. Hey, brother! Dr. White’s web site, podcasts, and videos are excellent resources. Glad you are taking advantage as well! I just started listening to his “Difficult Day’s for Rome’s Apologists” podcast. Yeah, pope Francis has RCC apologists contorting like pretzels.

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